My Husband Warm the Bed- 944

Nathaniel Cooper’s sudden appearance shocked everyone on the scene so much that their eyes almost fell to the ground.

Obviously, they had completely believed that the death of the President yesterday was a fact, and no one had ever thought that it would be a rumor.

After all, since the rumors spread, no one in North Palace officially stood out to clarify the situation.

The staff from North Palace staff did not clarify

anything, so it indirectly confirmed the fact that the

President was killed.

Unexpectedly, when everyone had accepted the fact that the President had been killed and were ready to welcome the new President, the President appeared in front of them


The President stood straight, with his signature gentle and elegant smile that everyone was familiar with

Just like the kind and approachable Mr. President in their mind!

“Is it really Mr. President?”

“Am I seeing something wrong?”

Someone tried to question him, because he couldn’t even figure out whether this was a dream or a reality.

Some people were so surprised that they thought they were hallucinating. They rubbed their eyes hard and then opened their eyes to see if he was really the President.

Some people even thought that the President resurrected

because he missed his citizens. Everyone looked at each other. For a moment, no one broke

the silence.

After a long while, while the crowd was still silent, Griffin finally uttered, “Nathaniel?”

Compared to the surprise of the people, Griffin’s surprise was no less than theirs. Hence, he was dumbstruck for a

long time. Griffin never took a liking to his son, Nathaniel. He didn’t

even want to admit that Nathaniel was his son.

There were many reasons why he didn’t like Nathaniel, so much so that he couldn’t even state them clearly.

Perhaps it was because Nathaniel’s personality was completely different from his, or perhaps it was because he couldn’t control this unwavering and independent son of his.

Nathaniel, as his son, disobeyed him, and he would go against him all the time. Nathaniel even arranged for the assassination of his most beloved oldest son. There were so many grudges between them. In any case, it

was impossible for Griffin to love Nathaniel like a normal

father would

Today, he also received the news of Nathaniel’s death, so he rushed to take charge of the overall situation despite the heavy snow, but he never imagined that Nathaniel was in actual fact, completely unharmed.

Seeing that Nathaniel was standing in front of him, Griffin had a myriad of thoughts in his mind. He had all kinds of feelings that he couldn’t voice out. Perhaps, when he saw that Nathaniel was still alive, he was a little happy.

After all, no matter how much he disliked his son Nathaniel, he was still his flesh and blood.

Although he hated Nathaniel, hated that he was out of his control, and hated that he always went against him, he never thought about really getting rid of Nathaniel.

Now, seeing that Nathaniel came back alive, Griffin didn’t

feel as annoyed as he thought he would

In a very short period of time, not only did Griffin have a lot of thoughts in his mind, Hannah Elliott had more thoughts

than he did.

Hannah was a very calm person, and also a person who was good at disguising herself. Otherwise, she could not have

endured for 30 years.

When she saw Nathaniel, she first thought that it was unbelievable and she was not willing to believe it, but it only took her a very short time to hide her true feelings.

She stood calmly beside Griffin, but both her hands had clenched into fists, which betrayed what she was trying to hide.

In just a short period of time, Nathaniel’s gaze swept across the stage and the audience and he studied everyone’s expressions well. Then, he spoke again, “Secretary Lesley, who was the one who spread the news of my death on the

Internet?” Jason Lesley rushed forward with the information in his hands and answered respectfully, “Mr. President, we’ve found out who spread the rumors arrested m.”

Nathaniel nodded. “Very well.”

Jason continued, “Whoever spread the rumors, we will check one by one. We will find out why they did this.”

Nathaniel nodded again.

“How could it be? How could you be alive? Nathaniel, why can’t you just die?” Dominic lost his cool after seeing him out of the blue. Seeing that the position of the President was about to be taken away from him again, he didn’t want to pretend anymore. He didn’t want to pretend to be a cowardly fool anymore. He shouted out loud regardless of the circumstances.

“I’m sorry! Sorry to disappoint all of you, I am not dead.” Nathaniel glanced at Dominic, and then looked at Griffin. The smile on his face became wider

These people, including his biological father, had all been looking forward to his death.

Now he was in front of them and saw their surprised and

panicky expressions, he felt very satisfied. Dominic was shouting like a madman, “Nathaniel, I’ve

ordered my men to tamper with your helicopter. My men saw you get on the helicopter and confirmed that it crashed at Misty Mountain. How can you still be alive? No, no.. You can’t be alive. It’s absolutely impossible. You’re a fake. You’re not Nathaniel, you’re just an impostor who is wearing Nathaniel’s face as a mask.”

“Dominic!” Standing on the side, Hannah, who had been concealing her true emotions and keeping silent the whole time, couldn’t help to rebuke him.

She gritted her teeth and had endured it all for 30 years. She was not afraid of waiting for another few years. She had always believed that as long as they lived well, anything could still happen in their living years.

So what if Nathaniel came back alive?

This time, she didn’t kill him. There was still a lot of time left.

There would always be a chance when she would have

Nathaniel disappear from this world.

There would always be another chance…

She could think of a way to put an end to the woman who was blocking her way, how could she not do that with Nathaniel? It was not that she couldn’t do it, but she needed some time.

As long as she had enough time, she could wait for another

ten or twenty years. She would definitely get the right


“Why are you shouting at me? You know this too, Nathaniel got on the helicopter, he can’t be alive. This Nathaniel must be a fake.” Hannah had suffered for 30 years with grit, and she didn’t mind waiting longer to achieve her goal. But not Dominic, he didn’t want to wait even for another minute.

He had lost the chance to sit on the President’s seat once, he didn’t want to lose it again, because this might be his only chance in his lifetime.

Dominic knew clearly that if he failed to grab the position of President again this time, he probably couldn’t do so in the future.

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