My Husband Warm the Bed- 931

“I’m going back now.” Jayden Elias Kyle walked away, but suddenly, he stopped after taking two steps and looked back at her. “Karen..”

“If you have something to say, just say it.” He would always look at her with such a complex look in his eyes. He knew that she hated it the most when he looked at her like that.

But Jayden really didn’t know. He said, “Grandpa and Grandma are getting old. Grandma is in poor health. Let’s go back to spend New Year with her.”

“Jayden, I think you have underestimated me. My life was given to me by Mom and Dad. No matter what, I would never take my life lightly.” Jayden had spoken in such a subtle way, but Karen Joy Kyle immediately understood what he meant.

Anyway, both of them had lived together for more than a decade, since they were young children until today. She could immediately guess what he was thinking.

However, he might not understand what she was thinking. “Well, it’s good that you understand,” Jayden smiled, turned around as he straightened his back and walked away

Perhaps he had really thought too much. He should have known very well that Karen Joy was not a girl who would take her life and personal safety lightly.

For the sake of love, she could do whatever she wanted, but

she would never forget her loved ones. Even if Nathaniel Cooper had disappeared from the world, he would still want her to live well and to live her life to the fullest.

He was worried about her for nothing again! He smiled bitterly. Over the years, he was getting more nosy

and was always interfering in her affairs, and his emotions were gradually getting influenced by her. Most of the time, he thought, since there was no possibility of a romantic relationship between them, shouldn’t he just

behave reasonably? Perhaps he should stay away from her,

and leave her alone?

But every time when he had made up his mind to keep a distance from her, something would happen to her. Then, he would never be able to leave her alone. He came to the Kyle family and became their adopted son.

Since the Kyle family had given him everything, then he

must take up the responsibility to protect the children of the

Kyle family.

This was what he told himself.

But, that was not how his heart felt. He had a deep crush on Karen Joy. He had imagined that maybe someday she would suddenly realize that he was the right person for her.

How ridiculous!

When he went out, he closed the door and his phone in his pocket suddenly rang. He took out his phone and looked at the number that was on the screen. He frowned immediately, yet he still answered, “What’s the matter?”

Seeing Jayden closing the door on the way out and his

figure completely disappearing from her sight, Karen Joy exhaled gently.

She knew that Jayden was worried about her. He was worried that she would do something silly out of her emotional panic. He really did not understand her enough. If

he did, he wouldn’t think that way then.

This was how Karen Joy interpreted Jayden’s actions because she didn’t want to admit to something else or think otherwise. She did not want to admit to herself that his concern towards her was not because he did not know her well, but because he cared about her too much.

The more a person cared for another, the more entangled

they would be

That was what Jayden was like to her.

Mia Kyle, who had dragged Neil Brown and Levi Brown back to the room to rest, was poking half of her head out of the room. She looked around and made sure that there was only Karen Joy in the living room. Then, she tiptoed out from the room and said, “Karen, what did Jayden say to you?”

“Little Aunt, why are you not in bed yet?” This Little Aunt of hers, why did she have to be so sneaky? Others might think

that they were up to no good! “I’m used to going to bed late,” Mia added, “Tell me, what did Jayden say to you just now? Why did you change your mind


Just now, he asked me to go home together during the New

Year’s. You should have heard that, right?” Karen Joy knew her Little Aunt’s character very well. She knew that Mia liked to eavesdrop on others. “You guys were talking so loudly in the living room, so for sure I could hear it. But what did you guys talk about in the room? The soundproofing the room is so good that I

couldn’t hear it.” Mia had always been a thick-skinned

person. She would eavesdrop on others’ conversations and

she wouldn’t even feel that there was anything wrong with it.

“He asked me to rest early and not to stay up late. He also

said that women, especially women in their thirties, will age faster if they sleep late. Little Aunt, goodnight!” Karen Joy didn’t want to disclose too much information. She answered Mia perfunctorily, gave her a smile, and returned to her room.

“Karen Joy, you are a heartless kid. How dare you imply that

I am old!” Behind her, Mia’s roar came, which shook the

apartment a little

“Little Aunt, although Great Uncle is older than you, in terms of appearance, men tend to age slower than women do. You really have to pay attention to that.” After saying that, Karen Joy went into the room and closed the door.

As soon as the door was shut, Mia could no longer hear

what she said because of the soundproofing of the room.

All of a sudden, the surroundings became so quiet, which

could be slightly frightening in the dark night.

It was late at night, and the lights outside her window went

out one after another. The whole city and the entire Moon Bay grew quiet. “Brother Lionel, you should do what you must do. Don’t

worry about me. Everything is fine here.” Karen Joy

murmured to the night sky. She hoped that Brother Lionel could hear her. She wanted him to be at ease as he executed his plans. Could he hear

her? She said it here at Moon Bay, but Nathaniel was at the North Palace, of course, he couldn’t hear her. But the news that

she had asked Blake to change her strategy had already spread to Nathaniel’s ears.

Nathaniel guessed that Karen Joy, this smart little girl, must have realized that it was all part of his plan. That must be why she could be so calm.

“Karen, wait for me!” He said. He also hoped that she could hear what he had just said. Even if she could not hear what he said, it would be enough if she could at least feel that he was missing her

“Sir, we’ve got some new information!” Jason Lesley reported in a hurry.

Jason looked extremely overjoyed. For someone like him, who had been in politics for a long time, it was a rare thing to be so excited.

Usually, when he was with Nathaniel, he had seen all kinds of situations, and it was compulsory for him to keep his composure under any circumstances. In the past, Jason had done a good job at that. But today, he

was so excited that he couldn’t control his emotions. He did not intend to restrain his emotions too much either.

They had been trampled over for such a long time. Soon, they would be able to discover who those masterminds were. Those people had made them suffer for so long. How could Jason not be excited?

Nathaniel ignored him and said in a deep voice, “Speak.” It was just a word, but it was full of power.

Jason calmed down and tried to suppress his excitement. Then, he said, “Someone has posted an anonymous message on the internet, stating that when you were on the way back from Misty Mountain today, your helicopter had crashed.”

“Very good!” Nathaniel smiled coldly and said, “You should notify them immediately. Everything should be carried out according to the original plan. There can be no mistakes, make sure of that!”

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