My Husband Warm the Bed- 947

Hannah Elliot had finally admitted to it! She had admitted that she was the murderer who killed

Nathaniel Cooper’s mother! Hannah’s confession was a little provocative, as if she was saying, ‘I killed that woman, but what can you do about it?’

Her words were like a knife, stabbing on Nathaniel’s wound once again

She looked at Nathaniel and noticed that there was a calm look on his face. She could even vaguely see that there was a faint smile on the corner of Nathaniel’s lips.

Nathaniel was so calm that he made Hannah think that the dead woman they were talking about was not his mother or even someone who had nothing to do with him at all.

Just as she was staring at Nathaniel, seeking a trace of pain in his eyes, his eyes then fell on her.

Having attracted Nathaniel’s attention, Hannah was excited.

She laughed, almost like a madman, and said, “Nathaniel, not only you couldn’t protect your mother, but you also let the murderer who had killed her to stay free for so

long. Do you feel the pain? Do you feel the hatred?” She continued, “You must hate me so much that you can’t wait to kill me. But even if you kill me, your d*mned mother won’t come back to life.”

The proudest thing that Hannah had ever done in her entire life was getting rid of Griffin Cooper’s wife, the official First Lady of Country A.

Who was that damned woman?

She was the daughter of the powerful Collins family in

Coast City. She had been doted on since she was a child. When she grew up, it was natural for her to become Griffin’s wife and the First Lady. In Hannah’s view, that damned woman was not as good looking as she was, and she was not as smart as her too.

Moreover, she didn’t even know how to win a man’s heart…

She could become the First Lady was only because she was

born into a powerful family.

The only thing that Hannah was not proud of was her family background. It was because of her background, which was so poor, that she couldn’t be with Griffin.

She thought that if her family was rich and powerful and was able to be a stepping stone for Griffin at that time, the title of the First Lady would be her and not that woman from

the Collins family.

For men to stabilize their status, they would choose a woman who could help them, and a woman who could help his family. In Hannah’s opinion, it was totally understandable. Therefore, she had never hated Griffin but instead, she had put all her hatred for not being able to mary Griffin on that woman from the Collins family.

Over the years, she had consolidated her strengths in secret and searched for a group of talents to work for her. After years of hard work and preparation, she finally was able to kill that damned woman from the Collins family.

“Hate you?” Nathaniel was literally laughing, but his smile

was disdainful. “Hannah, you may have thought too highly of

yourself. I am a kind and soft-hearted person so I will never

kill you. I will let you live well and let you watch how your

son dies.”

Hannah knew how to use Nathaniel’s deceased mother to

attack him. But Nathaniel was not a kind person too, he knew what Hannah cared about too.

“Nathaniel, do you dare to though? Don’t forget about the image that you have created for yourself in front of the people of this country. Dominic is one of the Cooper family.” Hannah thought that Nathaniel wouldn’t dare to do so, but when she thought of the death of Nathaniel’s elder brother, she couldn’t help but to shudder in her heart with fear.

Nathaniel smiled.

Dare not?

There was no such thing in his world, nothing that he wouldn’t dare to do.

If he couldn’t even get rid of Dominic Cooper, who was always against him, then how could he have the ability to be

the President?

Jackie Leves added, “Hannah, since you’ve told us so many things, then let me tell you one thing.”

Jackie was Nathaniel’s best friend. They were not the kindest people so they were especially good at treating others exactly how they were being treated.

“Do you know why your son was so stupid to have told the truth in front of so many cameras? Do you know why our people had managed to find out where the bombs were?” Hannah was great at playing mind games, so did Jackie. He wasn’t any worse than Hannah in utilizing psychological tactics.

Hannah glared at Jackie and said coldly, “Who the hell are you? What right do you have to stand here and say these words to me?”

Jackie said slowly, “You don’t need to know who I am, I just want to tell you that the reason why your son had said all

those is because his food has tampered. Therefore, whenever he is agitated, the drug will take effect, and he will speak out without holding anything back.”

Hannah asked, “Who is that person?”

Jackie ignored her question and continued to say

slowly, “Also, we were able to successfully exterminate the bombs that you have planted was because we have our

men among yours.

Jackie shook his head and said disappointedly, “Hannah, you are such a smart person. You knew how to place spies among our men so why haven’t you thought that we would use this trick too?”

Hannah gritted her teeth with hatred and asked, “Who are they? Tell me, who are they?” Even if she was going to die, she would drag those who had betrayed her with her. “It’s me.” A male voice sounded. The door was pushed open, and Zuriel Perth stepped in. With a calm look on his face, he walked towards Hannah unhurriedly.

“It’s you!” Judging from Hannah’s eyes and tone, it was not difficult to tell that she really had never thought that the spy would be Zuriel.

Because of Karen Joy Kyle, Zuriel was once not on good terms with Nathaniel, so he was gradually neglected by Nathaniel. Not only was he neglected in their daily lives, but he was also undervalued in his work.

It was for a long time that Zuriel had been complaining and badmouthing Nathaniel to Dominic every single day behind Nathaniel’s back.

Just as he was frustrated, Dominic had seized the opportunity and introduced him to Hannah.

Hannah was a very cautious person. After knowing Zuriel,

she did not immediately make use of Zuriel. Instead, she made him go through a long probation period.

After the probation period, Hannah had confirmed that Zuriel was cleared of any suspicions. It was only then that she had allowed Zuriel, who was full of resentment towards Nathaniel, to officially join their organization.

Zuriel, a person who was always in disagreement with Nathaniel, was neglected by him in his daily life and work, and he had always complained about Nathaniel every day.

However, he was actually a spy whom Nathaniel had At the very moment when Hannah saw Zuriel, she was not


willing to believe that Zuriel was actually the spy who

Nathaniel had arranged to infiltrate among them.

However, after thinking about it thoroughly, Hannah finally understood.

Zuriel, who had been so highly valued and put in an important position by Nathaniel, would never betray Nathaniel just because Nathaniel wanted to be with a little girl

She should have thought of this, but she did not expect that it was her stupidity and carelessness that had made her fall into Nathaniel and Zuriel’s nasty trap.

Hannah was so angry that she was thumping her chest and stomping her feet, but there was nothing else that she could do.

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