My Husband Warm the Bed- 936

“It’s impossible! It’s impossible! You’re lying to me!” Karen Joy Kyle spoke up the moment Jason Lesley stopped speaking

Since the enemy could pretend to be Brother Lionel and sent her the message, it was certain that they would be listening to their conversation too, so she had to continue to

act the role “Miss Kyle, about this…” On the other end of the phone, Jason choked up. After a long time, she heard his voice again. “Sorry for your loss. The President loved you so

much, and surely wouldn’t want to bring you grief.”

“Since you could say that, so how can he abandon me? Mr. Lesley, I beg you. Tell me, he’s absolutely fine okay?” Karen Joy was good at acting. She fooled both Jason and the man sitting next to him. Hearing Karen Joy’s crying, Nathaniel Cooper could no

longer sit still. He suddenly got up and was about to grab

the phone in Jason’s hand. Fortunately, Jason reacted quick

enough and dodged in time. Then, he told Karen Joy to take

care of herself and hung up the phone.

Looking back, Jason’s eyes met Nathaniel’s. Nathaniel looked so angry as if he wanted to eat Jason up. Jason immediately explained, “Mr. President, you can’t be too impulsive. If you do that, we will be exposed.”

Of course, Nathaniel knew that he would expose the truth if he answered the phone. However, when he heard Karen Joy’s heartbroken crying, he couldn’t stay calm. He even wanted to rush to her side to hold her immediately and ask her not to worry. He needed to let her know that he was


“Mr. President, there are still a few hours left, only a few hours left…” Jason reminded Nathaniel earnestly. They were so worried that their President would make a wrong move on an impulse and they will be completely defeated.

“You can go now, go attend to your work.” Nathaniel waved

his hand to dismiss Jason, and his expression returned to

his usual calmness, no one could see any joy or anger from

his facial expression.

“Mr. President.” Jason was still worried that Nathaniel

would behave impulsively, so he held Nathaniel’s phone and was unwilling to hand it over to Nathaniel. “Jason!” Nathaniel said in a deep voice. He raised his head

and cast a cold glance at Jason. Now he was getting offended at how Jason perceived him.

“Mr. President, endure it for a while more, then Miss Kyle can be by your side publicly in the future. You have to think twice. You must think twice. You must not act on impulse.” It was not because Jason doubted Nathaniel’s ability, but because he knew too well about Nathaniel’s feelings for Karen Joy.

For all these years, their President had been keeping his

attention on her, and he had even assigned for his people to secretly protect her at all times. Mr. President attached too much importance to that girl, so much so that he would do anything for her. That was why

Jason was so worried about him.

Jason still wanted to persuade him, but when he saw how agitated the President looked, he was still afraid. He handed over the phone and left obediently.

Nathaniel took his phone and thought of what Karen Joy

said just now. “Karen, I hope you can understand my true intentions.” He said gently in his mind.

Of course, if Jason dared to take the phone from Nathaniel and speak harshly, he must be under Nathaniel’s orders. Otherwise, Jason wouldn’t dare to mess around like that.

Nathaniel admitted that Jason was right. He did the right


As long as the night passed, they would be able to find out the enemies hiding behind the scenes. At that time, no one could stop him from being the President anymore. He could finally declare his love for Karen Joy publicly too.

At the same time, Karen Joy also gripped her phone tightly.

She believed in her sixth sense and believed that Brother

Lionel was still alive. At the same time, she was also waiting for the next day to come quicker.

At nine o’clock the next morning. This should be a signal from Jason for her.

They waited for a long time, the night gradually passed and

dawn was approaching.

Time passed by slowly. It was almost nine o’clock in the morning, so it getting closer and closer…

After the news spread about the President’s death on the Internet for a few hours, the people were surprisingly calm, or perhaps it was just the calm before the storm.

They were waiting, waiting until nine o’clock in the morning, and waiting for the official news.

There were still many people who hoped that the news of Mr. President’s death was false. They hoped that Mr. President would appear in front of the whole nation’s

audience at nine o’clock and greet them.

“Mr. President, everything is going according to plan.” There was still half an hour to nine o’clock, and the other employers of the North Palace, who didn’t know the truth, came to work as usual. Jason came to Nathaniel’s temporary office and reported the situation.

“Okay.” Nathaniel nodded and said nothing more. However, he looked energetic despite a sleepless night. It was impossible to tell that he didn’t rest for a whole night.

“Then I’ll prepare for the final step.” Jason could become Nathaniel’s most competent assistant not only because he was loyal to Nathaniel, but also because he was sensible. “Wait a minute.” It was Jackie Leves, who had just come

back from the lounge and stopped Jason. Jason looked back and asked respectfully, “Mr. Leves, how can I help?”

Jackie took a few steps forward and said, “Mr. Lesley, Nathaniel hid such an important secret from so many people, but he didn’t hide it from you. Do you know why?” “I am the head of Mr. President’s secretarial team. I arrange

his schedule. I think it is inevitable that I need to know.”

Many years ago, when Nathaniel saved Jason’s life, Jason

decided to serve Nathaniel loyally from then on.

Now, at such a critical moment when he needed someone, their President believed in him, and asked him to work with him. Wasn’t that the right thing to do?

Jackie answered with satisfaction, “Well, very good! Nathaniel needs a subordinates like you. With you guys around, we will win this time.”

“Mr. President has a good friend like you by his side, which is the real key to our victory.” Jason was loyal to Nathaniel and was experienced in politics. He knew how to say the

right things.

He knew Jackie would be happy to hear these words. When he saw Jackie’s satisfied look, he said, “Mr. Leves, if there’s nothing else, i’ll get to work first.”

Jackie waved his hand and said, “Sure.”

Looking at Jason leaving, Jackie looked back at Nathaniel. “Only half an hour left. Are you nervous?”

“I don’t need to worry. I have a good brother like you, and a good subordinate like Jason around, Nathaniel said without raising his head up to look at him.

Jackie walked to his desk and said, “You still have the mood to joke around. It seems that I’m thinking too much.”

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