My Husband Warm the Bed- 946

Karen Joy Kyle knew Brother Lionel’s intentions behind his current plan, and this was related to the country’s current stability and his future safety.

At this moment, even though Karen Joy had a thousand

words in her heart that she wanted to say to Nathaniel Cooper, she held them all back. At such a critical moment, she couldn’t afford for Brother Lionel to be distracted.


The more considerate Karen Joy was and the quieter she

became, and the more Nathaniel blamed himself. He just

called out her name, but he didn’t know what to say to her.

During the period when he faked his death, he could not see how much she was worried about him. Judging from the time she called Jason Lesley, and then Serene, he could see that she must be very anxious.

He always said that he wanted to protect her well and not let her suffer anymore, but yet he would always make her

worry about him.

“Brother Lionel, I’m doing fine. You don’t have to worry about me. As long as you come back to me safe and sound!” She would not blame him for hiding this from her, nor would she blame him for making her worry. She only wanted him to return to her side safely.

The first time she heard about Brother Lionel’s helicopter crash, Karen Joy felt that the sky was falling. That kind of despair was not something Karen Joy wanted to experience again.

“Okay,” Nathaniel nodded heavily. “Karen, stay put at home. I

will come to you later.” After telling her this, Nathaniel reluctantly hung up the phone.

As soon as he hung up the phone, he heard Hannah Elliot immediately say, “Nathaniel, your little lover is still fine, isn’t


Nathaniel stared at Hannah coldly. “Of course she is fine.”

He had sent so many people to be at Karen Joy’s side, Blake

White and Neil Brown were with her too. Of course, she would be okay.. The fact that Nathaniel still called Karen Joy immediately proved that he cared too much about the little girl.

Hannah suddenly laughed and said, “Ha, ha, ha.. Then let’s wait and see. If I don’t teach you a lesson, you would still think that I’m just fooling with you.”

Nathaniel raised his eyebrows and said, “Hannah, if you want to save your son, show a better attitude and I may let him go. But…” He smiled. “Now I’ve made up my mind. For a prick who’s playing tricks behind my back, I will make him die a terrible death.” Hannah was confident that she was able to make Nathaniel

surrender, that was why she was very arrogant. “Nathaniel,

you may not believe me, so I will do something to show it to


“Then I will wait for your show.” Nathaniel was also laughing, but his smile was different from Hannah’s. His smile made Hannah Elliot feel like he was just looking at a clown. А like this provoked Hannah greatly, and she had a strong sense of dignity. She glanced mercilessly at Nathaniel and spoke to the mini microphone hanging on her body, “Our Mr. President doesn’t believe me. Let’s blow the first explosive up and show it to him.”

However, the other party did not answer Hannah in time. After waiting for a few seconds, there was a voice from the other side, “Madam, something bad has happened. Our hideouts have been spotted, the bomb we have loaded has been deactivated..”

“What?” Hannah had always been able to confront Nathaniel

because she thought she still had a trump card in her hand

which could absolutely suppress Nathaniel’s power.

Unexpectedly, when she was ready to attack with her trump card, her people told her that it had been destroyed.

The man on the other side repeated, “Madam, our hidden bombs have been deactivated, and our strongholds have also been searched. Now, only Number 19 and I have escaped…

Before he was done speaking, another voice came from the other side of the phone. “Chase those who ran away, we must get them all.”

The men behind them chased so fast, and the man on the phone no longer cared about Hannah. He threw the phone and ran away

“Hey, hey…” No matter how Hannah shouted, no one answered her. She guessed what had happened.

The last trump card in her hand that could contain Nathaniel had been destroyed. Now she had nothing left. She was even more pathetic than a stray dog.


She was so angry that she smashed the phone on the ground and said angrily, “Such useless men! They are just scaring you but you’re already frightened out of your wits.

She turned back to look at Griffin Cooper like an evil ghost and said, “This is what your good son did. It’s not enough for

the mother and son to destroy me. Do you still want them to destroy our son too?”

Griffin listened throughout the conversation, and he also watched them attentively. He slowly opened his mouth and said, “Who on earth is Dominic to you?” “Who is Dominic to me?” Hannah stared at him with hatred,

anger, and deep helplessness in her eyes. “He’s not just

anybody. He’s our son, our biological son.” “Our son?” Griffin was extremely shocked. “He’s our son! But why.. Why didn’t you tell me earlier?”

“Why didn’t I tell you earlier? Haha… Hannah laughed, but she burst into tears. “Griffin, i’ve been by your side all the time. You don’t even know that I gave birth to a son for you. How dare you ask me why didn’t I tell you? If you care about

me a little, you will definitely know.” Griffin had always admitted that he had let Hannah down.

So when Hannah said these words, he couldn’t say anything to refute. However, he knew he needed to say something. Afterthinking for a while, he said, “I admit that I have neglectedyou… But when you gave birth to the child, why didn’t you let me know?”

After all, he had never known that he still had a son. He had watched him grow up, but that child had always called him Uncle. Hannah sneered and said, “If I had told you, can you

guarantee that you would not have told anyone? If your wifehad discovered it, not only would I have died, my son would surely have been killed too. That woman is cruel and vicious, in order to have her son be the President, she would have used any means to make that happen.”

“Because you are afraid that she will get rid of you and your son, so you have to get rid of her before she could take any action against you. This time, Jackie Leves came up and spoke. He was questioning this woman on behalf of Nathaniel. “Yes!” Perhaps she felt that she had already come to a dead

end, so Hannah admitted frankly, “She could not get rid of

me, so I had to get rid of her first. We could not have lived in

this world together. That woman… Actually, she was so

stupid. She was so stupid that she didn’t even know how

she died.”

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