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Time passed quickly. After Serene Silas spoke on behalf of the President, everything seemed to be calm for the time being. Next, someone else came forward to deliver a speech.

This person was no other than the official spokesperson of the North Palace, Paul Elliot. He stood in front of the camera and said, “I want to announce the bad news to everyone present here.” He was choking on his tears and his nose was runny. As soon as he said those words, the cameras kept flashing

and rolling. He became the focus of everyone’s attention,

and everyone was silently waiting for what he was going to

say next.

After getting everyone’s attention, Paul said slowly, “Yesterday, there was a disaster in Misty Mountain, and many villages were buried in the heavy snow. Our President rushed to the disaster area as soon as possible to provide mental support to the victims.”

Paul didn’t say a single bad thing about Nathaniel Cooper. Instead, he praised Nathaniel very much. After that, his voice started to break.

After a long while, he calmed down and said, “On the way back from the disaster area, at about 4:20 p.m., Mr. President’s helicopter was on its way out of the Misty Mountain area, and they met some wind turbulence. Unfortunately, the helicopter crashed, Mr. President and three other people in the helicopter were involved in this


After that, Paul, who had always been known as the

spokesperson for North Palace, burst into tears. His crying sounded extremely sad and tormenting, which moved the people.

“Nathaniel, it seems like everyone in North Palace are all highly skilled actors. If we hadn’t checked his background, I think I would have been convinced by his wonderful performance.” Jackie Leves said calmly as he stared at the big TV screen

“I should really hand them a best performance award someday. What do you think about that?” Despite the circumstances, Nathaniel still had the mood to joke with Jackie

Nathaniel let out a faint smile. He looked calm as if

everything was fine.

He was not in a mess because today’s show was in accordance with his plan. He was waiting for the enemies to lose their cool.

In order to completely eliminate them, this time, he had to lure all of them out and not leave any scourge behind.

He was smiling, but upon careful observation, there was a chilling coldness in the depths of his eyes, which could send

chills down one’s spine.

Jackie became slightly worried too. He quickly embraced Serene and patted her back comfortingly. “Don’t worry,

everything is over.”

“Nathaniel, I’m not worried about what’s happening here. I’m just a little worried about Karen Joy…” Thinking the helplessness in Karen Joy Kyle’s tone when she called yesterday, Serene blamed herself. She felt extremely guilty That little girl treated Serene as her sister, but Serene could not help her at all.

As she had experienced it before, she knew how painful it was to lose her beloved person. She was afraid that Karen Joy, who was kept in the dark, would collapse from grief.

“She’s fine.” When it came to Karen Joy, Nathaniel would be undoubtedly more worried than Serene, but he hid all his worries in his heart so that others could not see it.

He turned around, glanced at Jackie, and then looked at Serene, “Thank you for your hard work today. Now you two should have a good rest. Don’t think too much about it.”

“Why do you have so much to say?” All because Nathaniel spoke out of concern to Serene, Jackie was upset. He held Serene in his arms as if to assert dominance. “She is my woman. I’ll be the one to care about her. You take care of your own business.”

Men could seem to be broad-minded, but they were actually petty beings especially when it came to their women. If another person so much as gave their woman an extra glance, they would be very jealous. Serene tugged at the corner of his clothes, indicating for

Jackie to speak politely. Unexpectedly, it caused Jackie to

be more upset. “Serene, why you pulling my shirt? Do you

think I’m wrong? Or do you think that if more men cared

about you, you would seem more valuable?”

Serene was speechless.

Once again, she was sure that she must have been blinded, to have fallen in love with this man so wholeheartedly.

Otherwise, even if she was threatened with death, she would not fall in love with such a petty man who had a bad temper and was always so jealous!

“Serene, what’s that look in your eyes? I’m not complaining about you, why do you look like you’re unhappy with me?”

Jackie spoke loudly now.

Serene reached out and covered her ears, turned around, and left. If she stayed with him, she felt that she might turn into a shrew and start scolding Jackie, so it was better to just walk away.

“Serene, you left..” As soon as Serene left, Jackie

immediately stepped forward to catch up with her and held

her in his arms again. “Let me tell you, Serene, you can’t

escape from me for the rest of your life.”

“Who wants to escape from you?” Although she felt that this

man was unreasonable and bossy from time to time, Serene still could see the good in him. This man was not perfect. He had countless shortcomings,

but she loved him and was willing to accept all his flaws.

She knew that she was not a perfect woman too, and there was no perfect person in this world. There was no right and

wrong in a relationship, but only compatibility.

Listening to the voices of the two people fade away, the coldness in Nathaniel’s eyes disappeared, and a real smile appeared on his face.

When was the last time he had such a carefree life?

Perhaps it was the time when he was with Jackie, and they were struggling in the army. During that time, Jackie loved to bicker and cause trouble similar to the situation earlier. In the past year, the Leaves family had been exterminated. At one point, Nathaniel didn’t even know if Jackie was alive. He

once thought that Jackie was dead, that he had really died in that big fire.

Later, he saw that Jackie had returned. He noticed that Jackie’s face had changed, and so did his temper. He seemed very gloomy and strange. Nathaniel thought that

the real Jackie he knew, would never come back again.

He thought that it was impossible for Jackie to return to his original self, but he had never expected that the former Jackie would come back in such a short time.

In the end, this was probably the power of love.


When he thought of this word, he thought of a person unconsciously. It was his Karen Joy.

Karen Joy Kyle!

Sometimes, she would be very stubborn; sometimes, she was sensible and considerate; sometimes, she would be mature yet adorable. He could see different versions of her every time.

No matter what version she presented, he always wanted to hold her in his arms and dote on her.

He didn’t know when it was when he had fallen in love with her. He only knew that the little girl had really impacted his life profoundly

“Mr. President, the ‘Big Fish’ has emerged!”

While Nathaniel was lost in thought, Jason Lesley came to report in a hurry.

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