My Husband Warm the Bed- 912

Nathaniel Cooper’s immediate return made Griffin Cooper

understand one thing.

He understood that no one could ever compare to the position of the girl from the Kyle Family in Nathaniel’s heart, but Griffin was not willing to admit it.

He did not believe that if a man was being put into the position to make a choice between his woman and his

status, he would be stupid enough to choose his woman. Moreover, his son had committed many dishonorable things in order to be the president

He was sure that Nathaniel would never give up the throne as the President of Country A, which he had obtained after going through so many obstacles.

However, because Nathaniel had attached great importance to that girl, Griffin thought that she might be a pawn whom he could take advantage of.

Griffin was also very clear that there would be too many variables, and she was definitely not an easy pawn to control.

Griffin’s brain was working hard trying to think about his plan. He was thinking of a way to get Karen Joy Kyle to leave Nathaniel without forming an enmity with the Kyle family

“Guess?” Nathaniel slightly curled his lips. “Father, you’re really getting more humorous the older you get. It’s unbelievable that these words had actually come out from your mouth.”

“You can’t guess it?” Griffin smiled and said, “I think you

must already have an answer in your heart, but you just don’t want to say it.”

“Please enlighten me, father” Nathaniel asked because he wanted to know what Griffin had told Karen Joy yesterday. However, Griffin did not notice that. He cleared his throat and pretended to show a kind look on his face. “Nathaniel, you can keep the little girl as your lover, but you must marry the girl of the Silas family. Only when you marry the girl of

the Silas family can you hold your position as the President.”

It turned out that it was really what he thought. The reason why Old Mr. Cooper had looked for Karen Joy was that he wanted her to leave him Karen Joy had not mentioned a thing about the

conversation with Griffin so Nathaniel had decided to visit his father so that he could find out what his father had said to Karen Joy. However, he did not expect that he would

actually manage to get some information from his father. After knowing the content of the conversation between Griffin and Karen Joy yesterday, Nathaniel was much more


Nathaniel said, “I can’t follow your request. This time, I’m not here for business, but to deliver a message to you.” Nathaniel’s tone made Griffin unhappy, but he held back his

anger and asked, “What message?” Nathaniel’s face suddenly changed, and he said in a low voice, “I can pretend that nothing has happened despite you doing those things behind me. if you dare to cause any more trouble for Karen Joy again, I will make you pay for it,

along with everything you had done in the past.”

“Are you threatening me?” Griffin asked menacingly.

Nathaniel nodded. “It’s good that you understand.”

Griffin slammed his palm on the desk and shouted, “Nathaniel, how dare you threaten your father because of a woman?”

Nathaniel still had an indifferent look on his face. “Then I have to ask you, have you ever treated me as your own son?

He had endured all the things that Griffin had done to him because Old Mr. Cooper had not yet pushed him to his limits.

Now that the person whom Old Mr. Cooper wanted to target was Karen Joy, which meant that he had crossed Nathaniel’s one and only limit. How could he just sit by and do nothing? Griffin was so angry that he coughed. “You…”

Nathaniel continued, “I hope that you will remember what I had said. At the same time, I sincerely wish you a long life.”

After saying this, Nathaniel salute to Griffin and turned around to leave as he ignored Griffin’s fierce and angered expression

“You unfilial son, you will definitely die a terrible death for

you to speak to your father like this!” Griffin was so angry

that he grabbed the teacup on the desk and threw it at

Nathaniel’s back.

Seeing that the teacup was about to hit Nathaniel, it was as if Nathaniel had a pair of eyes on his back, he gently leaned to a side and avoided the teacup.


The cup smashed into the solid wall and shattered! “You unfilial b*stard! You may get away today, but you will not be able to tomorrow.” Griffin pressed his hand against his chest because he was so angry that he was out of breath.

Hannah Elliott slowly walked over. She squatted down and picked up the fragments of the porcelain cup on the ground one by one. While picking them up, she said, “This cup has centuries of history. It’s such a pity to smash it like that.”

Upon hearing her words, Griffin frowned and said discontentedly, “Am I not more important than a cup to you?

Hannah picked up the last fragment and stood up. She looked at Griffin and said gently, “Master, you often told me that being angry is to punish yourself because of other people’s mistakes. I remembered it, how can you forget about what you have said?”

“That unfilial son has gone too far! How can I not be angry?”

Speaking of Nathaniel, Griffin was so angry that he gnashed

his teeth as if he wanted to feed on Nathaniel’s blood!

“Anyway, he is your biological son, your own flesh and blood.” Hannah was busy putting the porcelain pieces into an empty box and added casually, “Even a vicious tiger would not eat its own cubs, do you really think that you can get rid of him yourself?”

“Look at how he treats me, he didn’t even treat me like I’m his father at all. Why can’t I get rid of him?” For the first time in his mind, the idea of killing his son had flashed through his mind. That son was not close to him, and his attitude toward him was very poor so it wouldn’t do him any good if that son continued to stay in the world. “Let’s not talk about him being your own son first, with his

power and status. You are no match for him now.” Hannah

said this and pointed to the fragments of the cup in the box.

“Master, I’ll find someone to fix this. Let’s see if it can be


“There’s no need to fix it. No matter how you fix it, there will

still be cracks. It’s impossible for it to return to its original state,” Griffin said. At the same time, he thought of


The relationship between him and his son was like this broken teacup. Even if they hired a good craftsman, they could never restore the cup to its original state.

In other words, once the father and son’s relationship was broken, it would never be the same again.

“Alright, I won’t do it then. I’ll listen to you.” Hannah said softly. When she spoke, there was a faint smile on her face, which made people feel comfortable when they looked at her.

Looking at her, his anger gradually subsided. He held her

hands in his hands and patted her gently. “Hannah, it’s my greatest blessing in my life to have you by my side.” Hannah smiled gently and said, “That is my greatest

blessing too.” Although she was almost fifty years old, she had taken great care of herself. Her body was well maintained. Her figure was still curvy and seductive, and she still looked very energetic too.

In order to keep someone like Griffin, a powerful politician, by her side forever, her gentleness and beauty, as well as her wisdom, were indispensable weapons she had to maintain.

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