My Husband Warm the Bed- 933

Even though it was the middle of the night, the news of the President’s death had shaken the entire nation from their slumber.

The people shared the news with their family and friends via social media, text, and calls. Within an hour, almost everyone in Country A had seen the news.

After the news broke, it would only be the start of the problem. The government would soon face many more new problems. For example, the citizens would go into a panic as they would worry about who would step into power and take control of the government given the President’s untimely death.

The current President, Nathaniel Cooper, had only taken office for a very short time, and he was very young. Since he had only been in office for such a short period time, the next presidential candidate hadn’t been decided yet.

The successor of the president had not been determined

and that the current President had suddenly passed away.

Such a situation would definitely cause a huge impact on

the economy and the national security of Country A.

Panic, fear, and helplessness slowly sprouted in the hearts of the people. They didn’t know who could take over Nathaniel’s place as the next President, and they didn’t even know what kind of

person the next President would be.

They didn’t know if the new President would be able to support and drive the economy of Country A. They did not know if the new President would be capable enough to

bring the people of Country A to greater heights


There were many problems that no one would usually think of. At such a critical moment, no matter whether they could

manage it or not, everyone was worried.

They knew nothing about the future.

The candidacy of the next President was still vacant and unknown, so the people had a lot of uncertainties. Such uncertainties were as terrifying as the snowstorm that was

still ravaging some regions. The matter of the next President and the snowstorm had a similarity, which was that no one could predict what would happen next. No one knew when the blizzard would stop, and what kind of person would ascend to the position of


In this world, the most terrifying thing was not the disasters, but the fear and helplessness caused by the uncertainties in the people’s hearts.

It was late at night, and the netizens on the Internet didn’t

rest. Under the guidance of some discussion groups, groups

of netizens had tried their best to publish comments that

they thought were right.

The enemy was busy, they were busy spreading the news of Nathaniel’s death. Their goal was to have every single person in Country A know about the death of their President by nine o’clock the next day.

In the dark of the night before Nathaniel’s central government was ready, they wanted to spread the news before his team could notice it. Then, it would then be too late to stop it.

As long as the news was spread out, their master could then

come forward to comfort the people when they were at a


He planned to appear at this very crucial moment, and allow the people to feel at ease and while stabilizing the country and the economy. Under such a scenario, the position of the next President of Country A would undoubtedly finally be


The enemy was planning all of these with such wishful thinking, and they thought that everything was under their control..

It was impossible for Nathaniel to rest while the enemy was busy at work. He had asked his men to constantly pay attention to the enemy’s situation.

He was reading those comments on the Internet. The netizens were mainly divided into two groups. One was his supporters, which were the majority, and their comments were gentler.

The other party was his adversaries. The number of people in this group was relatively small, but their remarks seemed to be very on point. At one glance, it was obvious that their comments were posted by a professional team.

Among these commenters, there were also the employees who were working in the North Palace. They had revealed some private information about their Mr. President.

Many people believed that those comments were true and began to have doubts about the President’s character. They began to wonder if he was capable of developing the country at all.

Those comments posted by those vicious people were to influence the innocent and ignorant citizens who were easily convinced. They wanted to use them as their pawns.

The enemy was excellent at convincing the people. Even if they were to fail at their plans later on, nobody would know who was behind it.

The enemy had also left themselves a way to escape, just in “Only five hours are left!” Jackie’s voice suddenly came from


behind. Nathaniel did not look back at him but just nodded gently.

“Actually, I think that you already know who the mastermind is.” Jackie sat down next to Nathaniel and said to him.

Nathaniel still remained silent, but he was deeply shocked by Jackie’s words. Jackie was right. He did have someone in his mind, but he didn’t want to believe it.

Despite being a ruthless politician in the highest place of power, he still had a little sense of humanity in him.

It was not a lot, but he was still human.

No matter what, he could not bring himself to take down someone who was related by blood to him. Of course, it would be an exception if they had intentionally provoked him.

He would not take action on his blood relatives, but if they provoked him, he wouldn’t stay put like a docile sheep waiting to be slaughtered.

“If it is inconvenient for you, then you can leave the matter to me. I can do whatever you want me to.” Jackie knew him better than anyone else. He had been friends with Nathaniel for so long. Jackie knew exactly what Nathaniel was worried about

“There’s no need. Don’t forget that my mother was also one of the victims when the Levees family was exterminated.” Nathaniel said lightly, showing that he hadn’t forgotten how

his mother had been forced to her death.

“I will never forget what happened a year ago,” Jackie said

lightly, but his eyes were full of murderous intent. He had never been a good person. Jackie always thought that he was a vengeful person. He would definitely seek revenge on those who had hurt him.

No matter who had hurt him and his family, he would make them pay the price ten times or even a hundred times.

Once again, Nathaniel did not reply to Jackie’s words. His cold eyes were quietly staring at the news that his subordinate had just sent to him.

After a long silence, Jackie said, “I heard that Neil Brown of Chatterton Town is also in Coast City. It seems that he was

investigating the case when your Aunt and Uncle went

undercover to Chatterton Town as spies thirty years ago.” “Yes.” Nathaniel nodded. He had met Neil Brown before, so he knew why Neil was here. He also knew that this time, Neil was determined to get the answers that he wanted.

Jackie asked again, “Do you have any new clues about that matter?”

Nathaniel said lightly, “Not yet, but I believe it will come soon. That man has put out the bait for so long, it’s time to reel it in.”

“They probably can’t stay idle anymore.” Jackie lit up a cigarette, took a deep drag, and asked, “Do you want one?”

Nathaniel shook his head. “My Karen hates the smell.” “Look at you. Just because she hates it you don’t even smoke anymore.” Jackie looked at Nathaniel with a despicable look, but at the same time he had unconsciously put off the cigarette that was in his hand, because his Serene didn’t like him to smoke either.

Nathaniel looked at Jackie’s actions, but he didn’t say anything about it because he knew him very well.

Jackie had always been a person who would not show mercy verbally, but he had a gentle side, especially when he was with Serene.

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