My Husband Warm the Bed- 915

Chapter 915

It had showed every winter in Coast City, but it had never been so heavy or last as long as it did this year

Today was the third day of the heavy snow, and a blizzard was still going on. The sky seemed to be throwing a tantrum, trying to release all the snow it had prepared for the next few winters!

Because of the heavy snow and the fact that the snow was too thick, the government had issued a weather warning. All schools were closed, and offices too. Because of the heavy snow, Yaya couldn’t get to work, so

she was bored at home. Thinking of Little Jar whom she

hadn’t met for a long time, she called her and said, “Little

Jar, what are you up to? If you’re idle at home, let’s make a meal together at home, we can invite the others.” Hearing that Yaya had asked her out, Karen Joy Kyle looked back at Nathaniel Cooper, who was busy in the study room. All government ministries were on holiday, but not him. He

was still reading some documents and dealing with some

other issues.

It had been nearly two hours since breakfast time. He had been busy in the study room ever since. He was so busy that he didn’t even have the time to take a sip of water. Seeing that Brother Lionel was exhausted, Karen Joy went to the kitchen to make a cup of coffee for him. Just when

she was about to go to the kitchen, Yaya called her on the

phone. She looked away and said apologetically, “Sister Yaya, let’s do it another day. I’ve got something to do today, so I can’t

go out.”

Brother Lionel was busy at work at her home. She was already not helping much with his work, how could she leave him alone at home and go out for a gathering with


Yaya asked, “It’s snowing so heavily, you can’t even go out. What else can you be busy with?”

Before Karen Joy could answer, an idea came to Yaya’s mind. She smiled and said, “Oh, I know, you must be with your lover boy.”

Karen Joy pursed her lips and smiled. She admitted generously, “Yes, Sister Yaya, you’re right. I’m at home with my lover.”

Yaya said again, “I used to hear you say that your lover is always very busy. Now that everybody doesn’t need to go to work today, your lover will finally have the time to accompany you. It’s such a golden opportunity, you should seize it! I won’t disturb you then.”

When Yaya was about to hang up the phone, Karen Joy stopped her immediately and said, “Sister Yaya, wait. I have something to ask you.”

Yaya asked, “What’s the matter?”

Karen Joy pondered for a moment and decided to go

straight to the point. Yaya was a frank person and she would say whatever she wanted, she never liked to beat around the bush.

Karen Joy said, “Sister Yaya, I remember you saying that you applied to work at one of Rovio’s subsidiaries all because of Jayden. You have been working there for a while, haven’t you? How is it going?”

Karen Joy was not only concerned about Yaya, but she also

wanted to know about Jayden Elias Kyle’s whereabouts. He had not shown up for a few days.

Jayden would always appear by her side out of a sudden, like a ghost. No matter what, she just couldn’t get rid of him. For the past few days, Jayden had not appeared at all and

she did not know where he had gone.

It was snowing heavily outside, and the news would report from time to time if there were people who were buried in the snow, or the houses were ruined by the snow… What if

something had happened to him? Karen Joy admitted that she was worried about Jayden’s safety

However, she admitted that she was only slightly worried

about him. She would never admit that she was very

worried about Jayden, the bad guy who would always make

her angry.

As soon as Karen Joy mentioned “Jayden, Yaya sighed in frustration. She had lived for 22 years and had never been so frustrated as she was now.

She had successfully become Jayden’s secretary and she could follow him wherever he went during work hours. It could be said that they were together most of the day.

But what was the use of that?

No matter how hard she worked, no matter how beautifully she dressed up, Jayden didn’t even take a look at her.

It was not that he didn’t, he did, but it was always only during work. Other than work, he would not talk to her at all.

She had been working with him for two weeks already, but Jayden hadn’t spoken a word to her except for when it was about work.

This was infuriating!

Thinking of this, Yaya gnashed her teeth in anger. She could

not wait to find an opportunity to knock Jayden out and ruthlessly take a few bites at him.

Of course, these thoughts could only course through her mind. She was not bold enough to actually do anything to her boss

Although she was not the most beautiful girl around, Yaya was pretty in her own way. There were many boys who had pursued her over the years. Why had she become so worthless when it came to Jayden?

Yaya felt that Jayden was as stubborn as a rock. No matter how hard she tried, she still couldn’t soften him up.

“Sister Yaya, what’s wrong? Is it not going well?” Upon hearing Yaya’s sigh, Karen Joy could roughly guess what the situation was.

She had lived under the same roof with Jayden for more than a decade. She knew how Jayden was like.

Jayden was a stubborn person. He would never change the things that he had decided on. If Yaya continued with her pursuit, it might be to no avail.

Karen Joy wanted Yaya to give up, but just as she was about

to speak, she heard Ya say confidently, “I know there is a woman in his heart, but it doesn’t matter. I will definitely kick that woman out of his heart and I will replace her.”

Karen Joy was dumbstruck as she heard Yaya’s words.

Except for giving Yaya her blessing, she really didn’t know what else she could say to Yaya.

Yaya said again, “Little Jar, don’t worry about me. You should go and accompany your lover boy first.”

Karen Joy said, “Sister Yaya…” Yaya said, “I get it, you don’t have to repeat yourself. I know

what to do. I shall not disturb you any longer, we’ll talk again next time!” Listening to the busy tone on the phone, Karen Joy shook her head and sighed, “Everyone is not going to work, but Mr.

President and his team are still working at this very moment

so that his people can have a good life.”

Karen Joy put away her mobile phone and focused on making the coffee. She had personally served the coffee to Nathaniel and said, “Brother Lionel, have a cup of coffee first.”

“Okay.” Nathaniel answered without raising his head to look

at her. He stretched out his hand and habitually grabbed the

coffee cup, but he just couldn’t get to the cup.

Usually, Nathaniel’s coffee was prepared by his secretary. The secretary was with him all year round, so he knew of his habits very well.

The secretary knew that when he was working, he wouldn’t care about anything else. After greeting him, he would put the coffee in the same position.

This way, even if Nathaniel didn’t look, he would still be able to grab the cup of coffee as soon as he stretched his hand out, which somehow saved him a lot of time.

In fact, it was not necessary for Nathaniel to complete all of these tasks by himself. He had more than a hundred employees on his secretarial team.

However, in order to have more time to keep Karen Joy company, Nathaniel chose to work alone at Karen Joy’s place. He could always contact his employees through the phone if necessary.

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