My Husband Warm the Bed- 929

Kevin Kyle’s low and seductive voice once again sounded in his daughter’s ears. “My little Karen, we believe in you!” He only uttered a few words and did not say anything else. It was very much in line with his usual cold and quiet

character. But such few words were enough for Karen Joy Kyle. Her family believed in her and that was already the greatest


She smiled and said, “Thank you, Dad!”

Kevin replied, “Mm.”

Even when it came to his daughter, Director Kevin was still a man of few words. He was quiet and aloof.

“Brother, we’ll take care of this. Please take care of your wife too, you can rest assured.” Mia Kyle grabbed the phone and said to her brother. But before Kevin could reply, she had

already hung up the phone.

In front of Kevin, Mia was a bold woman. She felt that she was now under Neil’s protection that she wouldn’t be afraid of anything.

If Kevin were to bully her, she would make use of Neil’s status as Kevin’s uncle. However, despite Neil being an elder’ of sorts, he could never command Kevin. Kevin would never listen to him.

Perhaps this was human nature. Despite getting injured, once the scars have healed, they would move on and possibly forget how they had gotten injured in the first place! This was a good representation of Mia’s behaviour.

Despite always addressing Kevin as her ‘cold brother, and knowing that he would punish her greatly for her misbehavior, she still had the audacity to irk him.

She handed the phone back to Neil and pushed Karen Joy back to the room. “It’s getting late. Go back to your room and get some rest. Let’s talk about everything tomorrow.” Just as Mia had pushed Karen Joy back to the room, they saw a tall and masculine man in a suit, standing at the door.

He stood at the door and looked at them. It seemed that he had stood there for a long time, but no one had noticed him. “Jayden, how long have been here? Why didn’t you say anything when you arrived?” Mia was asking Jayden, as she livened up the atmosphere.

However, Jayden did not look at Mia at all. His eyes were fixed on Karen Joy as if he was trying to look deep into her heart. He seemed to be trying to uncover her deepest

thoughts. Jayden did not answer nor look at Mia, so she was a little upset. “Jayden, what are you doing? Come in if you have something to say. It’s quite frightening if you just stand

there and say nothing.”

“Little Aunt, I have something to say to Karen in private.” Jayden said to Mia, but his eyes were still locked on Karen Joy.

“I’m sorry! I’m sleepy. I want to rest now.” Since she was young, Karen Joy had always treated Jayden the same way. If she could avoid talking to him, she would do exactly that

It was a habit since childhood, and she had never changed. However, Jayden ignored Karen Joy’s refusal and came to Karen Joy’s side. He dragged Karen Joy into her room, in front of everyone.

He kicked the door shut and threw Karen Joy on her big and comfortable bed. He stood in front of the bed and looked down at the girl on the bed

Karen Joy sat up and shouted angrily, “Jayden, what are you doing?” Jayden did not answer her. His eyes fell on her face, as if he

was looking at a woman he had never seen before.

His gaze…

Karen Joy didn’t know how to describe the way Jayden was looking at her. She only knew that whenever he looked at her, she would feel so uneasy. It made her feel short of breath

She didn’t know what was going on. In the pa no matter how he looked at her, she could stare back at him fearlessly But now, as he stared at her, Karen Joy was so nervous that

she couldn’t speak. This was something she had never experienced before

After a long while, Jayden finally looked away and his eyes fell on the window. He said softly, “If Nathaniel is dead, will you die with him?”

“Jayden, what are you talking about?” Karen Joy shouted back emotionally. How could her Brother Lionel die? He would definitely be fine.

The thing that Brother Lionel had promised her was still unfulfilled. He would never break his promise. She believed in him. She believed in him more than she believed in herself.

“Karen, tell me, will you?” Jayden asked again, insisting on getting an answer he wanted from her.

“What nonsense are you talking about?” Karen Joy didn’t want to talk to him any longer. She really didn’t want to talk

to him. She really wanted him to disappear from her sight immediately.

“Karen, you won’t do it right?” Jayden suddenly stepped forward and pulled Karen Joy into his arms. He was ignoring Karen Joy struggling in his embrace, and he hugged her even more tightly. He said, “Karen, Nathaniel is not the only person you have, you also have Mom, Dad and Little Precious. You have your family. You will never do

anything stupid, will you?” He was shaking, scared, and in a panic…

Even when he was ten years old and had witnessed his parents’ death in a car accident, he was still not afraid, but at this very moment, his tall and strong body was trembling.

“Jayden, what are you talking about? I’m fine, why would I seek death?” Karen Joy pushed him hard and escaped from his arms.

“I don’t know what I’m talking about. I don’t know why I came to you.” He smiled bitterly, but he was relieved. He was relieved that she would not kill herself.

He knew clearly in his heart that even if Nathaniel didn’t exist in this world, Karen Joy still wouldn’t belong to him. Because more than ten years ago, the time when he was led

to the Kyle family and when he had called Kevin his father,

he was given a new identity.

— The adopted son of the Kyle family, and the elder brother of Karen Joy!

All of these were haunting and torturing him every single day, but he couldn’t change anything. He could only watch as the girl ran into the arms of another man

Yes, why did he come here to look for her?

He was seeking humiliation again, wasn’t he?

He smiled bitterly, shook his head and turned around to leave. However, Karen Joy suddenly jumped up from the bed and blocked his way. “Jayden, did you get any new information at all?”

“Haven’t you gotten any?” Jayden smiled and continued to walk out. Just after he had taken another step, Karen Joy blocked his way again.

She glared at him angrily as if she was looking at an enemy. “Jayden, now that you are here, let’s make it clear. Don’t act all strange around me.”


After he had received the news of Nathaniel’s death, he immediately rushed over to see her, just to confirm that she

was safe with his own eyes.

He wanted to know that she was fine, But she said that he was being strange.

However, it was not entirely her fault.

When he looked at her, he just couldn’t control himself. He would always blurt out strange words to attract her attention. He would always come up with strange things so that she would look at him.

Alas, his efforts had backfired. It did not turn out as he expected at all.

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