My Husband Warm the Bed- 922

Creamy pumpkin soup, baked potatoes, pan- fried garlic butter steak and steamed broccoli. These dishes were served on the table.

It looked like a simple meal, but it took Karen Joy Kyle the whole afternoon to make them.

Of course, the reason why she took such a long time was because Karen Joy’s cooking skills were not as refined yet. It would take her several attempts to successfully make one dish.

For example, the baked potatoes were accidentally burnt on the first two attempts. The potatoes turned out better on the third attempt, but it was a little too salty.

After wasting three portions of ingredients, Karen Joy swore that if she failed on the next attempt, then she would give up. Hence, the fourth attempt turned out to be acceptable. As for the other dishes, they were recreated several times,

and finally, this was the result.

Looking at the dishes on the table, thinking that Brother Lionel would be praising her, Karen Joy was so happy that she had forgotten about the blisters on her hands.

The clock on the wall showed that it was almost six o’clock in the evening. Brother Lionel should be here soon. Brother Lionel returned to the North Palace from the

disaster area three hours ago to deal with some things. He

told her that he would rush back from the North Palace once

he had finished his work and should arrive here at about six


As she was in a hurry to see Brother Lionel, Karen Joy

looked at the clock on the wall as she counted down along with the second hand of the clock.

There were two minutes left until six o’clock. Only one hundred and twenty seconds, but she felt that this period of time felt as long as an hour. Every second felt as long as a minute.

However, two minutes later, Brother Lionel did not show up. Now it was snowing heavily outside and the traffic in the

entire city was very congested. It didn’t matter if he was late. Karen Joy looked at the clock and continued to wait. Ten minutes had passed. Half an hour had passed. An hour had passed. Seeing that the hot dishes on the table had turned cold, Karen Joy finally couldn’t sit still. She picked up

her phone and dialed Nathaniel’s number.

When the phone was connected, there was a cold machine voice coming from the phone, “The number you have dialed is currently not available. Please try again later!”

The first call was like this, so Karen Joy called for the second time, it was the same, and on the fifth time… It was still the same.

This was Nathaniel’s private number. He once told her that this number would be available 24 hours a day for her.

As long as she missed him, she could call him at any time… So why couldn’t she get to him now? Karen Joy had an ominous feeling in her heart. She quickly dialed Jason Lesley’s number, and the call was immediately

picked up

Jason greeted her respectfully, “Hello Miss Kyle!”

Karen Joy was anxious and didn’t have the mood to be polite to him so she was straightforward with Jason, “Where

is the President? Where is he?”

Jason said, “Mr. President is in a meeting, it’s not convenient for him to answer the phone.”

Karen Joy said, “It’s already so late at night, how could there be a meeting now?”

When Brother Lionel was on the way back to the North Palace, he promised her through the phone that he would come back to have dinner with her. If something urgent had popped up, he would inform her in advance.

Jason said, “It’s a national affair.”

National affairs?

His reply rendered Karen Joy speechless.

Yes, a national affair was the most important thing. How could she let her relationship with Brother Lionel interrupt his work?

“Okay, I got it.” Karen Joy said sullenly, “Mr. Lesley, how long does he need?”

Jason also said, “Miss Kyle, this snow disaster struck a lot of places and many people have been affected. I’m afraid that Mr. President will not be free for the coming days.”

Karen Joy, “.”

Jason continued, “Miss Kyle, you are a smart and sensible girl. I guess you wouldn’t blame Mr. President for this right?” Upon hearing Jason’s words, Karen Joy was angered. She said, “Mr. Lesley, I only called because I care about him. Did you think I would behave so unreasonably? Did you think I would disturb him from handling the country’s affairs well?”

Jason said, “I didn’t mean that.”

Karen Joy added, “No matter how busy he is, or if he has many things to deal with, he would still have the time to

answer my call, wouldn’t it?” Jason was speechless.

Karen Joy went all out. “After he finishes with the meeting, ask him to give me a call. I will wait for his call. If he doesn’t call then I won’t go to bed. Please convey the message to him.”

After saying this, Karen Joy hung up the phone. Then she held her phone in her hand and waited for Brother Lionel to call her back. She waited until late night but Brother Lionel

still had not called her back. If he wasn’t preoccupied with something, Brother Lionel would never fail to call her back. Perhaps he… Karen Joy stopped herself. She didn’t dare to think of any bad things

that might happen

Karen Joy dialed Nathaniel’s number again. This time, as expected, it was still the same cold machine voice coming through the phone. “The number you have dialed is currently not available. Please try again later.”

Listening to the voice of the machine recording, Karen Joy’s

heart trembled. She knew that something must have

happened to Brother Lionel, but she didn’t know what had


Karen Joy was very scared, but she immediately calmed herself down. How could she panic when something had happened to Brother Lionel? “I must have a clear mind,” she thought

She immediately dialed Blake White’s imber. Before she could ask, he already said, “Miss, something has happened to the President.”

As expected, calling Blake was the right decision. He was as well-informed as the national intelligence agency.

She said, “Tell me in detail.”

Blake added, “The helicopter that the President had boarded for the North Palace from the disaster area today had some mechanical problems. The vehicle crashed and the casualties are still unclear.”

“What?” Karen Joy had expected that something bad had

happened to Nathaniel, but she did not expect that it would

be such a serious crisis. When she heard Blake’s words, her

legs went weak and she sat weakly on the sofa.

Blake continued, “That’s all I know for now. But I’ll send people to get more information. I’ll report to you as soon as there’s anything new.” When Karen Joy heard about Nathaniel’s helicopter

accident, her brain immediately went blank, as if it was covered with glue. It made her unable to think about anything clearly, and her eyes were blurred.

“Miss, Miss…” Blake shouted repeatedly at the other end of the phone, but Karen Joy did not respond. Hence, he rushed over to Karen Joy’s apartment and

knocked on her door. When she heard her knocking, Karen

Joy finally came back to her senses.

She calmed down and said, “I’m fine.” Blake said, “Please open the door.”

Karen Joy shook her head and said, “Don’t worry, go ahead

with your affairs.”

She hung up the phone and dialed Serene Silas’ number. After all, Serene was still the President’s fiancee. If something had happened to the President, they wouldn’t hide it from her.

After a short moment, Serene picked up the phone and said, “Karen Joy, what’s the matter?”

“Sister Serene, Brother Lionel…” After the call had gone through, Karen Joy was trembling so hard that she couldn’t even utter a complete sentence.

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