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Was this person really concerned about the safety of the President?

Or was he an undercover agent from the enemy, sent to dig something out?

Serene Silas had no time to think about all these. The man spoke again, and his words were sharp. “Miss Silas, I’m not the only one curious. I think everyone in the country wants to know if the President is safe and sound.”

His words sounded like he was concerned about the President’s situation, but his expression and tone said


Serene guessed that he wasn’t concerned about the President, but he really just wanted to get an answer on

Nathaniel’s condition.

This person was likely to be an undercover agent sent by the enemy and had been stationed at the North Palace.

Thinking that he was likely an accomplice who killed more than a dozen people of the Leves Family, Serene’s nervous mood was replaced by anger. She really wanted to capture

this person immediately and force him to reveal who the mastermind behind the scenes was. However, she was not that impulsive. She was a rational

woman. She knew that this was a crucial time. She could

not ruin Jackie and Nathaniel’s big event, so she could only

pretend that she knew nothing.

She looked at the man and smiled politely, and she still said gently, “Mr. President is injured and his condition is rather critical now. But with so many people supporting him all

over the country and waiting for him, he will definitely wake up.”

This was what they had rehearsed in advance. They asked Serene to say these words because it could serve two purposes. One was to comfort the country, and the other was to make the enemy believe that the President’s life was indeed hanging on a thread.

Previously, the news on the Internet mentioned that the President was killed, but at this moment, the President’s fiancee said that he was only seriously injured.

If he was seriously injured, there was still a possibility that he could recover. The people who heard the news in front of the TV quietly breathed sighs of relief.

No citizen would hope for the country to be in an unstable condition. Everyone sincerely hoped that the President

would be better.

However, there was also a group of people who were also watching the news, but they did not hope that the President would get better. They were in a spacious, bright, and magnificent building. It

was almost comparable to the setting of the North Palace.

Those who came to Country A for the first time would mistakenly believe that it was the North Palace.

This magnificent building was located in the north of the city, at the Manor House Nursing Home. It was also a government building, but it serves a different function than the North Palace. North Palace was the ad istration center, this was only a health and recreational center.

There were several people sitting in the room, and they were people of all ages. After listening to Serene’s words, they all fell silent.

On the TV, Serene continued to speak on behalf of the President. “The President had something to say. During this period of time, while he’s still recovering from his injuries, every government agency will carry on with their duties. If anyone needs his approval or advice, it can be passed to Jason Lesley, the secretarial team leader. Apart from this, I hope that we will keep any disturbance to his rest and recovery to a minimum. After all, he will only be able to return to work if he makes a full recovery, and we hope to make this as soon as possible.”

“I think this is a tactic from the North Palace people just to delay the matter!” A young man sitting within the group of people spoke aloud. His voice was especially calm. Just as everyone was

looking at him, he continued, “Before the officials at North Palace can find a suitable candidate to be President, they must first conceal the news of Nathaniel Cooper’s death. When they find a candidate for the new President and think of a way to deal with this unexpected incident, they will then announce to the public that the President has died. This way, they can calm the people down temporarily and also make us retreat.”

As soon as the man finished speaking, the rest of the people immediately nodded in agreement. But there were also people who had different opinions. The man looked around and asked slowly. “Is it possible that Nathaniel was just seriously injured?”

Another person answered, “We did tamper with the

helicopter’s systems, and our men saw that the helicopter

crashed in the valley. In a crash like this, if Nathaniel could

survive, he must have had a pair of wings.” Another person answered, “And in the monitor that we watched all night last night, we really could confirm that

Nathaniel was indeed dead.”

The first man to speak knocked on the leather sofa with his fingers and spoke up again. “After Nathaniel’s incident, the little girl of the Kyle family called him twice. Jason picked both calls up. The first time, Jason didn’t tell her anything. The second time, Jason told her that Nathaniel had been killed.”

Speaking of this, the man closed his mouth and glanced at all the people present with shrewd eyes. Then he said,

“What do you guys think?”

Someone answered, “It’s possible that Nathaniel wants to lure us out and hide it from the little girl of the Kyle family as part of the plan.”

Someone said with excitement, “Why don’t we kidnap the girl of the Kyle family? As long as we get her, if Nathaniel is still alive, I don’t believe that he can just watch idly and not save her.

“Kidnap her?” The man curled his lips and sneered, “Since the last time you failed to kidnap her, Kevin Kyle has asked his men to guard that girl 24 hours a day. Last night, Neil Brown was also there. I would like to see how you will kidnap her? It’s already difficult enough for us to deal with Nathaniel Cooper. You guys still want to spare strength to

deal with Kevin Kyle?”

It had taken them too much energy to deal with Nathaniel. They could not afford to draw more strength to deal with Kevin, who was the owner of the invincible business empire, Rovio.

They fell silent again. They looked at each other. For a while, they didn’t know what to do.

They didn’t know whether Nathaniel was still alive or not, but they couldn’t take advantage of Karen Joy, who was his only

weakness. This made them walk into a dead end. “So what if Nathaniel Cooper is not dead?” Just as everyone

was silent, a gentle female voice sounded. When they heard the woman’s voice, everyone sitting in the room stood up in unison. They said at the same time, “Hello, madam,”

Everyone in the room addressed her respectfully, despite their age. Even those who were older than the woman used an extremely respectful tone of voice.

She took a few steps forward and stood in front of the crowd. She glanced around and quickly saw everyone’s expression. She said gently, “Even if Nathaniel is not dead, he is still a dying man. We have already reached this point. Are we really going to wait for him to deal with us?”

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