My Husband Warm the Bed- 927

Brother Lionel had really been in an accident! Karen Joy Kyle could confirm this now.

However, she still had some hope, hoping that the person who called her was really her Brother Lionel.

Blake White dragged Karen Joy upstairs using the

emergency stairs. He said as they were on their way up, “Miss, you should stay at home first. I’ll go check it out.”

Karen Joy grabbed Blake’s hand and said, “Blake, I know that the person who called me is likely to be an impostor, but I

still want to see him.”

Karen Joy wanted to know. What kind of person would be impersonating Brother Lionel? Especially now when he could very much be dead or alive!

The answer was very obvious, this person must be Brother

Lionel’s enemy

In recent days, except for his work, what Brother Lionel had been busy with was to find out those mysterious people opposing him.

Now that she had a chance, Karen Joy wanted to seize the opportunity on Brother Lionel’s behalf. She wanted to find out who these people were so that he could defeat them and secure his position as the President in future.

“No! No! The situation is still uncertain. I don’t know if I can handle the danger on my own. You must stay at home, please don’t go anywhere!” All of a sudden, Blake seemed to have changed into another person. His voice was stern as he said these words.

Karen Joy looked up at him and saw that his eyes were full of worry. It seemed to be real, it was definitely not an act he

was putting up.

“Alright then,” Karen Joy said.

At this moment, she had calmed down significantly. She understood that other than Brother Lionel, there were still a lot of people who cared about her and could not bear to see

her suffer any grievance.

After regaining her composure, her mind too was functioning normally again. She knew that she would be throwing herself into a trap if she had rashly gone to see the impostor without sufficient preparation.

She must not go!

She had to think of a way. She had to go down to see those people, but she must think of a better way to ensure they could not hurt her.

At the underground parking lot.

The entire basement was full of cars, all of which were high end luxury ones. It was obvious that the people living in Moon Bay were all affluent.

A person driving a car would normally get off and leave the car on parking his car. However, there were several cars with people waiting in the car at the parking lot now.

The windows on the vehicles were heavily tinted. One could see clearly from inside the car, but from the outside, it would be difficult to see anyone inside.

Some of them were carefully observing the entrance of the parking lot, while some of them were eyeing the entrance of the elevator in the residential complex.

As there was heavy snow blocking the road, they had been waiting here for a long time. However, they didn’t see any vehicles or personnel entering or exiting the place.

A black commercial car was parked near the entrance of the elevator. There were three men in the car. One was the driver, and another man was in a black suit with sunglasses, and the third man was in a jacket, looking very relaxed.

The man’s slender fingers tapped on the leather chair rhythmically, and his deep, unfathomable eyes were fixed on

the exit of the elevator.

It seemed that he was waiting for someone.

After making the phone call, he had been looking at the direction of the elevator since. He looked at it for a long time, and his eyes did not move away the whole time.

As time was ticking away, the rhythm of his fingers became faster. It could be seen that he was not as calm as he


Although his facial expression did not change at all the movement of his fingers had betrayed him, he must be anxious.

After a long while, he still did not see the person whom he was waiting for. Finally, he frowned unhappily and raised his

wrist to look at the time.

Ten minutes had passed after he had ended the call. Logically speaking, that girl should be here already, but he didn’t see her appear.

He squinted his dark eyes, and there was a murderous intent in his eyes. Did they find out about something?

Or, was it as they had expected, that Nathaniel Cooper was completely fine?

Just as he was thinking about it, the door of the elevator

suddenly opened. A charming figure stood at the door and looked around, as if she was looking for someone.

When the man saw her, his lips raised slightly. He smiled with satisfaction and took out his phone to dial the number that he had just called…

However, before his fingers touched the green button to

make the call, a luxury SUV suddenly came in from the

entrance. The car was very fast and it was rushing towards


The man immediately stopped the call and sat quietly in the car. The car drifted past them smoothly and stopped in the parking space next to them. The door of the driver’s seat was pushed open and a tall

middle-aged man came out of the car, followed by a young woman and a child.

The man recognized them. They were a family. The man was the military commander, Neil Brown of Chatterton Town, the woman was his wife Mia Kyle, and the little boy

was their son, Levi Brown. Why did the three of them appear here out of a sudden?

Could it be..

“Great Uncle, Little Aunt, Levi, why are you guys here?” Seeing the family of three appearing before her, Karen Joy was very surprised. It seemed that she didn’t know that they would come.

Mia went forward and grabbed Karen Joy’s wrist. She

touched Karen Joy’s nose with her fingertips and said, “Your parents know that we are in Coast City, and that it has been snowing for a few days, so they are worried that you might be lonely. They’ve asked us to stay with you for a few days.”

Mia turned around and pointed to the two huge bags that

had just been taken out from the back seat of the car. “It’s the best time to have some warm stew in such cold weather. I’ve specially asked your Great Uncle to prepare the ingredients. Let’s go home and cook it.”

“But…” Karen Joy scratched her head and smiled apologetically. “Brother Lionel has asked me out. He is going to take me somewhere.”

“Brother Lionel?” Mia said discontentedly, “So you were actually waiting for him. I thought that you knew we were coming and you were waiting here for us.”

Karen Joy did not say anything, but her expression gave away that she was indeed waiting for Brother Lionel Mia looked around and said, “There’s not even a soul here

other than us. Did he lie to you?”

“No, he will never lie to me.” Karen Joy took out her phone from her pocket and said, “Perhaps he hasn’t arrived. I’ll call

him and ask.” Looking at Karen Joy making the call, the man immediately turned off his phone and stared at Karen Joy. His eyes did

not blink as he observed her carefully.

The call did not go through the smile on her lips gradually faded, and her eyes dimmed. “Brother Lionel’s phone is turned off. I can’t get in touch with him.”

Mia dragged Karen Joy away and said, “With such heavy snowfall, we could still come here because we are living next door. If he is coming from the North Palace, he would eed to take a helicopter, there would be no other way. But to think about it, as the President, he shouldn’t do things that would garner the attention of the public for a woman. He still has to take care of his image as the President.”

Mia pulled Karen Joy away, bringing her up back to the apartment. In the car, another man sitting next to the man who had been observing Karen Joy asked in a low voice, “Young Master, our purpose is to take this little girl away. Are we going to let her go just like this?”

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