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“Karen Joy, what’s wrong?”

Serene Silas’ worried voice came from the phone.

As Karen Joy Kyle had turned on the speaker function on her phone, Serene’s voice was particularly loud in the quiet


After asking this, Serene waited for a while but she did not get any response from Karen Joy so she asked again, “Karen Joy, are you there?” Karen Joy was afraid, so afraid that her fingers that were

holding the phone were trembling uncontrollably. She felt like her world was crumbling around her.

But she knew that she couldn’t be frightened!

She kept telling herself that she mustn’t be afraid. How could she be distracted by fear? Especially now, when she didn’t even know what Brother Lionel’s actual condition was, she had to stay calm and brave

At this critical moment, her wide range of experience, and her courage could definitely help her. With some self control, Karen Joy gradually calmed down.

She clenched her fist and bit her lips forcefully. When she started to speak again, her voice was calm, “Sister Serene, where are you now?”

Karen Joy asked Serene in a soft and crisp voice. Her tone was very comforting to the ear. Anyone who was listening to her would definitely want to treat her well, because of her gentle and delicate tone of voice.

“I am at home.” Unconsciously, Serene had used the word

‘home’. Perhaps in her opinion, no matter where she was, as long as she was with Jackie Leves, that place would be her


At home?

Was Serene really at home?

Or was she lying to Karen Joy like Jason Lesley did?

Karen Joy was not sure, so she continued to ask, “Sister Serene, have you received any news about Brother Lionel?”

As she was asking Serene this, Karen Joy listened

attentively and waited for her reply.

Karen Joy was not speaking to Serene in person, so she wouldn’t be able to judge from Seren’s facial expression if whatever she said was the truth. Hence, she could only deduce from Serene’s tone of voice, if Serene actually did

know about Brother Lionel’s helicopter incident.

Serene’s gentle voice reached Karen Joy’s ears again. “Not long ago, I saw the news and found out that Nathaniel had gone to the disaster area. What’s wrong? Didn’t you watch the news?

Serene seemed to be speaking very naturally. It didn’t seem like she was lying, and it didn’t seem like she was


Did she really not know what had happened to Brother Lionel? Just as Karen Joy was caught in a dilemma, Serene’s pleasant voice came again. “Karen Joy, I have a call coming

in. Let me pick that up first, okay?”

Another call?

Karen Joy trembled, and she hurriedly asked, “Sister Serene, who is it?”

Just when Karen Joy was asking this question, Serene, who was on the other end of the phone, had already hung up the

phone. Serene must have not heard her question at all. Could it be a call from the North Palace? Karen Joy felt torn. She hoped that it was a call from the

North Palace, but at the same time, she hoped that it was


If it was a phone call from the North Palace, it could mean that Brother Lionel’s condition was very serious. If it was not, then the situation might not be as serious as she had imagined

After waiting a while, Karen Joy dialed Serene’s number

again. After the call was connected, an automated voice

message came through the phone, indicating that the other

party was in the middle of another call.

Karen Joy told herself to calm down. After a while, she dialed Serene’s number again.

This time it was finally connected, Serene, who was on the other side of the phone, remained silent for a few moments, Karen Joy then said carefully, “Sister Serene…”

In the end, she couldn’t bring herself to ask what she intended to say. Her heart was pounding rapidly, and she was so worried and afraid that it felt like a huge wave was

roaring in her heart. After a long pause, Serene’s sad voice came from the phone. “Karen Joy, Nathaniel was involved in an accident. The situation is a little serious, but it should not be life


It should not be life-threatening.

No matter how she interpreted these words, she could still notice how Serene seemed to be hiding something.

Karen Joy knew that Serene was not a good liar. If she said that the situation was serious, it must be very serious. Although she said that it should not be life-threatening, it was very likely that things were not as she said.

“Karen Joy, don’t worry. Nathaniel is..” Before Serene could finish. Karen Joy interrupted her sharply. “I know that he will be fine. He will be fine.”

Karen Joy was saying the words to Serene, but in fact, she was comforting herself. She wanted to make herself believe that Brother Lionel would be fine.

What was frightening to her, was not any physical pain, but a mental breakdown. She knew that she could never accept the reality if something had really happened to her Lionel.

Serene was a little worried. “Karen Joy…” Karen Joy said, “Sister Serene, the North Palace called to

inform you of this, that means that there must be something that they need you to handle. Can I ask you for your favor? Can you please bring me with you to see Brother Lionel?”

The news of Nathaniel’s accident had not been shared to the public. His men must have taken some prompt

measures to prevent the news from leaking out. After all, the President, who had just taken office, was

caught in an accident. The impact on the entire country would be unfathomable.

Until Brother Lionel’s condition was certain, the people under his command would absolutely not let the news spread to the public

Serene did not answer immediately. She paused for a moment and then said, “Karen Joy, I’m sorry! I’m afraid that I can’t do that for you.”

Karen Joy felt a chill in her heart. At the same time, she

knew that Brother Lionel’s situation must be more serious than she had imagined. At this moment, she thought that she would panic and lose herself.

But her reaction towards Serene’s words was beyond her own expectation, she was surprisingly calm, and her voice did not change at all. “Sure, I understand.”

She knew in her heart that it was not that Serene was unwilling to help her. There must be something else that Serene could not say. After all, Karen Joy was not anyone important when it came to such official matters.

In the eyes of those from the government, not only did she have nothing to do with Nathaniel, she was not a citizen of Country A too. With that reason alone, they would monitor her closely because they would be worried that she might leak the news of the President’s accident to the public

Those people surely did not know what Nathaniel promised her. They did not know that he had agreed to come home and have dinner with her. And those people surely didn’t know that Nathaniel had said that he would marry her. He wanted to marry her so that she would take her rightful place as his wife, to stand by him as his wife.

Their relationship was not known by anyone else, so when this accident had happened to him, she couldn’t even be with him to take care of him.

The reality was as cruel as a sharp knife, repeatedly piercing through Karen Joy’s heart, making her heart seem like it was bleeding profusely.

However, no matter how cruel the reality was, and no matter how much pain she was in, she had to gnash her teeth and swallow the pain.

Since this accident had happened to Brother Lionel, no one in Country A could help her at all. She could only rely on

herself to stay strong

“Karen Joy, I’m sorry! It’s not that I don’t want to, but

because of his special identity, I really can’t do that!” Serene’s voice was full of guilt and self-blame.

“Sister Serene, go ahead then. I know what I should do.” Karen Joy smiled and ended the call with Serene.

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