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“Mm, such exciting news!” Karen Daly’s soft voice came from the phone and into Karen Joy Kyle’s ear. “Congratulations, my baby Karen can finally work for her sweetheart.”

Karen Daly’s voice was gentle and it sounded like she was not surprised at all. It seemed that she had expected her precious daughter would have done so.

“Mom, but I’m still a little worried.” Karen Joy’s mother had always supported any of her endeavors, but Karen Joy knew that it would be hard to explain it to her father.

It was she who had volunteered to work for Brother Lionel. If her father misunderstood that it was Brother Lionel who asked her to work for him, that would bring Brother Lionel

some big trouble. “My dear girl, don’t worry, go and work by your Brother Lionel’s side. If your Dad doesn’t support you, I will explain to him!” Naturally, Karen knew what her daughter was

worried about

“Thank you Mom!” Karen Joy said in a sweet voice. Every time she could not handle her father, her mother

would come out to help. With her mother’s help, handling her father would be a piece of cake! Karen Joy was happy to hear her mother’s kind words,

However, at Karen Daly’s end, the man lying beside her now

had a terrifying expression on his face. He was extremely

dissatisfied after listening in to their conversation, so he

moved closer to Karen and took a bite at her neck.

“Ouch” Karen felt a stab of pain and exclaimed. She turned

around and glared at him viciously. How could this man act so recklessly at this moment?

“Mom, are you okay?” Upon hearing her mother exclaim, Karen Joy asked with a concerned voice. “I think a bug might have bitten me,” Karen replied. How

could Karen tell her daughter that Kevin Kyle had bitten her?

She had to come up with an excuse.

However, as soon as she gave this excuse, Kevin had grabbed her into his embrace and gave her another bite. What an aloof yet unreasonable man!

Karen was flabbergasted by her husband’s behaviour. She was rendered speechless

She held her breath and didn’t make a sound.

However, she was not a little sheep whom Kevin could bully. She raised her arm and elbow Kevin hart.

She attacked him, but Kevin did not feel any pain. On the contrary, there was a faint smile on his face, and he held her in his arms and bit her again.

Karen shot him a warning glare. She seemed to be hinting,

“I’m still on the phone with our daughter, don’t mess around.”

However, when a man like Kevin was feeling stubborn, he would be very stubborn. Moreover, he would be overbearing at the same time. Instead of letting go of Karen, he stretched out his hands and his fingers wandered along her bare skin, under her clothes.

Karen quickly grabbed Kevin’s hand. Suddenly, she heard Karen Joy calling her in a soft voice, “Mom…”

“Yes, Baby, I’m listening, go ahead…” Because she was worried that her daughter might had heard something, she was already stuttering.

Thinking that her embarrassment was caused by Kevin’s hands, Karen turned her head and glared at him fiercely. However, Kevin leaned over and kissed her again.

Karen, “..” Men and wild beasts were the same – hard to tame!

Karen Joy’s soft and sweet voice sounded again, “Mom, actually, I just want to ask you, what do you think about

Brother Lionel?”

Karen Joy knew that her father didn’t have a good impression of Brother Lionel, but she didn’t know what her

mother thought of him.

Although her mother didn’t object to her relationship with Brother Lionel, she had never mentioned that she liked Brother Lionel in a romantic way.

Karen Joy was getting more and more keen to become his bride, so she hoped that her sweetheart could get the recognition of her family. Hence, she posed this question to

her mother

“Lionel?” In the past, Karen had always had a good

impression of Lionel.

Now that she didn’t have much contact with him, Karen

didn’t know him very well. But she believed that a boy who had protected her daughter with his own life could definitely be trusted.

“Mom, you don’t like him?” All because her father didn’t like Brother Lionel, Karen Joy had placed more emphasis on her mother’s opinion of Brother Lionel.

After all, no matter how good she thought Brother Lionel was, she still hoped that Brother Lionel could get the approval of her parents.

“How would I not like him?” Karen comforted her in a soft

voice. After a moment’s thought, she said, “Lionel left me a deep impression. When I first met him, I knew at a glance

that he was not a simple boy.”

While Karen was talking, she suddenly received a sharp gaze. She looked up and happened to meet Kevin’s jealousy

filled gaze.

She was talking to her daughter about her future son-in-law. Did he have to be so petty and jealous?

Karen rolled her eyes at him and then looked away. She really didn’t want to pay any more attention to this man who would get jealous so easily.

On the other end of the phone, Karen Joy was still asking, “Mom, do you only think that Brother Lionel is not simple? Don’t you have any other opinion of him?”

Karen continued, “After that, he accompanied you, spoiled you, and even protected you with his life… Back then, I was wondering how great it would be for my daughter to find such a guy when she grows up. A boy who would love, protect, and cherish her so much.” Her mother seemed to indicate that she wanted Brother

Lionel to be her son-in-law, which meant that she had a fantastic impression of him.

Karen Joy was surprised and said, “Mom, do you really think

so?” “Yes.” Karen nodded. “Back then, he had been injured badly and went missing. I have been saddened and regretful for many years that we did not find him. Fortunately, my baby Karen never gave up, and you eventually did find him.”

“Mom, I love you!” Karen Joy was over the moon at her mothers words. She even wanted to shout ‘You’re the best, my almighty mother!’.

Her mother was much more considerate. She would approve of the man Karen Joy had selected, as long as Karen Joy truly loved that man. Unlike her father, who would always complain that Brother Lionel was not good enough for her.

“Baby, I love you too! By the way, your daddy also loves you very much!” Karen said in a gentle voice.

Karen Joy replied, “Mom, then I won’t bother you anymore.

Let’s talk another day.”

Listening to her daughter’s happy voice also put Karen in a good mood. “Goodbye, my baby!”

Hanging up the phone, she immediately heard Kevin’s low and seductive voice. His tone was dripping with

dissatisfaction as he said, “Do you really have such a vivid

impression of that kid?” “What’s wrong if I do?” Karen asked.

“What’s wrong?” Kevin’s face darkened and he looked very unhappy

“It’s not dawn yet. I want to sleep for a little while more.” Karen turned around and decided not to comfort him. She didn’t know what kind of tantrum he was going to throw.

She assumed that Kevin would bother her again, so she moved towards the edge of the bed, trying to keep a distance from him. However, Kevin did not move at all.

Karen couldn’t help but to look back at him. He was closing his eyes and it seemed that he was fine.

After checking on Kevin, Karen could then close her eyes and sleep without any worries. When she was about to fall asleep, her body was suddenly pulled into Kevin’s arms again. His deep voice sounded in her ear, “Why didn’t you remember me back then?”

“What do you mean I didn’t remember you?” Karen rubbed her eyes and thought about it in a daze. She deduced that he must be referring to the few years when she had been kidnapped and lost her memory. Kevin eventually found her, but she could not recognize him at all. Hence, she hurriedly

explained, “Well, I lost my memories back then.” “You lost your memories?” Kevin’s face became even more

unhappy. He plunged into his memories, back to the moment they first met. She not only scolded him but also spat at him, which left him a stark impression of her. However, the next time she met him, she did not remember him at all! And now, she dared say that she had lost her memory!

Kevin really wanted to strangle this woman to death!

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