My Husband Warm the Bed- 911

Nathaniel Cooper looked straight into Griffin Cooper’s fierce eyes and said indifferently, “Because my father never taught me such basic manners.”

Failing to educate a child would be the fault of a parent. Nathaniel’s words made Griffin’s face pale in fury. He was rendered speechless out of anger for a moment, before he regained his composure and said, “Your father did not guide you because he was busy. So did your mother not teach you anything as well?” Hearing this heartless man who had long neglected his

mother mention her, Nathaniel found it extremely ironic. He

smirked as he spoke, “My mother had been preoccupied

with guarding her status as the first lady, giving her no time

to teach me.”

“Nathaniel, you…” Griffin was so angry that he could not form the words. He had never thought that his son, who was always so quiet and reserved, be so sharp-tongued now! Those were such vicious words!

“What’s wrong?” Nathaniel chuckled and said blandly, “You always kept your lover by your side so openly, and could not care less about the public’s opinion. But yet you do not allow me to mention it?”

“You, you… Nathaniel, you give me no choice but to beat you

up today!” Griffin was so angry that he stomped his feet and

launched a slap at Nathaniel.

However, since Nathaniel was younger and more agile, he could easily dodge Griffin’s slap. He smiled and said, “Beat me up? Do you really think that nobody knows about your lover?”

Griffin pointed at Nathaniel, and his fingers were trembling with anger. “You, you, you…

Hannah Elliot, and her the complex issues arising with her being his lover, had long been a knot in Griffin’s heart. It was actually a show of his dignity as a man. He did not really have to marry this woman. However, he wanted to

have her as his lover to prove his personal strength and


In the past, he had never been powerful enough, so he had to marry the woman whom his elders had arranged for him, as this woman was useful in boosting his status and influence. He could not marry his lover whom he fancied, and who had even undergone an abortion for him at a young age.

No man was willing to be suppressed by others, nor were they willing to admit their own weaknesses. So he made a promise to Hannah that he would give her an official identity as his wife when he finally grew powerful

However, a few decades had passed, the once young and beautiful Hannah was already a middle-aged woman now, and she was still keeping his company as a housekeeper.

Nathaniel’s sentence triggered Griffin’s weakness. It would be odd for an fiesty man like Griffin to not be angry at such provocative words.

He looked straight at Nathaniel, and his eyes were so cold as if he was looking at his enemy instead of his own son.

Nathaniel also looked at him, neither angry nor upset, he

didn’t even make a sound.

After staring at each other coldly for a long time, Griffin forcibly suppressed his anger. He was a politician, an ambitious one. He knew very well that sometimes it would

be better to retreat first, in order to advance.

Griffin added, “Your mother knew clearly that I have a woman I fancied, and that I never truly loved her, but she still chose to marry me. This is because she was very clear that the marriage between us is built on the basis of politics, only for the interests of our two families.”

Griffin said this as if he was a victim because he had sacrificed his own happiness for the interests of the two families.

Such an ‘inspiring’ speech made Nathaniel laugh dryly. “You didn’t love her yet you married her, and you never cared or asked about her. In order to secure the position as the President, it seems that there’s nothing that you won’t do.”

In Nathaniel’s eyes, even if it was a political marriage, even if

Griffin had married a girl he didn’t love, but from the moment he married her, she was his wife, and he was her husband. Whether he loved her or not, as a husband, he should support his wife and protect her unendingly, But he didn’t, he went ahead with the arranged marriage

with the maiden from the Collins family. However, in secret,

he continued to be with his lover, Hannah. He had hurt both

women at the same time.

“There’s nothing that I won’t do?” Griffin seemed to have heard a huge joke and laughed exaggeratedly. “Nathaniel, aren’t you the same?”

In order to be the President, Nathaniel had done a lot of ruthless things too. After listening to what Griffin said, Nathaniel had no words to refute.

The fact that Nathaniel did not refute was equivalent to admitting to Griffin’s accusation. He said, “Nathaniel, could you say that the engagement between you and the girl from the Silas family is just not for you to take on the


Regarding the engagement with Serene Silas, many people thought it was just Nathaniel’s trick to win the support of the Silas family, and Nathaniel had never clarified this. Anyway, he couldn’t control what the others wanted to say, so he decided to let these rumors go unanswered.

Nathaniel had nothing to refute his father’s words again. Griffin seemed a little arrogant now, and said, “Nathaniel, although I have a lover outside my marriage, at least I didn’t divorce your mother in her lifetime. But what about you? How long have you been in office and you already want to abandon the woman who gave you the greatest help.” Griffin did not deny his purpose of marrying his second wife all those years back. This was the girl from the Collins

family. He also deeply believed that Nathaniel had the same

purpose as he did.

By making use of this woman, he could access a short cut to success. He could achieve a high ranking political status immediately, a feat which would have taken ten years given his personal talent. Since this resource was offered to him, he was not stupid. Why wouldn’t take it and make good use of it?

Although Nathaniel’s relationship with his mother was far from a mother and son from a regular family, she was still his mother. Now that his father had admitted that his mother was just a stepping stone for him to climb higher in the political world, Nathaniel’s heart ached with pain.

For so many years, his mother had been so focused on this man and his power, but in turn, she was never taken seriously by that man. How miserable was that!

Nathaniel remained silent, so Griffin was even more confident about his assumptions.

He sighed and put on a kind face. “Nathaniel, there are so many women in the world. With your current status, is there any woman that you can’t have? Why would you ruin your bright future for this little girl?”

Speaking of this, Nathaniel smiled gently. There was love and tenderness in his smile. “Although there are a lot of women in the world, I only want her.”

He had long decided that Karen Joy was the one for him, and this would remain the same for eternity.

No matter how hard the journey ahead was going to be, he had never thought of letting go of her. Griffin narrowed his eyes slightly. “Money, power, status.

Can’t these things be compared to a woman? Even if I believe you, no one will.”

Nathaniel said disdainfully, “What does it have to do with me whether the others believe it or not?”

As long as Karen Joy Kyle believed in him, that would be

enough for him

Griffin chuckled coldly. “Haha!”

Nathaniel continued, “Tell me, what exactly do you want?”

Griffin smiled and said, “Take a guess.”

When Nathaniel took office, his father, as the former president, did not show up at the inauguration, but Nathaniel could not care less either. In turn, Nathaniel didn’t even come to visit his father here at all.

However, as soon as Nathaniel heard the news that Griffin had sent his men to invite Karen Joy for a chat with him, Nathaniel couldn’t sit still and even ended his visit abroad in advance. He came to see his father as soon as he had arrived in Coast City.

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