My Husband Warm the Bed- 924

Once she hung up the phone, Serene Silas turned her head to look at the man who was beside her and said “Jackie, are we being too cruel by doing this?”

“Shh!” Jackie Leves made a gesture of silence and mouthed to Serene, “Tricking them with their own game is the way the lure a snake out of its hole. It’s not that we don’t want the girl to know the truth, but the thing is, our enemy has placed too many spies around her. Once we tell her the truth, the enemy will immediately catch wind of it, then everything we have accomplished would have been in vain.”

Nathaniel Cooper had been protecting Karen Joy Kyle all the time. He wanted to avoid her making any appearances before the public eye. He did not want anyone to know about their private relationship, so as to prevent those people from targeting her.

However, no matter how thorough his protection was, she had still been discovered by the enemies. They knew that there was a girl that Nathaniel cared deeply about

It was obvious. They now knew how important she was in Nathaniel’s heart. Hence, how could such sly enemies give up such a perfect opportunity?

Looking at Serene’s furrowed brows and worried eyes, Jackie added, “We’ll just have to let the girl be distressed for a while. It’s an inevitable sacrifice we must make. Then, they will be able to live freely in the future.”

“But..” Serene was still a little worried.

Because she had experienced the pain of losing her beloved man, she could understand the pain that Karen Joy was

experiencing right now.

“It’s alright Serene! Just do as say” Jackie said reassuringly as he rubbed her head. “Don’t forget that your man is by your side. He will deal with everything for you. Now, go to sleep.”

With him by her side, there were a lot of things that she

didn’t have to worry about. He would settle them well, but

Serene was still worried about Karen Joy. “Jackie…”

“Why won’t you listen to me?” Jackie glanced at her and saw that she still wanted to discuss the issue, so he simply lowered his head and kissed her supple lips, instantly sealing her mouth

Perhaps men would always use a kiss to seal their beloved woman’s lips shut, whenever the women were saying words they did not want to hear.

All because a kiss could distract them from their initial worries. Except for accepting the kiss and kissing him back, they would not be able to think of anything else. This time, Jackie kissed Serene so passionately that they

ended up in bed. They even moved on to more intimate

forms of physical contact. Serene was so tired after the

tryst that she was no longer in the mood to think about

Karen Joy.

If it wasn’t because there were some important issues awaiting his action, Jackie would not stop making love to her. Throughout their relationship, Jackie could make love to her multiple times in a night. Just doing it once was definitely not his style.

Looking at the woman in his arms, who was so tired and had fallen asleep, Jackie’s gaze was soft and gentle. He lowered his head and kissed her forehead as he whispered to her, “Goodnight!”

“Mm.” Even in her dreams, Serene could hear his voice and replied to him with a soft tone.

“Silly woman, you are so cute even when you’re asleep.” He really wanted to pounce on her and make love to her again,

but there was no time for him to mess around tonight. He gently pushed Serene out of his embrace, but as he pushed her, she was so frightened that her body trembled.

She hugged him tightly and said in a low voice, “Jackie, don’t

leave me!”

She was still afraid!

She was afraid that he would leave her.

She was afraid that history would repeat itself.

For the past few nights, she had been talking in her dreams. She would always wake up in the middle of the night because of a nightmare. Those dreams had not been

disturbing her that frequently in recent times, but on that day, it started again She must have thought of what had happened more than a year ago because of what had happened to Karen Joy earlier that night, which was why she had the nightmare


“Serene, I’m here.” Jackie took her back into his arms again, patted her back gently, and comforted her patiently. It was not until she had really fallen asleep that he gently got out of the bed.

After getting out of the bed, Jackie picked up a device and

scanned every corner of the house to make sure that there

was no tapping devices and surveillance camera in the

house. Then he took out a specially made phone and dialed an unfamiliar phone number.

The call to the unfamiliar number connected, but there was

a familiar voice coming from the phone, “How’s the preparation going on your side?”

Jackie said, “Everything is ready according to the initial plan.”

Nathaniel Cooper’s low and pleasant voice spoke again. “Okay, ask your men to get ready. The mastermind will show

himself anytime soon.”

Jackie nodded and gnashed his teeth, saying, “When we catch him, leave him to me. I will make his life difficult but I

promise that I won’t kill it.” Nathaniel didn’t say anything else. Jackie added, “Your

Nathaniel said, “Mm.”

woman called today. It sounds like she is much stronger

than I thought. At least, she sounded very calm and rational

when she was on the phone.”

Nathaniel snorted again. He didn’t say much, because he knew that his Karen was a strong woman. Of course, the most important thing was that he had already sent someone to protect her.

Jackie and Nathaniel had grown up together and they were very familiar with each other’s character and behavior. Since Nathaniel did not want to say much, Jackie did not mention Karen Joy anymore.

Both of them were silent for a while. Jackie asked again, Would the enemies find any flaw in our plan regarding the helicopter crash?”

Nathaniel sneered. “What do you think?” In order to trick the enemy and perform this act, he couldn’t return to Karen Joy to have the dinner he promised her. She had been longing for his return, and now he had even made her worry about him.

According to Nathaniel’s personality, since he had to pay such a high price for it, could he bear for his subordinates to not carry out this plan smoothly?

There was no doubt on the answer-No!

How was it possible for Nathaniel, who was supposed to be in the helicopter crash, to be talking to Jackie on the phone?

Of course, the answer was already very obvious. Nathaniel was the President of the country. The vehicle that he would be using for his travels would be examined twice as many times than the average.

The purpose was to ensure his utmost safety It wouldn’t be easy for the enemy to tamper with his plane.

If the enemy could send their people to infiltrate the repair

team, one or two people might be possible but they wouldn’t have the ability to replace the entire team. They could bribe one or two workers, but they couldn’t buy out all of the workers that were in charge of Nathaniel’s aircraft. Now, at the last minute, Nathaniel knew that someone had tampered the plane and wanted to have him killed. Therefore, he had made a last-minute decision and played a

trick to mislead the enemy to think that he had gotten on the

plane and had been involved in the plane crash. It was an

illusion to paralyze the enemy.

Of course, their enemy was not stupid either. The mastermind that was hiding behind them was very cunning. It was not an easy task to convince him that Nathaniel was indeed in the plane when it crashed.

Nathaniel had arranged for the pilot to crash the plane in a canyon where it would not be possible for the enemies to find any bodies. This way, there would be no corpse as evidence to ascertain Nathaniel’s death. The enemy would

not be able to know for sure.

Nathaniel had made thorough calculations for the plan, but he had not considered Blake White, who was by Karen Joy’s side all this while.

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