My Husband Warm the Bed- 926

More than a decade!

How long was that?

More than a decade!

What did that mean?

Karen Joy Kyle could not think too much about this.

She only knew that when she was still a four-year-old baby girl, there was a boy who was pampering and protecting her. In her heart, he was her hero.

For more than ten years, what she had yearned for most, was to grow up as soon as possible. Once she had grown up and become capable, she would go and find the hero who should have been hers but had left.

Before coming to Country A, she only had a necklace with a special totem that he had given her. It had taken her nearly three years to find any information on the totem, and she had put in a lot of effort to discover clues to lead her to him.

Now that she had finally found him, how could she let him abandon her again so easily? The both of them hadn’t spent enough quality time with each other.


Absolutely not!

She would never let him abandon her!

She had to try all means, she must bring him back! Karen Joy bit her lip hard and forced herself to calm down again.

Since she could no longer get any information from the

North Palace, she had to think of another way. No matter what it would cost her, she had to be by Brother Lionel’s side.

Ring, ring, ring

In the quiet night, the ear-piercing ringtone suddenly rang. Karen Joy was startled and immediately answered the phone.


She hoped that the person who made this call was Brother Lionel, so her ‘hello’ was particularly soft, as if she was afraid that Brother Lionel would be frightened and would hang up the phone if she had spoken too loudly.


A deep male voice came from the phone, low, pleasant and sexy, and it was Karen Joy’s most familiar voice.

He called out her name, but his voice was as gentle as flowing water, as if he wanted to give her all the tenderness and love in the world.

“Brother Lionel?”

Karen Joy couldn’t believe what she was hearing.

She quickly pulled at her own ear, took the phone, and looked at it repeatedly, just to make sure that someone was actually talking to her. She wanted to ensure that she was not hallucinating


The man on the phone called her name again, his voice was still gentle as ever. The mellow tone brought her a sense of tenderness and sweetness.

Was it really Brother Lionel?

Was it really him?

She didn’t hear it wrong, did she?

Karen Joy was so nervous that she was clenching her fists. She was so nervous. She wanted to ask him so many questions, but couldn’t make a sound.

After a long pause, she calmed down a little so she asked, “Brother Lionel, is it really you?”

Karen Joy asked in a very soft voice. Her tone was so careful and tentative. It brought with it a sense of heartache. That was how much she cared about Brother Lionel.

“Silly girl, if it’s not me, who else could it be?” The man chuckled His laughter, from the other end of the phone, was deep and

very pleasant to the ears.

It occurred to Karen Joy that her Brother Lionel liked to laugh at her this way, so the man’s laughter seemed

extremely familiar to her.

However, Karen Joy still couldn’t believe her ears. She cautiously asked again, “Brother Lionel? Are you really my Brother Lionel?”

She didn’t dare to think about it. What if this was another hallucination?

She thought that she might be going insane.

“Silly girl, why are you talking so much nonsense today?” The man on the other end of the phone sighed. He said, “You can’t have forgotten about me just because I didn’t make it for dinner today right?”

“You’re really Brother Lionel!” She exclaimed.

Only Brother Lionel knew that she was waiting for him to come home for dinner that night. Only Brother Lionel would talk to her in such a nice tone.

Instantly, Karen Joy felt like she had risen from hell to heaven. Her world had brightened up in an instant.

Just a moment ago, she felt as if she was frozen in an ice cellar. She couldn’t feel any warmth. But the next second, she felt like the world was covered in sunlight and warmth.

Brother Lionel was fine!

He was on the phone with her!

She really wanted to cheer and shout in joy. She really wanted to announce to the world that her Brother Lionel was fine!

She knew that her Brother Lionel loved her so much. He would never abandon her.

“Karen, I’m waiting for you at the parking lot downstairs. Come out and i’ll take you somewhere,” ‘Brother Lionel’s’ voice came from the phone again

“Okay.” Karen Joy could not think much about it. He was indeed her Brother Lionel and she was still immersed in her joy of finding something she thought had been lost.

Why would Brother Lionel call her with an unfamiliar phone number? Somehow, Karen Joy did not give much thought to this. Also, it was already midnight at this time, and the heavy

snowfall was still ongoing. The roads were blocked from the

snow and it would be difficult to travel about. However, none

of these worries crossed her mind at all.

She only knew that Brother Lionel was waiting for her downstairs. As long as he asked her to go, she would go. She went back to her room, changed into a nice outfit, and put on a thick down jacket.

Only as she shut the door to her home, did Karen Joy feel that something was amiss. However, she was not in the mood to think about what was wrong. Her mind was entirely

on Brother Lionel

She got on the elevator and was going down to the basement. However, when the elevator stopped, Blake White came in and asked her, “Miss, it’s already so late. Where are you going?”

“Blake, it’s all right. Go back and rest. I want to go and see

Brother Lionel.” Knowing that Brother Lionel was fine, Karen

Joy was filled with joy. When she spoke, she unconsciously

raised her eyebrows and smiled brightly. Blake could feel

that she was truly overjoyed and wasn’t pretending. “Miss, it’s very late now. Even if you want to see the President, you can do it tomorrow. Anyway, he is at the North Palace, he won’t be going anywhere,” Blake didn’t know why Karen Joy suddenly became so relaxed. He couldn’t help staring at her beautiful face a while longer.

“He’s waiting for me downstairs, Karen Joy said.

Upon hearing Karen Joy’s words, Blake reacted immediately. He grabbed her wrist and hurriedly pressed every button that was on the elevator Karen Joy did not know what was going on. “Blake, what are

you doing?”

Blake said, “Miss, it’s a trap!”

Soon, the elevator stopped and its door opened. Blake

hurriedly dragged Karen Joy out of the elevator.

“Brother Lionel is waiting for me at the parking lot downstairs. What kind of trap can it be?” Karen Joy really wanted to see Brother Lionel immediately. The desperation to see him was so strong that she mustered the strength to pull herself away from Blake.

She turned around and attempted to go back into the elevator. Blake pulled her away again and said, “Miss, Mr.

President was really injured in an accident. How could he appear in the parking lot at this time? If you didn’t hear it wrong, then it must be a trap.”


As soon as she heard Blake’s words, Karen Joy felt that her heart dropped. It shattered into pieces.

Brother Lionel was really in an accident!

It was impossible for him to appear at the parking lot.

But she didn’t want to believe that he had been injured, so she had been deceived by someone impersonating his voice. She had stupidly thought that as long as it was his voice speaking to her, it must really be him.

She had taken courses on sound editing back in school. She knew that there were many strange voice talents dabbling in this industry. They could not only impersonate people’s voices but they could also mimic all kinds of animal sounds to perfection.

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