My Husband Warm the Bed- 949

Anyone who had heard Hannah Elliot’s words knew that the person she was referring to was Griffin Cooper.

But so what if they knew that she was referring to Griffin?

Who knew if Hannah was just talking nonsense? As long as there was no evidence, it was impossible for

Jackie to do anything to Griffin. When everyone’s eyes were on Griffin, he coughed again and said, “Hannah, is it more important to save your son or to talk nonsense with them now? Do you still want to save your son?”

Hannah looked towards his direction and her eyes were fixed on him. She said while sizing him up. “Griffin, are you threatening me? I have been with you without an official identity for so many years and have even given birth to a song for you. How dare you threaten me?” “What nonsense are you talking about?” Griffin frowned. He

was very dissatisfied with Hannah’s attitude, but he mustn’t lose his temper at this time.

Hannah had been with Griffin for decades. She was involved in all the things that he had done while he had never hidden anything from her too.

Therefore, he knew that if he offended Hannah, things would not end well for him.

After thinking for a while, he said, “What do you mean that I’m threatening you? Do you think there is anything more important than saving Dominic now?”

“You are not threatening me? I think that you might even be

thinking of how to get rid of me already.” Both of them were cruel people.

The reason why Hannah had thought so was because if she was Griffin, she would immediately find a way to get rid of the people who had been with her for many years if she thought that they will possibly get into any trouble, and the sooner the better.

Griffin’s face darkened. Hannah really knew him very well, he thought. She knew him so well that he would never be able to hide the fleeting thoughts in his mind from her.

In the past, Griffin felt that it was a good thing to have such a considerate woman by his side to help him solve


As he thought about it, Hannah was just a time bomb that could explode at any time, blowing him up and crushing him into pieces.

Therefore, he must tear down this bomb. Otherwise, he would be the one who would be destroyed instead. Griffin thought about it and instantly made a decision in his heart.

He looked at Hannah, and Hannah was also looking at him. In the past, they were both pleasing to each other’s eyes, but now, it was the exact opposite.

At that moment, Griffin felt a deep regret and hatred for Hannah. Hannah had been with him for decades, but he was being fooled by her for the entire time and had never seen her true nature.

As she was looking at Griffin, Hannah suddenly came up with an idea. She immediately looked at Jackie Leves and said, “Jackie, as long as you promise to save my son, I will tell you the truth about the extermination of the Elves family.”

Griffin would never believe in her anymore and she could no

longer rely on him.

No, to be precise, Griffin was never a reliable man. He was

not a man who could give women a sense of security. Hannah was a clear headed person. In a very short time, she

could already see the whole situation clearly.

She knew that the person who could save Dominic Cooper

now was Jackie.

She had killed the woman from the Collins family, and no other woman had since appeared by Griffin’s side, so she had successfully become Griffin’s one and only woman.

Over the years, she had endured all the humiliation and stayed with him without a clear identity because she wanted

to prove that she was Griffin’s only woman.

Since she had already achieved her goal, Griffin was naturally of no use to her. Hannah would not so stupid to still have any affection for the man who had already thought of killing her

If she could save her son’s life just by exposing what had

happened that year, she would not hesitate one bit to put

this old man out.

However, Jackie did not answer Hannah’s question. Instead, he gave her an enigmatic smile and left with the people around him

Both Nathaniel and Jackie knew very well who the murderer of the Leves family was, but it was just that they were short of solid evidence to prove it.

Now that Hannah’s only son, Dominic, was in their hands, how could Jackie allow Hannah to have the upper hand? He had plenty of ways to make Hannah hand over the evidence to them personally.

“Let Hannah go, and send someone to follow after her. Report her every move to me.” Jackie ordered his men as he walked.

“Yes.” After receiving the order, Daryl Leves turned around and left.

Zuriel Perth and Jackie were walking side by side. Their families were one of the richest and the most powerful families in Country A, there was no differences in their

social statuses.

Along the way, the two of them did not utter a word at all. After a short while, Jackie suddenly stopped and turned to look at Zuriel. “Master Perth, have you not blamed on Nathaniel at all?”

Zuriel was stunned and then said, “Of course I have. I’ve

been with him for so many years, but he had actually neglected me for a little girl. I was really angry. I was so angry that I wanted to betray him so that he could pay attention to me.”

Jackie looked at Zuriel with a strange look and said, “Master Perth, you have been single for so many years. Don’t tell me that you actually like men?”

“Master Leves, what are you talking about?” Zuriel shook his head and sighed. “Luck is really not on my side. I was not able to meet a gentle and considerate girl like Miss Silas, so I’m destined to be lonely and miserable for my whole life.” When it came to Serene Silas, the look on Jackie’s face immediately darkened. Although the murder of the Leves

family was related to the Silas family but the innocent

Serene was put out as a human shield for the Silas family.

All the evidence which was pointing to Serene must be fabricated by the people of the Silas family.

He didn’t know what the Silas family’s mentality was. They had deliberately forged a fake document and pushed the clueless and innocent Serene into this deep mess.

If he continued to be obstinate and unwilling to believe in Serene, something tragic might have already happened to


“Master Leves, look, the snow has finally stopped and the sun is coming out.” Zuriel looked out of the window and skillfully changed the topic.

Jackie also turned his head to look out of the window. The white snow which was outside the window was shining brightly. Although it was very glaring, he did not look away at all.

After staring at the sun for a while, Jackie said slowly. “When the sun comes out, the mist will soon be gone, and everything will then be fine.”

Yes, everything would be fine!

His words did not only mean that the weather would be getting better, but they were also referring to the current situation.

They had worked together to wipe out those mobs and gave the North Palace, which Nathaniel was in charge of, a bright future.

However, there was still one last step to go, which was to get the evidence from Hannah and to find out the real murderer who had exterminated the entire Leves family.

Then that would bring peace to the dozen of lost souls of the Leves family.

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