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After listening to the woman’s words, the whole room became even quieter. But unlike earlier, at this time, everyone’s eyes looked like they were on fire.

It was the kind of fire that could swallow the enemy alive. Even if there was a bottomless abyss in front of them, they

wouldn’t retreat. They had only one purpose, which was to destroy the enemy.

Seeing everybody’s eyes, the woman’s cold look changed a little. She was still satisfied with their performance,

She turned to look at the leader in the crowd and said, “Dominic, tell me, do you have any other plan?”

When the woman mentioned his name, the man clenched his fists and said, “We have already cut off all roads of retreat. There is no way out except forward. And I have long yearned to not live with this identity.”

The woman glanced at the crowd once again, and her voice

was gentle but with an unquestionable courage. “Then tell

me, do you all have any other way?” The crowd was silent again. After a moment of silence, they

said in unison, “We’ll follow you. We’ll do whatever you ask us to do.” “I’m only one person. I may not be able to think as

thoroughly as all of you can. After the woman addressed

everyone’s concern, she changed her domineering attitude

again. “If you think you have no problem with my

suggestion, then let’s execute it as planned.”

Everyone spoke excitedly, “Yes, we agree to act according to the plan. Since Nathaniel Cooper is still alive, we will find a

way to make sure of his death. No one can stop us.”

The woman did not continue on this matter. Instead, she mentioned another person. “After Nathaniel came to see the master the last time, his physical condition has deteriorated. I can only fathom what’s wrong.”

She sighed and gently wiped the tears from her eyes with

her thin hands. “It’s getting late. I have to go back and

prepare lunch for him. Perhaps he is old and in poor health,

besides the food I cook, he doesn’t eat anything else.” After listening to the woman’s words, someone was so angry that he slammed on the table and said angrily, “Of course it must be the unfilial bastard Nathaniel that made our Master feel poorly.”

The woman wiped her tears again and did not speak The more the man spoke, the angrier he became, and his eyes turned red. “That dog Nathaniel! He neither cared for his father nor his brothers. In order to be the President, he ruthlessly had his two brothers assassinated. Now, in order to keep his power as the President, it’s not impossible for him to cause his father to die of anger.”

“It’s alright for you to say that in front of me, but you can’t say it in front of the Old Master. He has always cared about the relationship with him and his son. He would never have the heart to kill his own son, so let’s not bother him anymore. We can handle these things on his behalf.” The woman’s voice was gentle, but every word she said was like a poisonous arrow smeared with honey as a disguise. It was an arrow that could kill imperceptibly.

She noticed the hatred towards Nathaniel in everyone’s eyes and concealed the viciousness in her heart. She nodded to everyone and said, “Then I won’t disturb all of you in your preparations.”

She wanted to leave quickly, but some disgruntled voices came from behind her. “Madam Elliot, you are always so kind as to prioritize the Old Master’s interests in everything. But if we don’t make our intentions clear, wouldn’t we have to keep Old Master in the dark for the rest of our lives?”

Hearing those words, the corners of Hannah Elliot’s lips

curved slightly. It was hard to hide the joy in her heart. She

was really fond of this group of idiots.

She was a weak woman. It was a great pleasure to her that she could manipulate the people around her,

It had been 30 years. She had been a slave all these years and held back her anger. What was it all for?

She was not that stupid. She would not devote her whole life to a man who loved nothing but power if it weren’t for some other reason. She was just waiting, waiting for an


No, no, no!

She was not waiting for an opportunity. She was creating an opportunity

Now that the opportunity she long created had arrived, she needed those people to take action. After today, she would seek revenge for everything she had

paid for and all the pain and exhaustion she had suffered.

She wanted the man to know that she was many times better than that woman in all aspects. The only exception was that she had been born to a lowlier, less noble family.

Not only was she better than that woman, her son was also absolutely better than that woman’s son. She needed her son to end that family’s lineage once and for all.

“Griffin Cooper!” She silently called out this name, but her heart was so excited that she wanted to shout loudly.

Even if victory was in front of her, even if everything was under her control, she would not expose herself. She had always been a very composed person.

She couldn’t cry out, but she was shouting in her heart, “Griffin, you will soon realize that by giving me up and choosing that woman, that was the biggest mistake in your life.”

Serene Silas was delivering an official speech on behalf of the President. Many people were watching in front of their TVs, including Nathaniel.

Wearing a neat handmade suit, he stood straight in front of the huge TV screen in the office, staring at the first person who appeared on the TV screen attentively,

Except for the subordinates he sent, the other people at the press conference might be enemies, so he would not let go

of any suspicious figure. After looking at everyone thoroughly, Nathaniel had already figured it out. His eyes turned cold, and his gaze moved

back to Serene’s face.

Serene was answering a difficult question posed by a person with ulterior motives. She did it very calmly yet appropriately. Nathaniel nodded at Serene with

appreciation. After all, the Silas family was also a powerful family. During these years, under the influence of the Old Master of the

Silas family, Serene had learned so much.

Usually, there was no chance for Serene to make full use of what she had learned in the Silas family. At this moment, when she stepped on the stage, her performance was far beyond Nathaniel’s expectations.

Nathaniel knew the person who asked the question. When Nathaniel first took office, this person was working very hard too.

That man also worked very hard around him, and he never dragged him down. Unexpectedly, he was actually an undercover agent sent by the enemy to spy on him.

Frankly speaking, if it weren’t for the plot to lure their

enemies out, Nathaniel wouldn’t have thought that this person would be a spy.

It was so hard to read through a person’s deepest thoughts,

just like this man’s. After Serene spoke, she left, escorted heavily by a security

team. Jason Lesley stepped up to speak about the

President’s present condition

Even if the enemy would not believe it, they had to act thoroughly. They needed to confuse the enemy and make them reveal themselves as soon as possible.

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