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People would worry about a lot of things because of the uncertainty of the matter itself.

The reason why Nathaniel Cooper was not worried at all was not only the information and clues in his hands, but more importantly, Nathaniel had control over this matter and directed it to his favor.

Everything was under Nathaniel’s control… and it was more accurate to say that everything went his way.

Nathaniel was only worried about Karen Joy Kyle. Fortunately, he had the Brown family by her side. With Neil Brown by her side, he was much more relieved.

He got up.

Jackie Leves asked in a hurry, “Where are you going?”

Nathaniel said, “Don’t be nervous. I’m just going to wash up and change into my clean clothes.”

Jackie was speechless.

He was indeed nervous.

The murderer who killed the Elves family was about to

appear. Of course, he was nervous. It was because he had thought of a hundred ways to torture them.

Nathaniel came out of the bathroom and changed into a clean and neat white shirt. He often paired this attire with a black blazer, and he looked smart.

He was tall and his legs were long. He looked elegant with every step he took. He looked very charming.

When Jackie saw him, he couldn’t help whistling, “Mr. President, how is it that I just realized that you are so good looking?”

Nathaniel did not answer Jackie’s question. Neither did he look at Jackie. He went straight to the side, fixed up his tie, and then looked at himself in the mirror.

He seemed to be in good spirits. Maybe it was because he thought he could catch all the enemies at once, so the beast in him was ignited and he was particularly excited.

Fortunately, at this time, the person standing in front of him was Jackie. If Karen Joy Kyle was around instead, he would probably be distracted.

Nathaniel raised his wrist and looked at the time. He smiled

and said softly, “It’s time.” Jackie nodded and said, “Serene is ready. I’ll go with her.”

It was not enough to just allow them to release information on the Internet if they wanted to draw the enemy out. They also needed someone from the government to make a public announcement.

As it was, Serene Silas still had the identity as Nathaniel’s official fiancee, so it was most appropriate for them to arrange for Serene to speak out at this time.

“I’m a little nervous.” Serene woke up after a short rest. She had been busy reciting the script in the room and worried that she would forget to say something later. “Don’t worry, I will be here the whole time.” Jackie pushed

her hair behind her ear, and couldn’t stop holding her in his arms and kissing her.

“Okay, I know.” Serene nodded vigorously. “I will try my best. I won’t let you guys worry, and I won’t let everyone’s efforts be in vain.”

She played an important role in this plan to help the two most important men in her life. She was very gratified that she could help them catch the murderer of the Leaves family as soon as possible.

“Serene..” Damn it, this woman was too attractive. When he looked at her, Jackie always couldn’t restrain himself.

He just made love to this woman the previous night. But that morning, his mind was filled with lustful images again. He couldn’t wait to take her back to her room and to escape

their worries.

“Hmm?” Serene didn’t know what he was going to do. Jason Lesley interrupted them. “Mr. President, everything is

ready. We’re only waiting for Miss Silas to go.”

Just as Jackie was about to kiss Serene, Jason’s voice came from the side, which made him stop abruptly and turn back to glare at him.

Jason felt very unlucky. For him to work for these two men, he felt like he was just walking around minefields all the time.

Nine o’clock

It was time for the nation to pay attention to. Every citizen, young or old, was sitting in front of the TV, waiting for the live broadcast and the official announcement.

Even young children were staring at the TV quietly. No one said a word. Perhaps they were really affected by the tensed atmosphere between the adults.

When the news host announced that Serene, the fiancee of Mr. President, would speak on behalf of Mr. President, many members of the audience fell silent.

At such a crucial moment, if the President was fine, as long as he just show up, he could deny all the rumors going around.

However, he did not.

It was his fiancee who came out to speak, which proved that the helicopter crash involving Mr. President from the Misty Mountain disaster area yesterday was true.

The death of the President was real!

It was true!

Then, what should the government do next?

Of course, the people couldn’t make the decision. They had to wait for the government to speak and have them nominate the next best candidate so that the people could

have the opportunity to vote.

Therefore, they had to wait for Mr. President’s fiancee to speak and see what she would say.

For the first time, facing hundreds of cameras and microphones alone, Serene was extremely nervous in her heart, but she couldn’t be.

At this moment, she was not herself. She appeared in front of the camera as Nathaniel’s fiancee and showed up in front of the whole country,

It was opportune that she had suffered too much in these past few years. She had long ago learned to suppress her emotions

Although she was extremely nervous in her heart, Serene was doing well. Others could not notice her nervousness.

The others couldn’t see through her, but Jackie, who was standing closely behind her could see it. He quietly reached out his hand and patted her back to comfort her.

After receiving Jackie’s hint, Serene quietly sighed. He was there with her, he would support her with everything, what was there for her to worry about?

She said softly, “First of all, I want to thank all members of the media for being here this morning. Secondly, I want to thank the people of our country who are worried about the safety of the President.”

She bent down and bowed to the country in front of the

cameras. Then she slowly raised her head and said painfully. “Thank you for your concern for Nathaniel! Thank you so much for caring for him!”

As soon as she said this, Serene gulped and almost shed tears. However, she raised her head slightly and forced back her tears.

After she calmed down a little, she said, “I think that Nathaniel can hear everyone’s concern for him. He will definitely overcome this difficulty and get better. He will definitely lead us so that our country will grow stronger and more prosperous.”

“Miss Silas, the President is the foundation of our country. I

think what the country is not the most concerned about the

future, but rather, how the President is doing presently?” On

one side, a member of the audience couldn’t sit still and

stood up to ask

Serene tilted her head and looked at him. It was a man in a branded suit. He looked gentle and refined, but there was a sinister and cunning look in his eyes.

Serene remembered that she had seen this person before, but she just couldn’t remember who he was. He must be one of the officials in the North Palace.

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