My Husband Warm the Bed- 945

It was because he knew that this was his last chance to seize the position as President, thus Dominic Cooper was so anxious.

Once someone became anxious, they would behave impulsively. Once they were impulsive, they wouldn’t care about anything else. That was why he was so stupid to blurt

out his plan. Now that he wasn’t listening, Hannah Elliott didn’t want to waste anymore time on him. If he continued to talk about it,

he would drag her down too.


Hannah swung her arm and slapped Dominic’s face, and a bright red mark appeared on his face.

At the same time, Dominic obediently shut his mouth and stared at Hannah in confusion. He wanted to retort, but he didn’t know what to say.

This slap hit Dominic’s face, but it was really painful in Hannah’s heart. After all, he was her son, and any blow she inflicted on him hurt her twice as much internally.

He was her biological child, and she had never been willing to hurt even a strand of his hair. However, presently, she had to give him a hard slap in front of everyone.

Deep down, Hannah was deeply furious about Nathaniel Cooper’s appearance.

But soon, Hannah hid her true emotions again. She turned her head to look at the man beside her and said, “Clarence, Mr. Dominic has been in poor health recently and has been talking nonsense. Please escort him back to rest first, and

then request for a doctor to check on him.” Hannah was quite smart and cunning. In such a short time,

she had already thought of a way to save Dominic. She wanted to suggest that there was something wrong with Dominic’s mental health, which was to say that he was just spewing nonsense. Then, this would mean that his words earlier about tampering with the helicopter were neither credible or reliable.

“Yes, I’ll send Mr. Dominic back right away.” The burly man, Clarence Davis, listened for the order and immediately came forward to grab Dominic. Hannah reacted quickly, and so did Jason Lesley. He

stepped forward and stood in front of Dominic. “This is the

news conference hall of North Palace, not a shopping mall.

It’s not a place where you can come and go as you wish.” Clarence was a little anxious. “What do you want?”

What do I want?” Jason sneered and blocked Clarence and Dominic’s way. He waved his hand and a guard immediately came forward. He ordered, “Dominic just admitted that he ordered his men to do something to Mr. President’s helicopter, so we have to bring him back for an investigation.”

“Yes, it’s me. I asked someone to do something to Nathaniel’s helicopter, but so what? Where is the evidence? Bring out the evidence and prove that I am the mastermind behind the scenes.” After that, Dominic laughed loudly.

“Mr. Dominic, I think you may have forgotten that there are a lot of cameras on you. All the people in the country have heard what you just said. They might be witnesses to your case of attempted murder.” Jason said unhurriedly and then he smiled. He stepped back and said, “Mr. Dominic, please comply with protocols and give your statement.

“How dare you! Try and touch me if you dare!” Dominic thought that the guards did not dare to touch him. He stepped forward and said, “Let me tell you this, this position should have been mine. I’m your President. You’d better obey my orders and i’ll spare your lives.”

The guards were loyal to Nathaniel, so they would not care about Dominic. As long as their master gave them a look,

they would know what to do.

The two police officers rushed forward. Each of them grabbed hold of Dominic’s arms and twisted it backward. Immediately, he heard Dominic’s shrill scream, “Let go! Let go of me!”

“Take him away.” Jason spoke for Nathaniel. The guard

received the order and did not delay for a second. He

dragged Dominic away and left.

“Mom, Mom.. Save me! Save me! You can’t let these people take me away. No, absolutely not! If they take me away, you won’t see me again!” Dominic struggled and roared, but he still couldn’t escape his fate of being taken away by the guards.

Hannah opened her mouth, but in the end, she did not utter any words. She could only watch helplessly as Dominic was taken away by the guards. She could do nothing about it.

She wanted to stand out to save Dominic and reveal his background, but she knew that it was not the right time. She had to wait for the right moment.

Therefore, she forcibly pulled herself back.

At this time, she had probably guessed that Nathaniel was trying to lure snakes out of the hole by playing their own tricks. He wanted to catch them all.

She knew clearly about Nathaniel’s plan and knew that she couldn’t stop him by herself, so she couldn’t be too anxious. She gritted her teeth and swallowed her pain.

Nathaniel just stood there without saying a word. His subordinate had already done what was needed to be done.

After Dominic was taken away, Jason continued to speak for the President. “Dear citizens, don’t worry, We won’t leave anyone who wants to murder the President behind. We can’t tolerate anyone who wants to destroy the stability and prosperity of our country. Now, everyone could leave. Carry on with your tasks.”

After Jason said those words, the reporters and audiences

in the room dispersed.

At this time, only four people were left in the news conference hall. They were Nathaniel, Jason, Hannah, and Griffin

Nathaniel turned around and left, but Hannah stopped him and said, “Mr. President, please hold on.”

Nathaniel stopped. He looked back at Hannah and asked,

“What can I do for you, Ms. Elliot?”

Hannah said, “I’ll make a deal with you.”

Nathaniel stared at her and asked, “What do you have that

you can make a deal with me?”

Hannah added, “If you return Dominic to me, i’ll give you what you want.” Nathaniel smiled and responded, “Madam Elliot, you are just a stray dog here, with no proper status or identity. What do

you think you have that can make me exchange Dominic’s

life with you?”

“That little girl from the Kyle family,” Hannah said slowly. She

knew very well how important Karen Joy Kyle was to Nathaniel, so she had already made prior arrangements.

Hearing that Hannah used Karen Joy to threaten him, Nathaniel smiled gently, but there was a strong murderous intent in his eyes. He ignored Hannah and immediately dialed Karen Joy Kyle’s phone.

He called her. Almost immediately, Karen Joy answered the phone. Her anxious voice came from the phone, “Brother Lionel…”

Karen Joy was holding back tears and couldn’t say anything besides his name.

“Karen, are you at home? Is Blake there? Is Captain Brown

there?” Nathaniel asked Karen Joy a few questions without

caring for her emotions.

“Brother Lionel, I am at home, and they are also here. I will be fine. You can focus on your work. I will wait for you at home.” Karen Joy said thoughtfully,

Karen Joy was worried about Nathaniel’s safety for an entire day and night already. When she saw him appearing on the TV, she was so excited that she wanted to fly to him immediately. But she had restrained herself because Brother Lionel had something very important to deal with.

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