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Those people who were hiding in the shadows were no longer able to sit still. It seemed that he had overestimated their abilities, he didn’t expect that they would believe so easily that he had been killed in the crash.

“Yes.” After receiving the order, Jason Lesley turned around and left. He took a few steps and suddenly remembered something. He had forgotten it earlier due to his excitement. He turned back and said, “One more thing, sir, Mr. Levees and Miss Silas are already here.”

“Invite them in here.” Nathaniel Cooper said.

Of course, in order to put on a good show, Serene Silas, who was publicly known as the President’s fiancee, would definitely appear since the President was in a serious

accident. Once the news that Serene had rushed to the North Palace was shared, the enemy would be more convinced that Nathaniel had really died. This was the reason why the enemies had acted so quickly.

Those people had been waiting for too long, and they couldn’t stay idle anymore. Now that they had such a good opportunity, they would want to end the battle as soon as possible.

“Don’t bother. We’re already here.” When the man’s voice

came, Jackie Leves and Serene were already standing at the entrance to Nathaniel’s office.

His face looked different from before, so he could pretend to be Serene’s bodyguard for the time being. It would be convenient for him to accompany Serene and to protect her

at all times, this way.

Jason nodded and left the room to pass on the President’s orders.

Nathaniel looked at Jackie. He hadn’t seen Jackie for only a few days but Jackie looked completely different, he was much more energetic and happy. At a glance, he knew that Jackie must have been nourished by love in recent days.

Looking at Serene again, although she was still very thin, she looked more rosy and healthy than before too…

“What are you looking at?” Nathaniel had only looked at Serene for a few seconds, but Jackie was already unhappy about that. He pulled Serene behind him so that Nathaniel couldn’t look at her again.

“If I had feelings for her, did you think she’d still be there waiting for your return? I would have kept her for my own!” Perhaps Nathaniel was overjoyed to see his good friend recovering from the trauma that had been haunting him. He cracked a joke, and this was very rare! He would almost never joke.

“How dare you have feelings for her?” Knowing that

Nathaniel was just joking with him, Jackie still wished that

he could hide Serene in his pocket so that no one could see

her beauty

“Jackie, don’t be like this!” Serene tugged at the corner of his clothes. This man standing before Jackie was, after all, the President. Did he not realize it?

“After all, she is still officially my fiancee. You should pay a little more attention to that.” The words that Nathaniel had just said was not a joke. After all, they were now in the North Palace. For Jackie who was the ‘bodyguard’ to be holding the President’s fiancee like that, it would seem very


Before Jackie could say anything else, Nathaniel’s subordinate knocked on the door and came into his office. He reported the situation to Nathaniel in a hurry, “Mr. President, we’ve got our hands on some new information.”

Nathaniel said in a deep voice, “Continue.”

The subordinate said, “After the person had spread the news about your death, our internal employee immediately posted a statement online, indirectly verifying that the news that on the Internet was true. A short while later, our employee deleted the statement but the netizens were very fast with their actions. They had taken screenshots of the post, and now it has been going viral on the Internet.” Nathaniel slightly curled his lips, and there was a sharp

murderous intent flashing in his eyes. “Let them continue to

spread. I want everyone to know about it.”

This was the effect that Nathaniel had planned for. Not only could he draw out the enemies who were hiding in the dark, he could also eliminate the people with malicious intent around him. How could he not be happy to kill two birds with one stone?

The subordinate answered, “Yes.”

The subordinate left. Jackie then said, “Let those people jump as they wish. Let them jump as high as they can. I will let them fall as high as they jump. The higher they jump, the more painful it would be.”

More than a dozen people of the Leves family had been

massacred overnight. Those were painful scars on Jackie’s

heart. If these enemies were not eliminated, he would never be able to rest for the rest of his life.

Nathaniel reached out his hand and patted Jackie’s shoulder. He comforted him, “When we capture those masterminds playing tricks on us, you can do whatever you

want with them.”

Jackie removed his hand and said, “You don’t have to

comfort me. Even if you won’t let me deal with those people, I will still do it.”

Serene pulled Jackie’s arm again. “Jackie, watch your tone.

Jackie glared at her and said, “What kind of tone do you

wish for me to use? Do I have to call him Mr. President every

time I speak?”

Nathaniel waved his hand and said, “Don’t you do that. If you call me Mr. President, will suspect that you are an

undercover agent sent by the enemy.”

The two men had been sworn brothers for nearly 30 years. They were already used to doing things and talking like this, it would be difficult for them to change.

Jackie causally asked, “So are we going to just sit here and wait for information?”

Nathaniel looked up at the clock on the wall. It was exactly three o’clock in the wee hours of the morning

With the current weather, the sunrise would be at 7 o’clock. The government departments would formally start working at 9 o’clock, so they still had six hours to kill.

It seemed that these six hours would be an idle wait, but at the same time, these six hours were very crucial. Before nine o’clock the next morning, if anything went wrong, everything they had done would be in vain.

During these six hours, they had to ensure that they would

not make any mistakes in executing every part of the plan.

They had to ensure that the enemy would come forward to

take over the country at nine o’clock the next morning.

Only when the enemies who were hiding behind them jump out and reveal themselves, could their goal be achieved…

Nathaniel nodded and said, “The only thing we can do now is to wait” He pointed to the lounge and said, “You and Serene can go and rest for a while. Tomorrow, there will be a lot of things that we would need her help with.”

“Well, okay.” Jackie treated it like it was his own home and took Serene to the lounge. “It’s already so late and I had to drag you out of bed. I’m so sorry about that.”

Earlier that evening, he couldn’t control himself, and they had been in a romantic tryst. He initially wanted her to have a good rest after that, but they had received a phone call

from the North Palace asking them to go over. When she got up from bed, Serene’s legs were still shaking so hard that she couldn’t stand straight. It was because he had been too hard on her in bed… In fact, it was not entirely his fault. It was because she was too attractive, she was a

mesmerizing girl. Once he held her in his arms, he couldn’t

restrain himself from exerting more force on her.

Serene blushed and glared at him with her beautiful eyes. “Jackie, please more attentive when the others are around, okay?”

Jackie asked innocently, “What did I do?”

Serene pursed her lips tightly and looked at him with her plaintive gaze. “What do you think?”

The way he looked at her and the way he held her hand, no matter what he did, he seemed to be showing off to the others how much he loved her. Jackie understood. He turned over and lay down beside her.

He held her in his arms and said, “You are my woman. If want to dote on you and care for you, why do I have to bother about what others think?”

Serene, “.”

Yes, he was always a domineering person.

In the dead of night, someone had posted the news of the

President’s death on the Internet. How sensational this news would be once it was released. The people who went to bed early were also woken up by their friends’ calls. Suddenly, the Internet was buzzing with

discussions about whether the news of the President’s

death was genuine or not.

Many people commented that no one would have the audacity to spread such fake news about the President’s death. The comments also stated that it was extremely strange that, up till now, the government had not made any statement to refute the rumor.

If that was the case, it would mean that this news was almost true!

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