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Jayden Elias Kyle looked at Karen Joy Kyle. Her face was flushed with anger, but it looked rosy and


She was really beautiful. She was the kind of person who you would instantly notice in the crowd.

Especially when she smiled, her eyebrows would curve and her eyes would sparkle like the milky way. Her gaze was bright and beautiful, just like the rising sun.

All this while, what he loved seeing most was her smile.

He liked to watch her smile so much, but she would always keep a straight face whenever she was facing him, so he would always stand in a corner to discreetly watch her

smile. In this life, perhaps she would never know that she was the little sun that he had been pursuing all along, the sun which

could give him warmth

Thinking of her, thinking of himself, thinking of the future that they would never have… Jayden’s heart was filled with a trace of bitterness again.

One of the worst sufferings in life was to never get what you

have always yearned for

After he had been adopted by the Kyle family, he gained a warm and loving family and lived a life of luxury and riches as the son of a powerful family. His life was something others would envy. He went to one of the world’s best universities and also took over a portion of the almighty Rovio’s businesses.

He had always been addressed as the First Young Master of the Kyle family.

Because no matter where he went, he was always the object of people’s flattery

No matter how noble he was and no matter how many people had fawned over him, what he wanted was just this

girl’s heart

But, he could never get it!


He could only suppress his feelings for her. He had to suppress his fantasies of her again and again.

“Jayden, why are you shaking your head? What did you find out?” Karen Joy was still worried about Nathaniel Cooper’s safety. Each one of Jayden’s unfathomable actions was enough to make her feel more distressed.

“What do I find out? Do you want to know?” His thoughts were interrupted by her voice. He smiled and raised his eyebrows slightly, which softened his cold face by a little.

“Say it.” No matter good or bad news, Karen Joy had to know it all. She shouldn’t only choose to listen to the good

news only

It seemed that she really didn’t know about the news of Nathaniel’s death. Should he tell her then?

Could she endure the pain when she knows the truth? Jayden was contemplating this for a while, and then

decided to tell her.

Hiding Nathaniel’s death from Karen Joy could only be temporary. Jayden would not be able to hide it from her for her whole life. It would be better to just tell her frankly.

Jayden said, “Alright, I’ll tell you, but you have to promise


Karen Joy interrupted him and said, “Tell me. I’m not as fragile as you think I am.”

Jayden looked at her for a few more times before he said slowly, “Nathaniel’s helicopter crashed when it was returning from Misty Mountain earlier. I guess you should already know about this.”

Karen Joy nodded.

Seeing that she was so calm, Jayden was a little worried.

He wondered again if he should tell her the news that he had just received or not.

“And then?” Karen Joy asked.

Since he had already told her the first half, he had to tell her the other half. He continued, “There are news that they’ve found Nathaniel’s body at the crash site.”

“They found his body?” Karen Joy scoffed. “Did you see his body with your own eyes? If you didn’t see it with your own eyes, then don’t spread such news.”

Karen Joy’s heart had always been uneasy, but when she

heard of this news, her heart was surprisingly calm. She too didn’t know why that she believed that nothing would happen to Brother Lionel. Perhaps Brother Lionel was

faking his death to draw enemies out of hiding. Thinking of the possibility that Nathaniel might have deliberately fabricated his death, Karen Joy was so agitated that her body trembled, and her heart was beating so much faster in that instant.

Would he be faking his death?

Would Brother Lionel use this way to lure those enemies out?

Was it possible?

Karen Joy bit her lower lip and considered it carefully.

The President’s helicopter had to be examined multiple times by the engineers before any flight. When it was confirmed that the helicopter was absolutely safe, then only would Nathaniel board the vehicle. Also, when he was on his flight back, there was nothing unusual about the weather.

It was very unlikely that the President’s helicopter would malfunction out of a sudden, it would be very likely that Brother Lionel wanted to create a fake death to lure those enemies out.

He had been looking for the mastermind scheming against

him but was never successful. Hence, it was possible that

he might have used this method at such a critical moment.

This was not the only reason that led Karen to this verdict. It was also because she was able to grasp some clues from

the conversation between herself and Jason Lesley. Previously, because of her emotions, she did not notice that there was something different when she was talking to Jason. Now, after she calmed down and thought about it carefully, she realized that there was something amiss with

what Jason had said.

Usually, Jason would talk to her in a polite manner, which was no different from the attitude that he would have with the President. Today, it was obvious that Jason’s tone was deliberately provoking her.

There was also something with Serene Silas. After Serene had answered the phone call, her tone became very strange. Presumably, she had already known about the truth

Both Jason and Serene’s behavior were very questionable. They were deliberately hiding something from her, but it

didn’t seem like it was something about the helicopter

crash, it was something else.

Other than that, when Brother Lionel’s impostor had called to ask her to meet him, it was probably a trick. The impostor wanted to find out from her if Brother Lionel was really killed in the crash

Perhaps this was the key point why Brother Lionel had faked his death and even hid it from her!

If she knew that Brother Lionel had faked his death, she was likely to be discovered by the enemy, and then Brother Lionel’s plan might be ruined.

So that was how it was!

After thinking it through, Karen Joy couldn’t care any lesser

about Jayden’s words. She immediately rushed out of the room and went to Blake White. “Blake, ask your people to act cautiously. They should just follow those men discreetly and take note of anyone that has contact with them.”

Well, since Brother Lionel wanted to lure those sly enemies out, she would lend a hand to Brother Lionel. This time, she must not let those people get away again.

Blake did not understand. “Miss, but why?” In the past, he would not question Karen Joy on whatever

she had asked him to do. He would just listen to her obediently and complete the tasks she had ordered

But the current situation was exceptional, and danger was just around the corner. Blake had to be careful, so he had to ask before he would execute the order.

Karen Joy said, “Don’t ask me why. Do as I say. Be careful not to alert the enemy. If anyone ruins the plan, I will not let him go.”

“Yes.” Blake was worried, but he did not question her

anymore. Then, he immediately conveyed the order to his subordinates according to Karen Joy’s words.

After she had instructed Blake of her plan, Karen Joy breathed a sigh of relief. She turned around and looked at Jayden’s fiery gaze. He was still standing behind her. He hadn’t left.

Earlier, she had been so engrossed in her thoughts that she had forgotten about him. She didn’t expect that he would still be there and was still looking at her with his blazing gaze.

“Thank you for bringing me this news. It’s getting late. Go back and have a rest first.” If it weren’t for Jayden, she wouldn’t have realized that all of these were a part of Brother Lionel’s plan. Deep now in her heart, she was actually quite grateful to him.

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