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“I’ve already gotten what I wanted from whatever this girl knows.” The man stroked his forehead and chuckled. “Now that Nathaniel Cooper’s condition is still unknown, what difference would it make if we kidnap this little girl or not?” Yes, the main purpose of them getting close to Karen Joy

Kyle was not to kidnap her but to confirm whether Nathaniel Cooper was on the helicopter or not when the crash happened. If Nathaniel wasn’t there when the crash happened, then he

definitely couldn’t trick this little girl. If he could trick her, it

would mean that this little girl did not know that Nathaniel

was caught in an accident.

It was only if something had really happened to Nathaniel, that the people around him would be so thorough in preventing the news from leaking out. Only then would they ensure that his woman was kept unaware of the real situation

“Young Master, can you confirm that Nathaniel Cooper was really in that accident?” The subordinate had not figured out the situation. How could this matter be concluded so

quickly? “What do you think?” The man snorted softly and raised his eyebrows slightly. It could be seen that he was very happy. Perhaps this was the first time that he had actually smiled

from the bottom of his heart for the past few past years.

Nathaniel was a very fortunate man, he was able to escape death every time. This time, the man wanted to see if Nathaniel could survive the crash and escape death once again.

The helicopter crashed from such a high altitude, and the emergency survival gear on board had been destroyed. If Nathaniel wanted to escape death, he would have to grow a pair of wings to survive the crash.

Given that wings were an impossibility, he would most likely have been facing death.

The man raised his eyebrows and smiled gently. He was thinking of how Nathaniel would disappear from the world and would no longer be an obstacle between him and his success.

For so many years, he had been using another person’s identity as he waited for it to happen. It was now time for him to end all of this so that he could stand on the political arena openly with his true identity.

His subordinate didn’t understand him, but he didn’t dare ask any more questions. In any case, as the man’s subordinate, he had been hired for his physical strength, and not for his mind.

Karen Joy had been putting up a happy facade, but as soon

as they got home, she could not hold it together anymore.

She bit her lips and said, “Little Aunt, thank you all for this!”

“Silly girl, we are your family. You don’t need to thank us.” Mia Kyle patted Karen Joy on the back and looked back at Neil Brown. “Did your people find any information?

Neil shook his head and said, “Nothing at all. The men that Nathaniel had sent to me also had the same results. They didn’t find any information.”

After all, they were in Country A. Neil had no power in this jurisdiction. Nathaniel had deliberately blocked the news from getting out in his capacity as the president. Hence, if

Neil wanted any information, it would be no easy feat. Moreover, due to the harsh weather and bad traffic, it was proving to be very difficult for them to conduct an investigation “Karen, I’m sorry! I can’t find out if your Brother Lionel had

really gotten into an accident or not.” In the past, he had

been the all- powerful Neil Brown. He could provide the

highest protection to every person in his family. But today,

he had failed to even procure some basic information on the

situation. He felt that he was to blame for being so inept.

“Great Uncle, you don’t have to apologize” The fact that the Browns were here to keep her company had already given her a lot of mental support. She now had more courage to go on.

“Neil, so you do know how to apologize!” Mia glared at him. Despite being Neil’s family since she was a little girl, never had she once heard him apologize!

“Mia, please be mindful of the situation!” Neil really couldn’t help but be flabbergasted by Mia’s lack of tact. Given the urgent circumstances, she could still utter such inappropriate words.

“Hmmph…” For Karen Joy’s sake, Mia did not continue her argument with Neil. She turned her head and comforted Karen Joy instead. She said, “Karen, don’t worry. We are all here, we will come up with a solution.”

Everything had happened to abruptly. No one had

expected that something would happen to Nathaniel.

Moreover, once something had happened to Nathaniel, all

these evil masterminds would start causing more trouble.

The situation was still manageable because it had yet to be shared with the public. If this happened, the ramifications would be unimaginable.

“Great Uncle, can you send more people to look into it? Or.” Karen Joy looked at Blake and asked, “Blake, do you have any special task force to assign for this?”

Blake said, “I have already assigned someone to investigate this thoroughly. At the very least, they will come back with

some news.”

Karen Joy nodded and said, “Okay.”

Knowing that Karen Joy was putting up a strong front, Mia felt more distressed. She hugged Karen Joy and comforted her, “Karen, don’t be anxious. No matter what condition Nathaniel is in now, you wouldn’t be able to help him. The most important thing now is to ensure your own safety and to figure out who those masterminds are.”

Although Mia usually did things recklessly, at such crucial moments, she could still see things clearly and would prioritize the matters accordingly.

“Have those men left?” Karen Joy asked Blake again. “No,” Blake said, “They can’t drive out now because of the heavy snowfall outside. Moreover, they would probably still have their guard up. It would be difficult to predict their next step.”

In such a short period of time, Blake had already found out the number of enemies hiding out in the parking lot.

After all, he was the special person Kevin Kyle had entrusted to protect Karen Joy. Moon Bay was their territory. Blake wanted to find out how many people were hiding in the parking lot. Hence, he pulled up the surveillance video to check

Moreover, those people even dared to come and target Karen Joy, who was his master’s precious daughter. If he didn’t teach them a lesson personally, those enemies would

think that Blake was someone they could trifle with. They would think that they could come and go as they wish, despite Moon Bay being his territory.

If they were to leave Moon Bay safe and sound, the White family would not have the audacity to face Director Kevin anymore.

Even if Director Kevin didn’t fault them, they still wouldn’t be

able to face him.

Ring, ring, ring

Just as Blake was thinking about him, Director Kevin’s call came in.

Kevin did not call Karen Joy, but he called Neil instead. As soon as the call connected, Neil could hear Kevin asking in a deep voice, “How’s the situation over there?”

Neil said, “Don’t worry, as long as we’re here, we’ll make sure that Karen is safe and sound. We’ll never let anyone touch her, not even a single strand of her hair.”

Even though this happened at night, Neil had been immediately informed, and Kevin was also kept in the know despite being so far away.

They were always kept abreast of the situations in Country A as they were very concerned about Karen Joy. No one wanted to see her hurt.

Seeing that her family was so concerned about her, Karen Joy was moved to tears. With them being here with her and to keep her company, she would no longer be afraid.

It was as if they had injected an energy booster into her. She felt that she could be strong enough to face all the challenges coming her way with courage.

“Dad, don’t worry about me, I will be fine.” Karen Joy took the phone and said to Kevin.

She was no longer the spoiled little girl, pampered in her parents’ arms. She now had the ability to protect herself and she knew exactly what she was doing.

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