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“Brother Lionel, I know you’re doing fine. You must take good care of yourself. You can’t let anyone hurt you, do you understand?”

She worried so much about Nathaniel Cooper that she almost broke down. However, except for shouting at the dark window, Karen Joy Kyle still couldn’t do anything.

She was the daughter of Kevin Kyle from Rovio, so she always had everything she wanted. Her father also hired a team of people to protect her at all times. For a long period, she thought she was an invincible superhero.

Now that she had encountered an obstacle, she realized how incompetent she was. She figured she could do nothing to help Brother Lionel except to wait in silence.

She wanted to know more things and hoped that she could have enough strength to accompany him in facing life’s challenges. Especially now, when needed the most help.

“Brother Lionel, can you hear me? I’m worried about you. You won’t make me sad, will you?”

She thought that Brother Lionel should know how worried she was about him. But he didn’t tell her anything at all. If she couldn’t figure out his plan, she would be miserable.

In order not to break her heart, he would have to protect himself and ensure that those enemies are not able to

achieve their goals.


As if responding to Karen Joy’s thoughts,

her phone suddenly beeped with an incoming text, and the number that appeared belonged to Brother Lionel.

“Brother Lionel?”

Karen Joy wondered how the sender could be Brother Lionel. It was so unexpected and unbelievable. She felt surprised but did not open the text message. An

inexplicable worry surged in her heart.

If her previous assumption was correct, then Brother Lionel shouldn’t be sending her a message at this time.

If someone had her mobile phone monitored, and the enemy knew that Brother Lionel was doing all right, their plan would

be exposed, wouldn’t it? Karen Joy felt anxious, so she stared at the text for a long time without clicking on it. She even foolishly imagined that if she couldn’t see the message, the enemy couldn’t too,

She clenched her fists tensely. Just when she was at a loss, an idea suddenly came to her mind. Could this message possibly be a fake?

This was very likely!

The enemy might have employed a hacker to send her a message using Brother Lionel’s number. In reality, Brother Lionel didn’t know anything about it.

Chances were high that it was the enemy’s ploy. Therefore, she should continue to pretend that she did not know how to deal with the enemy to deceive them.

It seemed that what she just thought of the enemy also pondered as well. So, they would exhaust more ways just to prove whether the news of Brother Lionel’s death was true or false

With this thought in mind, Karen Joy finally opened the message, “Karen, I got stuck in a traffic jam just after the road was closed by heavy snow. I’m downstairs now. Please come now.”

Sure enough, Karen Joy guessed it right. Sure enough, the enemy used a hacker, which made her think that it was a text message from Brother Lionel, but in fact, it was not.

Previously, Karen Joy pretended she had no idea that Nathaniel was dead. Now that the news had spread all over the Internet. If she kept on pretending not to know, it would inevitably result in the enemy’s suspicion,

Thus, she must have had an update concerning Brother

Lionel’s death.

If the enemy knew of her existence, then they must have found out about her relationship with Brother Lionel by now. Being Brother Lionel’s girlfriend, she would surely be distressed by the news of his death. This incident would be

the best time to test her acting skills.

Fortunately, she used to watch her Little Aunt act. Besides, she had always been good at disguises, so it was not difficult for her to fake her misery.

Karen Joy wrinkled her nose, somewhat developing her emotions. Then pearl-sized tears trickled down from the corners of her eyes, making her look very pitiful.

When her mood was all set, Karen Joy picked up the phone and dialed the number from the text message she had received earlier.

She didn’t know that the real purpose of this message was not to trick her into going downstairs but to make her call the number back. The registered number was still connected to Nathaniel’s phone.

The enemy wanted to monitor whether Nathaniel would pick up the phone call or not. They wanted to know what he would say after he answered the call.

The call was ringing, nobody responded on the first and

second attempt. Karen Joy persisted until the fourth attempt. Finally, the person on the other line answered the phone.

However, before anyone could speak, Karen Joy burst into tears and said, “Brother Lionel, is it you? Is it really you?”

Her voice croaked as she spoke as if she was trying her best to control her emotions. A brief sentence alone took

her a long while to finish. She shed so many tears as if her heart had broken into tiny

pieces. Her crying was so dreary that her face was full of tears. She looked as pathetic as she could be. The person on the other end of the line didn’t speak for a

long time. She figured that the other party didn’t anticipate

she would react so vehemently as soon as the phone was


“Brother Lionel, say something, anything!” Karen Joy cried out, bellowing and wiping her tears. “Brother Lionel, don’t scare me, okay? Tell me that you’re fine. Tell me you’re doing well, and that the news on the Internet is fake.”

Karen Joy cried very convincingly, and as she went on, the

fake part of her act was getting lesser. She was really crying

after a while. She was so down and depressed from the bottom of her heart because no one had told her that Brother Lionel was all right until now. Everything was just her assumption.

What if her guess was wrong? What if it was just her fantasy that he was luring the bad guys out, and what if something terrible really happened to Brother Lionel?

Before authenticating that Brother Lionel was safe and sound, everything was possible, and anything could happen. She cried again and berated, “Brother Lionel, say something

quickly. Stop scaring me already. I know you’re fine. You promised me a lot of things and haven’t fulfilled any of them yet. How can something happen to you?”

At long last, someone spoke on the other end. It was a man’s voice that Karen Joy often heard and sounded very familiar. “Miss Kyle, the President has been killed in the accident!”

Dead silence.

It grew quiet for a long time, so tranquil that Karen Joy thought the world had stopped. There was no noise at all that she felt she had entered another dimension.

The person who answered the phone, whose voice Karen Joy recognized, was Jason Lesley. Not long ago, that voice told her coldly that the President was busy.

Later on, she got the news that the President’s helicopter crashed.

Afterward, because she could no longer locate the report, and because of the story from the Internet, she thought that the President was in good hands.

She supposed that everything was Brother Lionel’s plot, and it was he who wanted to lure his enemies out.

Now, Jason told her privately that the President was killed.

Should she believe him?

She shook her head. No matter what, she wouldn’t regard it as true.

Just when she refused to accept it, Jason’s voice echoed from the phone again, “Miss Kyle, we’re telling you in advance now. They will release the official news at 9 am tomorrow.”

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