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The “Big Fish” was, of course, in reference to the person behind the scenes.

The plan was to use their net to catch the largest fish scheming against Nathaniel Cooper.

Now that the Big Fish had finally appeared, Jason Lesley was so excited that he rushed in without knocking on the door. After he spoke, he realized that the President’s

expression didn’t look right.

Faced with the cold and serious eyes of the President, Jason finally stopped. He even wanted to leave the office,

and knock on the door once again before entering, “So what if he appeared, just follow the plan! Why are you

making such a big fuss?” It could be seen that Nathaniel was in a good mood. Otherwise, he would not have said so much in one breath.

Like Kevin Kyle, Nathaniel was also a man of few words. If they spoke a lot, it was very likely that they were in a good


“I’m not making a fuss. I’m just in a good mood. Jason, who had always been known for his prudence, was so bold that he dared to speak against the President this time.

He also saw that the President was in a good mood, that was why he was so bold. After that, he looked at Nathaniel and smiled, probing for praises.

Nathaniel’s face darkened. Before he could speak, Jason said in a hurry, “I’ve said too much. I’ll get back to work now.”

After that, he ran away.

He surely understood the President’s temperament. He only dared to speak against him once, and he did not want to go

over the line.

The “Big Fish”

Dominic Cooper?


Nathaniel looked at the man on the TV. This was someone who he was familiar with, but now it was like a stranger’s face to him.

Speaking of this face, he had been looking at it for more

than 30 years now. In the past, when he saw this face, Nathaniel only felt that Dominic was like a child who had not grown up. No matter

what he did, he did not have his own opinions, and he would

always ask others for advice.

Many years ago, Dominic liked to follow behind Nathaniel.

Wherever Nathaniel went, he would follow and kept calling him “Third Brother”. Nathaniel was born into the noble Cooper family, a family

that focused on power. In their eyes, family affection was

never important. They only prioritized their family relations

as a symbol of their status.

At that time, Dominic liked to follow Nathaniel around, calling him “Third Brother” affectionately, which made

Nathaniel feel a rare sense of kinship. Now that he thought about it carefully, it was really a joke. It was a big joke. He treated the man as his brother. Perhaps,

the man had always regarded him as a thorn in his flesh. Perhaps, this was the price Nathaniel had to pay from growing up in the Cooper family.

Even if they were blood relatives, Nathaniel could not trust

them. Those relatives of his were most likely those wicked people who would hide and backstab him. They would kill him, all for the sake of power. Three years ago, his half-brother wanted to kill him. He managed to fight back and send that man to hell then.

Why would he be merciful enough to let Dominic go now?

No, he won’t!

He, Nathaniel Cooper, had never been a merciful person.

He gave a wry smile, but his eyes did not blink at all. He looked like he could murder someone immediately It was time to put an end to those people.


Dominic Cooper was Nathaniel Cooper’s cousin. Dominic was the eldest son of the former President’s brother. He did not hold any important position in North Palace, but he had the blood of the Cooper family running in his veins. To have Cooper’ in his name was his most important provision The successor of the President of Country A had to be born

in the Cooper family. That was to say, only the men who had

the blood of the Cooper family could be qualified to

potentially be the President.

However, there were not many males in the several generations of the Cooper family. The former President, Griffin Cooper, only had one younger brother. Therefore, Griffin naturally became the President.

In Nathaniel’s generation, there were more males than the previous generation. Nathaniel had two older half-brothers. There were three males in his family.

There were also several other brothers in Dominic’s family,

but the other brothers were much younger than he was, so they were still too young to contend for power.

Nathaniel had two older half- brothers. The oldest brother died three years ago in an “accident” that was especially executed by Nathaniel. Two years ago, his second brother committed a great crime and was exiled from being the successor of the President, and he could never step into Coast City again.

Therefore, during the official election, the only candidate who could compete with Nathaniel was his cousin, Dominic. The other cousins were too young.

At that time, during the Presidential election, the cheering for Nathaniel was the loudest. Many people supported Dominic, but Dominic’s performance had been very modest.

In fact, Dominic did not willingly give up the fight. He noticed that the people were cheering for Nathaniel. Even if he won

the election, it would be difficult for him to win the people’s support eventually Knowing that he couldn’t compete with Nathaniel, Dominic chose to wait for the appropriate time under a person’s

guidance. Before he lost too badly, he resigned as a

candidate at the election.

Resigning was far better than being defeated. It could also manipulate Nathaniel to lower his vigilance against Dominic so that it would be convenient for Dominic to do more things behind his back in the future.

Dominic had been waiting and waiting. Finally, the opportunity arrived.

Now that Nathaniel was in trouble, he was the remaining member of the Cooper family who was qualified to succeed the President’s position.

Dominic was dressed neatly in a well-fitted suit. The color, style, and cuff-links on his sleeves were no different from those of Nathaniel’s.

Not only did he wear the same outfit, but his hairstyle was also similar to Nathaniel. At first glance, many people would mistaken him for Nathaniel.

However, Dominic learned to dress like Nathaniel, but there was something about Nathaniel that he could never imitate. He did not have the noble temperament that Nathaniel had.

Nathaniel never did it on purpose, but he would exude an aura of elegance all the time. It was as if he were a work of art, a fine sculpture of perfection. However, Dominic was instead always trying too hard, and he would seem artificial would be ridiculed.

He came out to hold the press conference and had a large crowd watching him. After all, even if he didn’t work in North Palace, he was a member of the Cooper family and carried the family’s bloodline.

He stood in front of the camera and gently waved his hand, indicating for everyone to be quiet. Even these small movements were learned from observing Nathaniel.

Perhaps, deep in his heart, he still had recognition and respect for his Third Brother, Nathaniel, and that he acknowledged Nathaniel as the President.

Otherwise, Dominic would never imitate Nathaniel. He wanted to take over the position of the President with Nathaniel’s prestige. He wanted a better future for himself.

After a long silence, Dominic said slowly, “When the former President heard that Mr. President was in trouble, he was very saddened. Not only because the President was his own son, but also because he was really worried about our country and our people.”

He continued to say, “The Cooper family is determined to govern our country to prosperity. It’s our duty to raise the living standard of our country, and we do not dare to take any credit for it. It’s our fault that the living standard of our country has deteriorated, we dare not deny.”

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