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Dominic Cooper was very clever. He didn’t say anything bad about Nathaniel Cooper. He proudly spoke about the hard work and contributions of the Cooper family to the country.

He emphasized on his status as part of the Cooper family with a clear intention. He was trying to give some credit to the Cooper family, and he was also trying to give some

credit to himself. He wanted to let the people of the country know that there was a powerful man like him in the Cooper family so that the people could recognize him and let him succeed

Nathaniel as the next President.

While speaking, Dominic glanced at the crowd and did not find any objections from the crowd. He nodded with satisfaction and said, “Now, please allow Nathaniel’s predecessor, the former President, to come out and say a few words to everyone.”

As soon as he finished speaking, Griffin Cooper walked out of the side door with Hannah Elliott and another man supporting him

Perhaps it was really because Nathaniel angered him, or perhaps the weather was too cold, Griffin seemed to be quite ill. Perhaps it was also because Griffin didn’t want the public to know that he pretended to be sick the last time and didn’t want to hand over the baton of authority to Nathaniel himself…

In short, Griffin did not look very good. It seemed that he needed to walk with assistance.

With help from Hannah and the other man, he walked for a

long time before he arrived at the center of the podium and came to Dominic’s side.

Just as he walked to the center of the podium, Griffin clutched his chest and started coughing violently. It took him quite a while to stop coughing.

He opened his mouth and wanted to speak, but he didn’t even make a sound. Tears welled up in his eyes again and again, and they didn’t stop for a long time.

Griffin wiped away his tears. The reporters and everyone else under the stage waited quietly. No one urged him. Some people were even moved by his grief and silently wiped their tears too.

After he abdicated as President, he had never appeared in

public again. He did not appear even for the inauguration of the new President during which he was expected to appear. He had been announcing to the public that he was in poor

health Now in the public’s eyes, it seemed really true that he was in poor health. This showed that he did not attend the new President’s inauguration ceremony for proper reasons.

Griffin had three sons. His eldest son died in an accident three years ago. His second son was exiled from Coast City And now, his third son was also killed in an accident… The

pain of the loss of his sons was so cruel to the old man. The circumstances in his family made people sympathize with him. In addition to his poignant performance, it was not surprising that the naive people of the country would be touched by him.

After a very long time, Griffin finally stopped crying. It was close to half an hour, or perhaps longer.

He calmed down, adjusted his voice, and said in a loud and

steady voice, “The loss of my children hurts me like a knife cutting through my heart.”

He took a deep breath and paused for a long time before he continued, “But what hurts me more is that we lost a good leader.”

At this moment, he was still thinking about the country and the people… Everyone who heard him speak through his trembling voice would surely be touched.

Nathaniel’s gaze swept across the crowd. While everyone was still immersed in sadness, he continued, “As the saying goes, a country can’t be without its leader. Even if we can’t bear to part with Nathaniel, we have to accept that he has already left us. Therefore, the most important thing for us to do next is to elect a new President.”

He looked at Dominic beside him and asked carefully, “Dominic, if you could take on this immense responsibility, can you continue to fulfill the great dream of making Country A powerful and prosperous on behalf of your dead brothers?”

Dominic was stunned, like he didn’t expect that Griffin would

suddenly say something like this. He said in a hurry, “Sir, it’s not that I don’t want to take on the responsibility, but I’m worried that the country will worry that I’m still young and can’t do the job well. I think it’s better for you to choose a successor that everyone is convinced of, to take over the position of the President, and he can lead us to great heights.”

Griffin asked well, and Dominic’s answer was also very pleasant. The two of them were behaving like singers in a harmonious duet. Their actions were complementary and in perfect harmony

Beneath the stage, a person spoke on behalf of the masses.

“Mr. Dominic Cooper, you are a member of the Cooper family. You carry the blood and genes of the Cooper family, but you are still modest and courteous. And you’ve been in the running of becoming the President before. You were the candidate for President previously. I think no one is more suitable for the position than you are.”

Someone else echoed, “Yes, yes, you are also a person who has been trained to be President before. At that time, you also campaigned against the current President in the election. Because of your modest character, you volunteered to quit the election and relinquished the position of President to your cousin. Now that something has happened to him, it may be his last wish for you to replace him.”

Another representative said, “Mr. Dominic, we believe in you and believe that you can lead our country well.”

Everyone continued speaking. One after another, all of them supported Dominic. Soon, besides the live audience and reporters, the audience in front of the TV all thought that Dominic was a good

person too. There was no problem for him to take over as

the next President.

Just when Griffin came out, Nathaniel, who witnessed all

this in front of the TV, felt chills running down his spine. Even in the warm room, his fingers turned cold. His cold and emotionless eyes stared at the grey-haired old man on the TV. He stared at the old man, as if he wanted to

see through the old man. Was this gray-haired old man really his biological father?

Was he really?

If it was so, would he be so eager to help another person fight for his position as the President?


Nathaniel sneered.


He found


entire situation

Perhaps that man had never treated him as his son, but at

this time, he had another ridiculous idea in his heart. He hoped that the man really did not get involved in what

was happening today, and hoped that the man was just

cheated and used by others as a bait.

It was ridiculous.

He was such a cunning old fox, how could he be used by others? Who could plot against him? Who could deceive and

use him?

Probably no one.

Nathaniel shook his head and hid the only trace of heartache in his eyes. Soon, his eyes appeared cold again, and he looked both broken and malicious.

“Jason!” Nathaniel called for his secretary

“Mr. President!” Jason Lesley opened the door quick and entered the room. He stood respectfully in front of Nathaniel.

“What are you waiting for?” As soon as he finished speaking, Nathaniel strode out. Jason was stunned and followed closely.

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