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The heavy snow persisted for a long time. The impact of the snowstorm was getting even more

serious. It was affecting more provinces.

The worst-hit area was the Misty Mountain. At the foot of Misty Mountain, there were dozens of families and hundreds of people buried under the snow.

After receiving the news, the relevant departments had immediately arranged for the military air force to rescue the victims. The President had also rushed to the disaster area to check on the deployed rescue forces and the people who were trapped

The central news channel of the country had been documenting the rescue work at the disaster area, so that the whole country would be kept updated on the situation of the rescue work at the disaster area.

While the snowstorm was battering the country, and the

rescue forces were working hard at the disaster area

alongside the President, there was a group of people still

going about their lives comfortably.

On such a snowy winter’s day, the most pleasant thing to do was to seek out a small pub, order some wine and barbecue, and having a good chat with friends.

In a pub that looked ordinary from the outside, its interior was decorated in a cozy fashion. One table was occupied, but there was a small sign hanging at the door indicating

that the pub was full.

There were only two guests at that table. The first floor and the second floor were full of empty seats. No one knew why

the owner of the pub wouldn’t accept other patrons. The two guests were sitting by the window on the second

floor of the pub. It was a good opportunity to enjoy the fluffy white snow that was covering the entire city. However, their attention was not on the snow outside the window, but on the TV that was mounted onto the wall. The channel on the TV had just been switched to the Central

News Channel. It was a live feed of Mr. President

expressing his views and concerns regarding the victims

and the rescuers in the disaster area.

Holding a big megaphone, Nathaniel Cooper spoke out to the victims and the rescue forces, “No matter how much resources and money we need, we must do our best to rescue each and every one of the people who are trapped in there.”

“Humph, this b*stard’s acting is really good!” One of the two men in the small pub picked up the remote control and turned off the TV. The second patron, who was sitting opposite him, grabbed the whiskey bottle and poured a shot for the first man. He

smiled indifferently and said, “Since Nathaniel wants to put

on an act and fool the crowd, then let him be. Why are you

so mad at him?”

The first man had a dissatisfied look on his face. “Nathaniel’s popularity is getting even higher day by day. More people had come to support him every day. His position is getting steadier each day. Only you can continue to sit around and be so calm about this.”

The second man refilled the shot glasses on the table. He said calmly, “There are some things that are not his. Even if he has stolen it, it still won’t belong to him.” The first man looked at the faint expression on the second

man’s face and muttered, “Are you really not even a tiny bit


The second man did not answer. He held up his glass and sniffed the scent of the whiskey. “Mm, it’s really good! Amongst so many pubs, this one really serves some really good whiskey.”

The calmer he was, the more anxious his companion

became. “I’m talking to you about something important.

Why are you talking about the whiskey? if you want to drink, there are so many places you can drink.” The first man replied indignantly

The calm second man raised his glass and took a sip of the whiskey, and said, “It’s snowing so much today. It wasn’t easy for me to come out, let’s have a good drink.”

One insisted on talking about so-called business, while the other did not want to mention about the so-called business at all. The atmosphere was in a stalemate for a while.

In fact, the first man was actually the owner of this pub. After waiting for a long time, as he watched the man in front of him down the whiskey, he stared at him and was slightly angry. “What are you thinking about exactly?”

The patron said, “The snow is still falling, and it will get heavier. Today, several villages at the foot of the Misty Mountain were buried today, but tomorrow, no one knows if there will be any more places buried.”

The pub owner was so anxious that he poured and a took a sip of the whiskey and said, “What does this snow have to do with what I want to tell you?”

The patron smiled and said slowly, “As long as the snow doesn’t stop, the disasters will continue. The disaster areas will arise one after another. By then, do you think that he will be able to handle all of them?.. If the disaster area widens,

I’m afraid that the government will not be able to take care of it.”

The patron’s meaning was very clear, and the pub owner finally understood. He laughed in his heart and let out a chuckle, “As long as the government rescue work is not timely, the people will complain. At that time, someone will naturally push Nathaniel Cooper down from his throne.”

The patron sipped on his whiskey, and there was a cold and determined smile on his face, but he did not continue the conversation with the owner of the pub.

The owner said, “It seems that the two of us should raise our glasses and have a good drink. Let’s hope that the snow will last for another few days and it will not stop.”

“Yes, cheers.” The patron narrowed his eyes, and a look of disdain flashed in his eyes.

In his opinion, only a useless person would beg the heavens for a few more days of snow. The patron was just saying it casually, but this stupid person actually believed it.

The patron didn’t understand. That’ man was so smart and had been hiding and plotting for so many years, how could

he have such a subordinate?

However, he only wanted the money. He couldn’t and wouldn’t want to care about what kind of subordinates that person wanted to use.

However, it was really hard on him whenever he had to discuss these things with such an idiot..

With Jason Lesley’s response, Karen Joy Kyle would soon be able to be at Nathaniel’s side working as his interpreter.

Thinking of the fact that she could go to work with Brother Lionel every day and get off work together with him, Karen

Joy’s heart was filled with unspeakable joy. She was so excited that she rolled around the sofa a few

times, and then ran around the sofa a few more times. She

looked like she was out of her mind. As she was still immersed in her excitement, Karen Joy thought of her family in New York, who were far away from her. But at this time, it was in the afternoon where she was, and it would be midnight in New York. It wouldn’t be

appropriate to call them this late to disturb them.

She endured for a little while more, but still couldn’t hold it in. She picked up the phone and dialed her mother’s phone number. She thought that her mother would end the call, but she didn’t expect that her mother pick up the call so soon.

From the phone came the gentle and sleepy voice of her mother, “Baby, you’re calling so late, what’s the matter?”

“Mom, I’m sorry. I must have woken you up.” Karen Joy stuck out her tongue playfully. I’m just too excited. I just want to share my joy with you.”

“Baby, it’s okay.” Karen Daly’s voice had become even gentler. “Tomorrow is the weekend. I can sleep a little

longer. If you have anything to say, just tell me.”

“Mom, you’re the best!” Karen Joy couldn’t wait to jump into her father’s arms and snuggle in there.

In this life, the happiest thing for her was to have such loving parents and such a good family.

Her mother doted on her as a treasure. She had never experienced the helplessness and sense of loss Brother Lionel had, as a neglected son in his family.

“Silly child, you are our precious baby!” Karen Daly chuckled. “Tell me, what kind of good news do you want to share with me?”

“Hehe.” Karen Joy giggled and said, “Mom, I’m going to work alongside Brother Lionel.”

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