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However, after being in Griffin Cooper’s office for about half an hour, the snow outside the courtyard had piled up high. He looked up at the sky. The snowfall was getting heavier and heavier tonight. It seemed that it would go on for the entire night.

Seeing Nathaniel coming out, his driver, Jamie, and the bodyguard, Horatio, hurriedly greeted him. They realized that Nathaniel seemed distressed, so the two of them were smart enough to not utter a word, while they waited for his orders.

Nathaniel stepped on the snow and his feet sank into it, but his pace was not affected at all. His steps were still as

nimble as usual.

Jamie hurriedly caught up and said, “Sir, the way out has been blocked by the heavy snow, and the car will not be able to drive through it. It’s better to wait here for the night and we can go back after the road is cleared out tomorrow morning.”

The road was blocked by heavy snow, and their vehicle would not be able to navigate such terrain. Given the weather, no one would risk their lives by traveling on the roads under such hazardous conditions.

As the President of the country, he couldn’t afford to have any accidents.

If something happened to Nathaniel, the economy of Country A which had just started to improve recently would probably be affected again.

“Please get some workers to clear the roads now. For any

worker who can handle this today, pay them six times their

salary for each person using my personal funds, and give them an extra three days off during the New Year,” Nathaniel said in a low voice. He had called Karen Joy Kyle on the phone before he came to see Griffin. Karen Joy said that she hoped that he would

appear in front of her as soon as she opened her eyes the

next morning.

She only made such a sensible request for him. How could he not fulfill her wishes? He would hate to disappoint her.

“Yes.” Jamie nodded. As soon as he contacted the relevant departments, the workers immediately came to clear up the snow on the road leading to Moon Bay overnight.

Such a large-scale project would take a lot of effort to complete in such a short time. However, with such a huge remuneration offered, even under the heavy snowfall, there

were still a lot of people who willingly took up the job. On this snowy night, the large group of workers was plowing away at the snow, sacrificing their sleep. But of course, many other people were still lying comfortably in their warm

beds, enjoying their slumber.

Karen Joy was one of them. She fell asleep while she was thinking about her Brother Lionel but she woke up because she was missing him.

No, no, Karen Joy didn’t wake up from missing Brother Lionel. Instead, she was awakened by a delicious smell that

ignited her senses.

When she was sleeping, she suddenly detected the fragrance of her favorite food – strawberry pie. Karen Joy poked her head out of the quilt, stretched out her hand, and scratched her face doubtfully.

Her little aunt’s family had only been there for a night. They had already gone back after that and she was only the one left staying at Moon Bay! So why would there be the smell of strawberry pie?

It must be that she had missed Brother Lionel so much that she was hallucinating!

Yes, it must be so.

Brother Lionel was a bad guy. She should be blaming this on him! Whenever he left her alone, she would go crazy thinking of him. It was all his fault.

Karen Joy got under the quilt again. She pulled up the quilt to cover her head and was preparing to sleep for a little longer to catch up on some lost sleep.

But strangely, the fragrant scent didn’t disappear. Instead, it was getting stronger, as if it came from just outside of her room.

Could it be that there were burglars at her house?

That can’t be.

No burglar would be silly enough to make breakfast in

someone else’s house.

Could it be that her parents were worried about her safety so they flew over to keep her company?

Her parents had the keys to the house, and only her parents would make her favorite strawberry pie for her. When she speculated that it may be her parents who came,

Karen Joy sat up and rolled out of bed. She was so excited

that she rushed out in her pajamas.

After opening the door, the smell of the pie in the living room was even stronger than it was in her room. The aroma came from the kitchen.

Karen Joy looked up and saw a tall figure in the kitchen, bustling about the kitchen.

The corners of her lips lifted slightly, and her eyes were full of satisfaction.

That must be her father! Perhaps he didn’t want to tire her mother, so he went to the kitchen to prepare breakfast for

his family.

Her father had always been like this. He would rarely say it, but he always showed his affection using his actions.

Karen Joy skipped to the kitchen like a child. Before she could clearly see the person in front of her, she hugged him from behind and said softly, “Dad, you always treat me the best.”

“Dad?” Nathaniel turned around and looked at the little girl who was hugging him around his waist with an amused look on his face.

How much did she miss her family?

How could she foolishly think that he was her father? “Er… You’re Brother Lionel?” Nathaniel’s voice made Karen Joy’s body tremble and she was stunned. It was not her

father, but Brother Lionel. Her hallucination was getting worse, she thought.

She was now hallucinating that her father was Brother Lionel! She must be missing Brother Lionel too much. She closed her eyes and shook her head. When she opened

her eyes again, the person in front of her was still Brother

Lionel, it was still not her father.

Looking at his face, Karen Joy did not know whether she was happy or disappointed. She was stunned again and forgot how to react.

Nathaniel pinched her face and asked, “Silly girl, what are you thinking about?”

After a while, Karen Joy said, “Are you really Brother Lionel?” Yesterday, she told him that she hoped that he could appear in front of her when she woke up the next morning. Behold, he really appeared before her, right on time.

Was he a magician?

Nathaniel held her head, lowered his head and kissed her, saying, “Since you miss your family, I should really plan to take some time off and visit your family with you.”

Now that he was the President of the country. It was very difficult and risky for him to go abroad for private matters. But for Karen Joy, he was willing to take this risk.

“No..” Karen Joy shook her head excitedly and said, “Brother Lionel, I was too surprised that you had suddenly appeared before my eyes so I was confused for a moment!”

She quickly reached out her hand to touch his face and pinched it hard. “Brother Lionel, does this hurt?” If Brother Lionel felt the pain, then it would mean that she was not dreaming.

Nathaniel chuckled and suddenly lowered his head to kiss her again. This time, he no longer gave her a light peck on the lips but gave her a passionate French kiss. He didn’t let her go until her face had turned red from embarrassment.

He touched her red lips and asked, “Karen, I have already kissed you this way. Do you still think that I’m not real?”

Karen Joy blushed. “.”

She didn’t know how to answer, because she would often dream of Brother Lionel kissing her passionately.

Sometimes he did not only kiss her, but he would also do

unspeakable things to her! It made her feel so bashful!

Looking at her flushing face, Nathaniel thought of something. His eyes suddenly became much softer as he looked at her. “Karen, how would I kiss you in your dreams?”

“Is this how I kiss you?” He lowered his head and kissed her again with a gentle peck on her lips.

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