My Husband Warm the Bed- 914

Karen Joy Kyle blushed and shook her head foolishly.

“No?” Nathaniel Cooper narrowed his eyes and hid the smile in his eyes. He lowered his head and kissed her again. “Do I kiss you like this in your dreams?”

Karen Joy’s mind went blissfully blank, but she still shook her head like a silly child.

“Not like this?” The smile on Nathaniel’s face was so obvious that he couldn’t hide it. He asked her with a smile, Then how was it?”

Karen Joy’s face turned red. How could he ask a girl to tell him how he kissed her in her dreams? She felt so embarrassed!

She didn’t answer, so Nathaniel held her head and gave her another passionate kiss just like he did earlier. He asked again, “So, was that it?”

Finally, Karen Joy nodded.

Nathaniel couldn’t help but laugh out. “So you like me kissing you like this.”

“What?” Karen Joy’s mind was still in a daze, but soon, she regained her composure and realized how embarrassing it was. “Nathaniel, you’re bullying me!” She exclaimed.

Brother Lionel was a bully! He was making fun of her while she was still bleary-eyed from just waking up.

“Mm, it’s my fault. I shouldn’t have made fun of you.” Nathaniel admitted his mistake in time. He hugged Karen Joy and patted her on the back gently. “Breakfast is almost ready. Go to wash up and then have breakfast.”

“No.” Karen Joy held him tightly and refused to let go of him. “Good girl, having your breakfast is very important.” He rubbed her head. “If you’re a good girl, then you have to

listen to me.”

“Brother Lionel, stop treating me like a child. I’m no longer a child.” Karen Joy pouted and said, “Hold me a little longer, then i’ll go to wash up.”

“Okay,” How could Nathaniel not agree to this request? What’s more, he wanted to hold her longer and to breathe in her unique scent too.

“Brother Lionel… Lying in his arms, Karen Joy gently called him, “I’m sorry! I shouldn’t behave like a child.”

Brother Lionel was supposed to be abroad for his visit, but because she had insisted that she wanted to see him when she opened her eyes today, he immediately dumped his work and flew back to be with her.

As he had left so abruptly, it would probably cause unnecessary delays to his work. If such news were to reach the ears of Country A’s citizens, they would definitely be

disappointed in him.

She felt like she should slap herself. Why didn’t she have more control over her words? How could she make such an

impulsive request?

“What nonsense are you talking about?” Nathaniel gently pushed her out of his arms and grabbed her by the shoulders. “The visit ended early so I came back last night.”

“Brother Lionel, you are the best!” Karen Joy smiled slightly, stood on the tip of her toes, and kissed the corners of Nathaniel’s mouth.

Brother Lionel’s schedule for the visit abroad could be found on the government’s official website. If it weren’t a sudden

decision he had made, how could it be possible to end the visit in advance?

He did not want her to blame herself, so he told her such a white lie, as a reward to her for being so sensitive all the time.

Nathaniel still felt that all he had done for her was still

insufficient. If it was good enough, she would not have

suffered so many grievances and would not be caught and

questioned by his father.

He wanted to say something, but Karen Joy interrupted him, “Brother Lionel, I’m going to go wash up then you can have breakfast with me later.” After finishing her words, she turned around and ran away.

Looking at her back, Nathaniel couldn’t explain the feelings that he had in his heart, but he was sure that he liked the feeling that she was waiting for him at home.

He looked away and continued to prepare breakfast. He had made some exquisite snacks by himself and baked them in the oven, all of which were Karen Joy’s favorite.

Ding dong…

When the timer on the oven rang. Nathaniel opened the oven, took out the freshly baked bread, and brought it to the table with the strawberry pie.

As soon as he put it on the table, Karen Joy came out and said, “Brother Lionel, I haven’t brushed my teeth when you kissed me just now. Don’t you find it disgusting?”

Nathaniel poured the warm milk into the glass and handed it to her. “Then is it still possible to feel disgusted now?”

“It’s too late, I do not allow you to have any regrets!” Karen Joy gave him a strawberry pie, “I’ll use my favorite strawberry pie to bribe you.”

“Your favorite is your strawberry pie, so where do I rank in the list?” Nathaniel pulled a long face, showing that he was jealous of the strawberry pie.

“My favorite food is strawberry pie. As for people, of course, I love my parents and all of my family members. Brother Lionel, you are second, the only second.” She came up to him and rubbed his face. “Brother Lionel, are you satisfied now?”

Not satisfied!

He was not satisfied at all!

But what did he have to compete with her “favorite things? The strawberry pie that she loved was her favorite ever since she was a child. It had brought her so many years of happiness!

Her beloved family had nurtured her into a beautiful young lady. She was always cared for and well-loved, never had she have to suffer any grievances.

What about him?

Not only did he not do anything for her, but in turn, she had

helped him so much.

For him to be her second was already because she was being biased.

Nathaniel quietly clenched his fists and secretly decided that he could not waste any more time. He must find the mastermind scheming against him within the shortest time.

“Brother Lionel, don’t be angry. When you marry me in the future, you will be my lover and my family. By that time, you will be the first.” In front of Nathaniel, Karen Joy would never

hide her emotions.

“I’m not angry, Nathaniel chuckled and handed her the

strawberry pie. “Let’s have breakfast first. If we don’t eat it now, it will get cold soon.

“Well, okay.” Karen Joy nodded and picked up the strawberry pie and took a big bite. She bit into the fluffy and crispy crust, and the pie was filled

with a thick, fragrant strawberry puree. As soon as Karen

Joy bit into the strawberries, she was immediately

comforted by the taste of it.

“Brother Lionel, did you really make this?” Only her mother could make strawberry pie as delicious as this one. How could a man like Brother Lionel manage to do it?

Did he secretly learn it from her mother?

“Of course!” said Nathaniel.

“Of course I believe you, I just feel that it’s incredible for you to make such a delicious pie.” Karen Joy quickly ate the strawberry pie and said, “You have a lot of work during the day and you’re always busy until late at night. Where did you get the time to learn to do these?”

“As long as you put your heart into it, you can achieve anything.” This was Nathaniel’s answer to Karen Joy.

From Nathaniel’s point of view, everything in the world, no matter how difficult it was, could be done as long as you did it with all your heart

As long as you want to, you could do anything, Karen Joy repeated Nathaniel’s words silently because she

thought that Brother Lionel’s words were true.

In the past, she didn’t know where Brother Lionel was, what he looked like, and what his real name even was.

But she had the courage to travel far and wide, to a foreign country with only the special necklace he had left for her as a guiding star. Just because she had set her mind that she had to find him, eventually!

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