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“I still think that women need to be doted on. The more you dote on her, the more lovable she will become. She would become even more considerate and loving which would make you love her even more.”

After a long while, Jackie Leves suddenly said this.

Nathaniel Cooper tilted his head to look at Jackie, his eyes were cold and there was a dissatisfied look on his face. “There’s nothing for you to do here. Go back to your room and accompany your woman.”

Jackie said, “I didn’t mean that.”

Nathaniel asked, “Then what do you mean?”

Jackie clearly knew that his woman was not by his side, but

he kept showing off in front of him. Nathaniel felt that his

actions were extremely infuriating.

Jackie glared at him. “Nathaniel, when did you become so petty?”

Nathaniel said, “When have you ever seen me not being


After thinking for a while, Jackie realized that he really had

never seen Nathaniel not being petty.

Since they were children, Nathaniel was just like Jackie. Nathaniel would also always seek revenge on the people who had offended him.

Jackie wanted to explain, but Nathaniel interrupted him and said, “Stop. Go back to your room and accompany your

woman. Don’t be an eyesore here.”

Jackie was speechless.

What a heartless man! Jackie was worried that Nathaniel

would suffer during the long night, so he left his woman

behind and came to accompany him. Alas, Nathaniel chased him away instead!

This was unforgivable!

Nathaniel added, “What are you staring at? If you have the

time, go and watch over your woman, she should be the one

whom you should protect.”

Jackie suddenly smiled and said, ” Nathaniel, you sound like you’re jealous because of something I’m doing. Don’t tell me that you’re actually secretly in love with me!” Nathaniel was repulsed by his words, it almost made him

gag. He pointed to the bathroom over there and said to

Jackie, “There is a mirror there. Please go and look at


Jackie said, “Man, I’m just kidding. Don’t take it so seriously.”

Nathaniel waved his hand impatiently. “Just go. Don’t bother me here.” Jackie turned around and left. He turned back after taking a couple of steps and said seriously, “Have you sent someone

to take care of the girl from the Kyle family? Nothing must

happen to her.”

Jackie knew how much Nathaniel cared about the little girl of the Kyle family. If something happened to her, their plan would be ruined.

Jackie wanted to mention it earlier on, but he had just

forgotten about it.

Nathaniel nodded.

Karen Joy Kyle was the most important part of the plan, it was the part that he couldn’t neglect at all. There could be mistakes on any part of the plan, but it could be anything

related to Karen Joy.

Jackie added, “There’s another person I’m worried about. Will he stab us in the back?”

Nathaniel frowned. “Are you referring to Jayden, the adopted son of the Kyle family?”

Jackie nodded. “Yes.”

Nathaniel said, “I don’t know much about him. He’s very low profile so it’s hard to say whether he’s a friend or a foe.”

Upon hearing what Nathaniel had said, Jackie became more anxious. “I have seen this man from a distance. Indeed, it would be hard to see through his thoughts.”

Nathaniel said, “So you get it?”

He understood Jayden Elias Kyle very well. Jayden’s attention and thoughts were always on Karen Joy. Apart from work, he was only concerned about Karen Joy.

“It’s good that you understand. Watch him carefully, don’t let him destroy everything that you have worked so hard to achieve.” Jackie had always thought that the people who seemed to be bad were actually not that terrible, but those who seemed to be on his side were the ones who were most likely to backstab him.

Nathaniel chuckled, and his eyes were firm and cold. “He won’t be able to destroy anything of mine.” Nathaniel still had that much of confidence. His happiness and his life had always been in his own hands. There had never been an


Jackie wanted to say something, but he felt that it was unnecessary. He opened his mouth and shut it again. Then he stepped into the room and left Nathaniel alone in the office, waiting for the arrival of the dawn.

Nathaniel looked at the night sky through the window. The heavy snowstorm was still going on, and the disaster area would become wider. At this time, it was supposed to be the time for him to do his best to organize the rescue missions, but he had never expected that he could only pretend to be dead in order to lure his enemies out into the open.

However, Nathaniel remembered all the sufferings that he had gone through. He told himself that he would make those people pay for the grudges that he had to swallow today.

When he thought that it might be those people, his heart was filled with a sense of conflict. His heart felt colder and colder, it seemed as if nothing would help to warm him up inside.

“Nathaniel is dead?”

Looking at the news that was spreading on the Internet, Jayden was reading this sentence over and over again. He had almost uttered it nearly ten times.

Was Nathaniel really dead?

At first, when he received the news, he believed that it was true and ran to Karen Joy impulsively. But at this moment, he didn’t believe that Nathaniel was actually dead.

If Nathaniel had really died, this news would definitely not get out until the successor of the President was determined.

If there was any slight commotion on the Internet, the government would suppress this information within the shortest time so that it would never spread to the public and cause mass panic.

If Nathaniel was really dead and the successor of the next

president was confirmed, then the news of Nathaniel’s death must be released by the highest authoritative officials.

Now that both were not the case, Jayden was almost certain that Nathaniel was not dead, but he didn’t know why Nathaniel would play such a trick.


Thinking about it carefully, Jayden understood that Nathaniel was most likely intending to set a bait to lure his enemies into the open.

Jayden was lounging on the sofa in the living room and looking out through the window. It was dark outside and nothing could be seen. The dark night had made his mind


Now, he had only two options. One was to not care about anything and pretend that he didn’t catch on any of the clues. He would continue being the adopted son and the First Young Master of the Kyle family.

The other option was to make a phone call to that person to tell him all the clues that he had discovered. He would become allies with that person.

As long as they worked together to make Nathaniel disappear from this world, then his partner could get what they wanted, and Jayden too would be able to get what he wanted.

There was no need for him to do much. With just a phone

call, he would be cooperating with those people, and his

goal would be at hand.

It was just that simple!

Jayden played with his phone, turning and tossing it around, but he still couldn’t make up his mind.


Of course, if the people of Country A knew about it, then Karen Joy would definitely know too When she knew that the news of Nathaniel’s death was spread to the public, she was really relieved.

The reason that she had thought of was completely in line with Jayden’s thoughts.

But, she was a little worried. Precisely because she had

seen through this trap, how could the enemy, who was so cunning, not able to see through it too? Jayden and Karen Joy could see through it. However, the enemy did not, due to their complacency in the matter.

They thought that the reason that Nathaniel couldn’t stop

the news in time was not because he had done nothing to

stop it, but because Nathaniel’s response was too late. They assumed that he failed to stop it from spreading until it was already too late The bystander sees more clearly than the doer. This was a perfect saying to describe the situation.

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