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Hannah Elliott tilted her head and looked at Griffin Cooper who was standing aside and remaining silent. She asked calmly, “Are you going to save our son or not?”

Griffin was her last hope. If even Griffin could not save her son, she would be completely defeated in this white war.

Yes! He would!

Of course, he would save his son!

In Griffin’s heart, he really wanted to save Dominic Cooper, but it was not up to him to decide what to do here. It would

all depend on Nathaniel Cooper.

Under Hannah’s gaze, Griffin quietly looked at Nathaniel and said, “Nathaniel, you have heard it. Dominic is your biological brother. He is young, so he was not mature enough to think things through before doing them. As his elder brother, just don’t take it so seriously.” Griffin was also there when Hannah confessed that she was

to one who had murdered Nathaniel’s mother, but he didn’t

mention a word about it at all. What’s more, Griffin even had

the audacity to ask Nathaniel to forgive Dominic just

because he was his younger brother.

“My younger brother? I am my mother’s only child. I have no impression of her giving birth to a younger brother for me at all.” Nathaniel smiled slightly and gave Griffin a reply. Perhaps, it could be said that his words were like a hard slap on Griffin’s face.

In the past, Nathaniel would always encounter such unfair incidents at home, but his mother had always told him that his father was particularly strict on him because he had the

highest expectations for him.

He was young so he wasn’t able to see Griffin’s true nature.

He thought that his father had really loved him.

Finally, Nathaniel had a clear look at Griffin’s character. His mother was Griffin’s wife, but Griffin had never loved nor cared about her as his wife. He had only regarded her as a

stepping stone for him to climb to the highest levels of


“Nathaniel..” Griffin was embarrassed, trying to use a cough to cover up the embarrassment in his heart. “Just think about it again. We are a family after all. As the saying goes, birds of a different feather don’t flock together .”

“Think about it again? Griffin Cooper, how dare you say that.” Nathaniel interrupted him harshly and even called him by his full name.

Nathaniel never intended to argue with this group of people, but Griffin’s behavior had really made him sick and he couldn’t stand it anymore. “Your wife, my mother was killed by Hannah. You heard everything but you didn’t even flinch, and now you want me to let go of your illegitimate child. Do you really think that I’m that stupid?”

After listening to Nathaniel’s words, not only Griffin did not repent, he continued with even more shameful words, “Your mother has passed away and she can’t be brought back to life anymore, on the other hand, your brother is still alive… There can’t be any more killing among the Cooper family. Moreover, Hannah is a kind-hearted woman. She didn’t mean to harm your mother. It happened only because she was afraid.”

“Oh… Is that so? Then I will let you have a good look at how 1, who is such a kind-hearted person, will accidentally kill Dominic.” Nathaniel sneered.

Griffin’s words had completely cut off the very last trace of the father-son relationship between him and Nathaniel. Nathaniel no longer wanted to look at him so he lifted his long legs and turned around to leave.

“He is leaving already, are you not going to chase after him?” Seeing that Nathaniel had left, Griffin was not in a hurry at all, but Hannah was extremely anxious.

“He had already made it so clear. What else do you want me to do?” It wasn’t that Griffin didn’t want to save his son, but he knew it very well that there was nothing else that he could do after witnessing Nathaniel’s attitude just now. In the past, when Nathaniel was a teenager, he had thought

of training him to be his successor. However, that kid was

not ambitious and didn’t know how to act according to his cue. After seeing that Nathaniel had no potential of becoming his successor, he then gave up on him.

He knew that Nathaniel hated him and he definitely wouldn’t let Dominic go so he didn’t want to make a fool of himself. “Griffin, Dominic is our son. He’s our son. Listen here carefully.” Hannah roared.

She thought that she was in control of everything and that she would surely win. But in the end, she found out that she was the one who was being fooled all this while.

When she thought that she might not be able to save Dominic, her body suddenly went limp, as if all of her strength had been drained out.

However, just before her strength was completely drained, she suddenly rushed to Zuriel Perth like a madman, she grabbed his arm and bit him fiercely. “What did Dominic and I do to you that you have to frame us like this?”

Zuriel shook Hannah off and said, “Since you’re asking, I

would like to ask you too. Has our Mr. President ever let you and your son down? How have the two of you treated him then?”

Hannah said eloquently, “He is from the Cooper family, he is the child of the woman from the Collins family, he is the President of Country A… These are the things he had owed us.”

Zuriel wanted to continue, but he saw that Jackie Leves was waving his hand at him, he immediately understood what Jackie meant, so he nodded and quickly moved backwards.

Jackie came forward once again and asked, “Are you also involved in the extermination of the Leaves family?” “Me?” Hannah laughed with tears in her eyes. “You are thinking too highly of me. The Leaves family was so powerful at that time. How could a powerless woman like me be able

to deal with them?”

“Hannah, we have already found the evidence of your

collusion with that old man of the Silas family. Don’t try to deny it anymore.” Jackie said as he clenched his fists. The old man of the Silas family was involved in the extermination of the Leaves family and Jackie and his men had already found the conclusive evidence which could

prove that

Most of the time, the truth would be cruel. It was so cruel

that people wouldn’t be able to accept it and it was not something that they could accept by choice. “That’s right. The Silas family was involved in the massacre

of the Elves family.” Now that things had come to this point, Hannah had nothing else to hide. “But it’s not easy for them to destroy such a powerful family by themselves.”

Jackie asked again, “Then who else was involved?”

“You really want to know?” Hannah shrugged. “But I don’t want to tell you.”

“Say it.” Jackie clenched his fists again. He wished he could just strangle this old woman in front of him. He wouldn’t pity her just because she was a woman.

Hannah added, “You care so much about the Leaves family’s

affairs and you can even enter the North Palace as you wish,

and on top of that, you were with Serene at the press

conference… Are you that Jackie Leves who had gone

missing? The son of the Leves family whom we all did not

know is dead or alive?”

Through a few guesses, Hannah immediately revealed Jackie’s identity. No one would dare to say that she was not smart.

She was smart, but she had used her intelligence in the wrong place. Moreover, the enemy who she was facing right now was even smarter than her.

If that wasn’t the case, she could already be the winner. She added, “If you have to blame someone, then blame the Leaves family for being too arrogant. They had completely forgotten who was supposed to be the real master here.”

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