My Husband Warm the Bed- 918

She had always hoped that Jayden Elias Kyle would completely disappear from her world and that he would not appear in front of her ever again. However, Karen Joy was still worried when she could not get in touch with him. She was not sure if he had gotten into trouble or an accident.

Since she couldn’t get in touch with Jayden, she could only go and look for him in person.

He lived next door so she rushed over and knocked on his door.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

She was so anxious. She slammed the door with her hands and forgot that there was a doorbell.

Karen Joy panicked a little when no one had answered the door despite her persistent knocking. Did something really happen to Jayden? “Jayden, are you at home or not? If you are at home, open

the door for me. Don’t hide at home as if you’re dead!” Karen

Joy was so anxious that she kicked the door with her foot.

She used a lot of strength, but the door didn’t open and she

hurt her toes instead. “Hiss” She gasped and slammed her hand on the door again. “B*stard, if you don’t make a sound, I’ll get someone to knock down the door! Or, i’ll call the police.”

“You’re worried about me!”

Just as her anxiety almost pushed her to blow up the door, she heard a man speaking softly behind her. She could discern the delight in his voice.

Upon hearing him, Karen Joy suddenly turned back. Seeing Jayden who had appeared at the entrance of the elevator, her anger rose but the weight of her worries was lifted off her shoulders. “Jayden, why didn’t you answer when I called you?”

Jayden looked at her face, observing her tender, ruby- red lips. He repeated himself, “You’re worried about me.”

“Worried about you?” Karen Joy glared at him fiercely and

turned around to leave. “Yes, I was worried about you. If anything bad happens to you here, I would have to move away from this house. Hence, my worries are well warranted!”

Her words were savage, and her tone was so harsh.

However, Jayden wasn’t offended at all, and instead, he was

overjoyed. “Tell me, is there anything you need from me?”

He knew that she would not call him casually. If she called him, she must have needed his help, so he deliberately did not answer her call.

However, seeing that she was so nervous about his safety just now, he decided not to be petty with this little girl.

Just now, because she was worried about Jayden, Karen Joy had already forgotten about the reason that she had called him. After he reminded her, she recalled this, “Do you… do you know about the snow disaster that has happened?”

“Yes,” Jayden nodded and looked at her with his keen eyes. As he expected, she needed his help.

He had realized this earlier. However, when he heard her mention about the snow disaster, Jayden couldn’t help but feel upset.

What on earth was he thinking?

Was he hoping for something else? For a moment, he allowed his fantasies to run free. He had imagined that she was looking for him because she cared for him, and not that she needed help.


He was laughing at himself for his idiotic fantasy He was idiotic because his fantasy was nothing short of an

unrealistic dream

Jayden’s eyes fell directly on Karen Joy, which made her a little uncomfortable. She looked away and said, “I want you

to donate some goods and money.” The fantasy on Jayden’s mind had completely crumbled to

pieces. He sneered and said, “Karen Joy, do you think that the Kyle family is a charity organization?”

Karen Joy knew that Jayden would not immediately agree to help her. She glared at him and said, “Grandpa, Grandma, Mom and Dad all contribute to charity every year, they would donate money and goods to help villagers in remote areas. Why can’t I do that too?”

“They contribute to charity because that was all the money that they earned. What about you?” Jayden smiled and said, “My almighty Miss Kyle, what did you do for the Kyle family?”

Karen Joy, “..”

Jayden and Karen Joy really could not get along with each other. She was still worried that something might have happened to him earlier. Thinking of this now, she decided, viciously, that she would have rejoiced if he had gone


Jayden added, “Although you didn’t do anything for the Kyle family, you are still the daughter of the Kyle family. What’s

more, Dad loves you so much, so he has already donated

goods in your name. If there are no other extenuating circumstances, you can check online and have a look, your name should be on the headlines again.”

Karen Joy was dumbstruck upon hearing this.

It was an idea that she just thought of, but her father had already executed it for her. It was always like this! Every

single time! This frustrated her greatly.

Karen Joy immediately unlocked her phone and scrolled through several social media platforms. As expected, the headlines were full of articles about her – “The most beautiful face of Long Cove nicknamed Little Jar’, transformed into a Snow Angel, bringing warmth to the people!

The article explained in detail about Karen Joy’s donations and then echoed the entire incident at Long Cove.

If the news about the most beautiful face in the disaster area of Long Cove had made the people of Country A know about Karen Joy, then the donation for the snow disaster today would leave a deeper impression on the people, Everyone would definitely remember Karen Joy’s beautiful


The comments of the netizens were almost the same as that of the first time. All of them were full of praises. The comments very much exaggerated, saying that Karen Joy was an angel who had descended from the heavens and there was definitely no other like her.

Seeing the netizens praising her, Karen Joy was a little

worried. If they had such high expectations of her, would they criticize her one day in the future, if she was unable to meet their demands?

After all, the future was still uncertain. Putting herself on

such a pedestal to be applauded by the citizens would mean that they could judge her easily too.

“Sigh = Karen Joy sighed. She really didn’t know whether these things would affect her in a good or a bad way when she finally becomes Brother Lionel’s first lady in the future.

After praising Karen Joy, many citizens began to dig up more information on her.

It was strange that no matter how hard they tried, they just could not find any personal details about her, as if she was an angel that was sent from heaven to save them. Similarly, Jason Lesley did not miss the news. Soon, he called and said, “Miss Kyle, I have something to discuss with


Karen Joy avoided Jayden’s gaze and walked into the house. She closed the door and said, “Mr. Lesley, I’ve made up my mind. I don’t want to discuss it anymore.”

Jason added, “I’ve seen the news online. I know that you

really wanted to help Mr. President.” Karen Joy asked, “And then?”

Jason said again, “I am really not able to hire any more people for Mr. President’s secretarial team.”

Karen Joy said in a low voice, with a look of displeasure in her eyes, “You must find a way to do it. I have to work by his side.” Jason pondered for a moment. The little Karen Joy was indeed gentle and lovely as his boss. However, she could

also be domineering and assertive when she wanted things

to go her way. He quickly added, “But Mr. President needs

an interpreter and I think that you should be able to take up

this job.”

Karen Joy had learnt several foreign languages since she

lived in New York from her childhood. And she had been a straight-A top student all her life, hence taking on the job should be a piece of cake.

She smiled brightly and said, “Okay, I’ll be his interpreter. But you can’t tell him about it yet.”

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