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“You know that I’ve lost my memory before.” Karen Daly, who was still in a daze, did not know that Kevin Kyle had misunderstood her meaning. Hence, she gave a silly retort.

“Karen Daly!” Kevin’s face was livid as he exclaimed her name, and his voice became colder. His tone was nearly as cold as ice

There was only an amber lamp lighting up in the room. Underneath the lamp was a warm light which gave out a warm atmosphere. However, Kevin’s cold demeanor made Karen feel as if the temperature around her had reduced by several degrees in a split second!

This made Karen tremble in fear and she was alerted from her sleep in an instant.

Karen blinked her eyes and looked up at the man who had a gloomy look on his face. She was confused and asked, “Kevin, what’s wrong?”

How could she have the audacity to ask him what’s wrong? Couldn’t she tell that he was angry with her?

Kevin looked at Karen coldly, and his dissatisfaction with this woman was growing stronger. If it wasn’t for how much he loved her, he would have already thrown her out of the window.

“What do you mean by this? Why are you just looking at me and not speaking?” Kevin was a considerate man most of the time but occasionally, Karen could not fathom the source of his tantrums.

Did she really not understand what he meant?

Kevin was so frustrated that he didn’t say a word.

Looking at Kevin, who was so cold and silent, Karen shook her head helplessly and said, “Kevin, you’re not speaking. Are you’re giving me the silent treatment?”

Silent treatment?

He wanted to crush her to death.

So that she would not praise other men in front of him. No matter what Karen said, the cold and aloof Director Kevin

had kept a straight face and stared at her without saying a word.

They had lived together for more than ten years so Karen knew this man very well. He was cold and temperamental. She knew that he must be very angry at her.

But she didn’t know why!

Karen thought about it carefully and suddenly realized that he must be blaming her for siding with their daughter against him.

Yes, that should be it. From that moment onward, he began to behave abnormally.

After thinking it through, Karen felt much more relaxed. She smiled gently at him and said, “Director Kevin, you are already an adult. Why would you throw a tantrum because of something our child did?”

What did she mean by this?

He was throwing a tantrum because of what she did! Not the child

This woman was usually very smart, but why was she being so silly right now.

Kevin glared at her but remained silent.

Karen sighed, lay on his chest, and traced circles on his chest with her finger. “You obviously don’t want our daughter to suffer, so why do you want to make things difficult for her then?”

She thought that if she put this matter on her daughter, he would be able to forget about what had happened tonight? She should not even think about it!

Kevin grabbed her hand that was tracing on his chest and pushed her out of his arms, to show that he was still angry with her

Karen was rendered speechless.

This man! He actually pushed her away!

Did he think that he could hug her as he wished and push her away when he did not want to?

Although this was the truth, he shouldn’t go too far!

Karen glared back at him, which made his gaze even colder. Every time Lionel was mentioned, Kevin would always look dissatisfied. Karen became anxious and said, “As the President of Country A, Nathaniel is not only a powerful young man, he also good-looking. And most importantly, he loves our little Karen very much. Why do you think you can look down on him?”


Good looking!

And that he loved little Karen?

Comparing himself to Nathaniel, Kevin also had all of these traits! And perhaps he was even better! Why did his two most beloved women in his family have to side with that Cooper boy?

He doted on and cared for the two women with all of his

heart That Cooper boy had never done anything substantial for them! How did he win their favor?

“So, that Nathaniel Cooper is good? What’s so good about him?” Kevin felt that he was about to be blown up by anger because of Karen and he couldn’t bear it anymore so he expressed the dissatisfaction that he was feeling.

“What’s not good about him?” Karen bit her lip and raised her volume. “He has power and authority. He’s handsome, gentle, and considerate. He is the epitome of a perfect man. Any woman in this world would want to marry him.”

“Karen!” Kevin clenched his fists so tightly that his knuckles popped. “How could that Cooper boy be better than me?”

“What?” Karen was so angry that she was almost confused, but she seemed to have understood something from Kevin’s words. She finally realized that Kevin, this cold and arrogant man, was actually jealous.

Thinking of his silly look when he was jealous, Karen could not help but chuckle. “Kevin, are you jealous?”

Kevin glared at her and said discontentedly with a low voice,

“Did you only realize that I’m jealous until now?”

He was already making it so obvious, and she was not stupid. How could she realize it only now?

“If you’re jealous, just say it.” Karen poked him in the chest, and there was a bright smile on her beautiful face. “Just like back then, when we just got our marriage certificate. You told me directly that you were jealous.”

Many times, Karen would recall the times at Innovative Tech. When Kevin would stop her and tell her that he was jealous, with a serious look on his face.

At that time, he was really extremely aloof. He was so cold that she did not dare to get close to him. She was afraid that

she would be frozen if she was to get any closer to him. Kevin looked at Karen with dissatisfaction. He wasn’t

someone that would get jealous easily. How could she imply that he was always getting jealous?

Karen threw herself into Kevin’s arms again. She took his hand and wrapped it around herself. “Kevin, don’t you know that you’re the best in my heart?”

Kevin pulled her into his arms and hugged her tightly. “If you don’t say it, how would I know?”

Karen looked up and smiled at him. “Lionel is not bad, especially in Karen’s heart, no man can be compared to him. But why would it matter? Because in my heart, no one can be compared to you.”

He was her husband.

To Karen, he was the one that was going to be with her for the rest of her life, a man that would shelter her from the

rain and wind.

In her heart, he was her hero, a hero that no one could compare to.

Hearing Karen’s words, Kevin’s face started to look better, and his sexy thin lips curved slightly. He gradually smiled

and said, “Luckily you’re a sweet talker.”

Karen smiled and said, “I have just said what I wanted to say for a long time now.


Kevin suddenly called her name gently and sexily.


Karen was stunned. All of a sudden, he looked serious.

What on earth did he want to do?

He grabbed her hand and placed it on his chest. “In my

heart, no one can compare to you.”

“Mm., Karen nodded. She had always known this,

Back then, she disappeared for three years, but he never gave up looking for her. He patiently waited for her to come back. From then on, she knew that no one could ever replace her position in his heart.

To be able to meet him in this life, to become his wife, to give birth to his children, and to grow old with him…

It was the luckiest thing that had ever happened to her in her lifetime.

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