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Nathaniel Cooper had asked someone to stage the helicopter crash and to restrict the news immediately. All the procedures were strictly confidential, and they were the exact procedures that would be carried out if the crash had really happened.

Their enemies were extremely cunning. It would not be easy to deceive them, so their people did not dare to act negligently Nathaniel thought that in country A, only the enemy’s

intelligence would be on a par with the national security

intelligence. He had never thought the intelligence networks

of the White family could be that powerful too. In such a short period of time, Blake White actually received news that the helicopter had crashed on its way back from the disaster area.

This was indeed out of Nathaniel’s expectations.

Kevin Kyle saved the White family’s lives and they were loyal to Karen Joy Kyle. When they knew about the news of the crash, they would undoubtedly report the situation to Karen Joy immediately

They had executed all of these so quickly that Nathaniel hadn’t even thought of a way to deal with it, but Karen Joy had already called Serene Silas on the phone.

Karen Joy was constantly under the watch of many people so Nathaniel had no way to secretly inform her the truth. He wanted to tell her that the accident did not actually happen and that he was safe, but he could not find a way to do it discreetly. Because of that, he had to ask Serene to put on

an act for him so that Karen Joy would believe it.

Karen Joy was one of the surprises in Nathaniel’s perfect plan… In order not to make her worry and feel saddened, he almost ruined his own plan.

Fortunately, he didn’t let his emotions take over his decisions. He would not let such a perfect opportunity go to


Karen Joy, who didn’t know anything, was still working hard, racking her brain and trying to find a way to get to

Nathaniel’s side no matter what. To her, no matter what Nathaniel’s injury was, if she didn’t confirm it with her own eyes, she would still be skeptical

towards the information that was given to her.

Blake looked at her deeply furrowed brows and apologized,

“Miss, the North Palace are keeping all information blocked. At present, we can’t get any more details about Mr. The North Palace had completely blocked the news that

President’s condition.”

even Blake’s people couldn’t get any information. To Karen

Joy, this proved that the seriousness of the incident today was beyond their imagination.

The casualties were still unclear!

As she thought about it, Karen Joy’s heart trembled again. She was trembling so much that she almost could no longer control her own emotions.

She clenched her fists so tightly that her nails sank deeply into her palm, piercing through her flesh and bright red blood was oozing out.

She wanted to make herself feel the pain, so that she could calm down and clear her mind.

“Miss…” Seeing that her face was getting paler, Blake was very worried, but he didn’t know what to say to comfort her. He had been by her side for three months, so he could understand her quite well, especially her feelings for Nathaniel.

As long as she still wasn’t sure if Nathaniel was alive or

dead, she would definitely feel much panic. However, she

was trying her best to endure the pain and keep her grief in.

“You can leave now,” she said. Since Blake couldn’t find out any more information, it was useless for Blake to stay here any longer. Karen Joy waved her hand and motioned for him to return to his room.

“Miss, let me accompany you for a while, Blake was worried about her. He was afraid that as soon as he left, she would do something to hurt herself.

“There’s no need,” Karen Joy said with a soft voice.

“But..” Blake still wanted to say something, but when he met Karen Joy’s firm eyes, he immediately closed his mouth obediently

No matter what, she was still his master. No matter how worried he was for her, he still couldn’t disobey Karen Joy’s direct orders. So he obediently went back to his room downstairs.

As soon as Blake left, the silence in the room was absolute.

Even though the doors and windows were closed and the sound proofing was excellent, Karen Joy could still hear the whistling sound of the blizzard coming from outside.

The sound of the blizzard was like the screams of ghosts, which made her heart feel cold. The weather was very unpleasant

Karen Joy bit her lip, walked to the window, and looked out

of the window

Through the window, Karen Joy could see that all the lights in the houses were lit up and colorful lights had illuminated the entire city. It was like a city that never slept. At the same time, it had also made this snow-covered city look like a fairyland.

The white snow made the city look much more beautiful, but it was also as cold as a dead city, a dead city without any warmth, a dead city without any emotion.

If it weren’t because that Brother Lionel was here, she thought that in this life, she would only stay in this city for a few days at most, she would never choose to stay here for a long period of time.

In a trance, a figure had appeared outside of the window. It was a huge figure, a figure that Karen Joy was very familiar with

Looking at the figure, Karen Joy immediately stretched out her hand to grab it by instinct. However, not only did she not catch the figure, but her hand also slammed onto the transparent glass.

The glass was hard and solid. When Karen Joy’s hand hit it, there was a loud noise. She felt so much pain that all her of fingers felt like they were smashed.

However, Karen Joy did not care about the pain on her fingers. Once again, she reached out to catch her Brother Lionel, and her hand slammed into the thick and hard glass once again.

Again and again, her hands were swollen due to the collision, but she didn’t stop because the person that she saw was her Brother Lionel and it was the person that she would never give up on.

“Brother Lionel, it’s me! It’s me! I’m Karen! Can’t you see me?” She waved to the huge figure who was standing outside of the window, hoping that he could hear her and let her touch him.

But she didn’t know what to do. The figure that she once saw clearly had suddenly become blur and it was gradually disappearing. In the end, she couldn’t see him anymore.

“Brother Lionel, you can’t go!” Karen Joy shouted his name

with an anxious voice, and then hit the glass hard, as if she

wanted to break the glass window to grab Brother Lionel who was about to disappear.

But no one answered her…

The pain in her hand made her know that it was not her Brother Lionel, but only her hallucination.

“Brother Lionel…” When she called out to Nathaniel again, Karen Joy raised her hand to wipe her teary eyes. When the back of her hand touched the warm tears, she realized she was already crying.

It turned out that she was not as strong as she had


She was a timid girl.

When she thought that Brother Lionel might be lying on the operating table in the hospital at this time, she was so frightened that her whole body was shaking uncontrollably.

She cried and said, “Brother Lionel, you haven’t fulfilled your promises. So you will be fine, right?”

“Brother Lionel…” She shouted his name, wiped her tears and smiled. “You told me that you won’t abandon me anymore.”

“Brother Lionel, you told me that you’re going to marry me, and you said that you’re going to spend the rest of your life with me… You’ve been away from me for more than ten years. Now that I’ve finally found you and I haven’t fully enjoyed your warmth, so how can you abandon me again?”

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