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In front of many cameras, Griffin continued to say, “I would like to thank the people who are still loyal to the country at such a critical moment. It is because of you that our country can be rich and powerful.”

Griffin gave a deep bow to everyone who was watching… In short, he had to put on a full act to keep the show going.

He saluted. Of course, the audience returned the salute too. At this time, a person rushed over and handed the report to Griffin. “Sir, this is the data on the country’s opinions on the Internet. It shows that the people support Mr. Dominic to be elected as the next President.”

Griffin flipped through the chart and checked the data. He nodded with satisfaction and then looked at Dominic. “Dominic, besides the audience we have here, there’s an 80% of voters’ approval on the Internet that supports you as President. The people’s expectations of you are high. Do you have any reason to decline the job?”

Dominic pretended to be in a dilemma. He clenched his fists and said hesitantly, “Uncle, it’s not that I don’t want to. It’s because …”

Among the audience, someone immediately took the lead and said, “Mr. Dominic, you must become the President. Please don’t refuse this.”

These scenes were rehearsed in advance. They just needed one person to voice an opinion out and the rest will follow suit. This would create the illusion that many people

supported him.

As the saying goes, the country could never be without its

leader. Since Nathaniel was in trouble, the most urgent thing to do now was to choose a new President to stabilize the country’s political situation.

As soon as something happened to Nathaniel, Dominic was the most senior member of the younger generation of the Cooper family. He was also the most probable candidate to succeed as the President.

At this time, it might be the best opportunity to recommend

Dominic as a candidate. No matter if it was Griffin, Hannah Elliot, or even Dominic himself, they would not miss this opportunity

The crowd cheered, “Mr. Dominic, you must be the President. Please take charge. Don’t turn this down.”

Everyone shouted in unison, and their voices were loud

enough to shake the heavens.

While everyone was cheering and shouting, Griffin whispered in Dominic’s ear, “Dominic, no one can stop you from becoming the President now. Boy, try your best. The future of the country will be in your hands.”

Dominic nodded with a smile. “My Uncle, don’t worry. The

future will belong to me, and to you.” Griffin indicated that he was very satisfied with what Dominic said, but he still sounded sad. “Sigh, if only my son

could be half as filial as you.”

At the thought of his own son, Griffin felt somewhat saddened and regretful.

Especially at such an old age, his three sons were either dead or exiled. However, he was more afraid of losing his power than losing his sons.

Therefore, in the balance of power and family, Griffin was inclined towards power, so he automatically gave up family.

He added, “When you are in position, whatever you want, not to mention the little girl of the Kyle family, or whichever girl you choose, how hard could that be now?”

“The little girl of the Kyle family? Uncle, do you think I really want her?” Dominic chuckled. Griffin really thought that he had a crush on the little girl of the Kyle family.

In his mind, power was more important than anything else. Karen Joy Kyle was nothing to him.

Dominic had to admit that she had good qualities. She was smart and talented, had a good figure and she was very pretty. She had a great personality and plenty of great traits.

But just because she was excellent and beautiful, must

Dominic choose to fancy her?

Perhaps, he did fancy her, but the reason why he liked her was not that she was excellent and beautiful. It was solely because she was Nathaniel’s one true love.

As long as it was something that belonged to Nathaniel, he wanted to snatch it all for himself. He had to get it all, just like how Nathaniel’s mother robbed everything that should have belonged to his mother.

Perhaps he wanted the little girl only because she had the Rovio empire backing her and she was related to the genius of the business world, Kevin Kyle.

After he takes his place as the President of Country A, if he could get the little girl and the support of Kevin Kyle of Rovio, he would be able to make Country A rich and prosperous.

Everyone was still cheering, even influencing the audience in front of the TV to cheer too. At this moment, all the people in the country were looking forward to his election, hoping that Dominic would nod and agree too.

Finally, Dominic slowly raised his hand to signal everyone to be quiet. Just as the noises calmed down, he opened his mouth slowly and said, “Since everyone is so confident in my capabilities, then why should I turn this down? As long as my people need me, I will try my best to serve them in the future.”

Standing next to Griffin, Hannah looked quietly at Dominic As she looked, her lips curled up slightly and she smiled gently.

She had endured the humiliation for 30 years and schemed for so long. Today, everything was finally done and she could finally breathe well.

That dead woman and her dead son could no longer stop this mother and son from moving forward.


Thinking of the dead woman, Hannah felt very relieved. That woman looked down on Hannah ever since she had been married into the Cooper family.

But what happened in the end?

In the end, she died tragically, but Hannah was instead living well as she watched her son ascend to the highest throne of Country A


Hannah called out to him silently. He was the son she had sent away under someone else’s care since he was born. He was in his twenties now, but he had never been in her arms.

If that woman hadn’t robbed everything that belonged to her, how could she live without dignity for 30 years?

Not only was she living so humbly without a proper identity, but she was also separated from her child. When they first met, Dominic didn’t even know that she was his biological


From now on, she finally didn’t have to wait any longer. Finally, she could reconcile with her son and for him to call her as his mother openly.

“Who gave you the courage to spread rumors everywhere and disrupt the country’s harmony?”

Suddenly, a cold and familiar voice came from behind,

forcing Hannah back to reality.

She looked back and saw something unbelievable. Nathaniel was slowly walking toward her with

graceful steps

“Nathaniel Cooper?”

Many people at the scene shouted his name at the same time. All of them widened their eyes and looked at the tall figure coming toward them.

Was it really Nathaniel?

Why was he still alive?

What was going on?

Many people at the scene were extremely confused.

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