My Husband Warm the Bed- 950

The sun was gradually warming up the city which had been snowing heavily for the entire week.

However, the sunshine that could warm the city may not be able to warm the people’s hearts, especially those who had never felt the affection of their families.

Nathaniel Cooper stood before his mother’s grave and quietly looked at his mother who was smiling in the picture. His expression looked calm, but there was a surge of emotions in his heart.

Since many years ago, he knew that his father’s love for him was superficial. It seemed like he loved him, but that wasn’t really the case.

In fact, his kindness to Nathaniel was to make Nathaniel become the target of his own political enemy. This was why Nathaniel had been attacked multiple times which had resulted in serious injuries.

If he hadn’t been so lucky and survived, his body might have already been rotting in the ground, let alone to see such bright sunshine today

Not only had he never treated Nathaniel as his son, he was even being indifferent when he had heard that his lover had killed his own wife. Griffin’s attitude had made Nathaniel doubt more than once

that Hannah was the only one who had caused the death of

his mother a year ago and that it had nothing to do with

Griffin at all

Thinking of Griffin’s attitude not long ago and looking at his mother’s grave, Nathaniel couldn’t help but feel sad. “Mom,

you saw it didn’t you? That man is the man who you have devoted your whole life to look at what he had done to you?”

“You knew it clearly that he doesn’t love you, and you know that he had been taking advantage of you. Why were you so stupid to stay by his side? In the end, you had even lost your life because of him.”

“For a man who doesn’t love you, do you think everything you have done was worth it? Just touch your heart and ask, was it really worth it?”

In one go, Nathaniel had spoken a lot. Those words were the words that had been accumulating in his heart throughout the years. He had always wanted to say it to his mother but he couldn’t say it in time, when his mother was still alive. Although he had said so much but still no one answered

him. He could no longer listen to his mother’s voice. At this

moment, he had to believe that his mother had really left

him and had left this world. He wanted to listen to his mother’s nagging and lectures. He wanted to hear her say to him, “Nathaniel, you are a man, you are the man of the Cooper family. You are born differently from the others. You bear the responsibility to

prosper the country.”

In the past, Nathaniel would always feel annoyed whenever his mother would say these words to him. Now, he couldn’t even listen to it anymore even if he wanted to.

“Mom… I’ve found the murderer who had killed you. You can rest in peace now.” These words were extremely painful for Nathaniel to say out loud.

Perhaps these words were not meant to ease the dead, but rather to allow the living to finally be at peace.

After saying what he had wanted to say, Nathaniel remained silent. He stood before his mother’s grave and as he looked at it the whole world seemed to have stopped.

He felt that he was in a cold world and everything around him was cold. It was so cold that there was no warmth non emotions.

It was so cold as if the coldness could swallow him at any time and make him fall into the deepest hell.

“Brother Lionel..”

After an unknown period of time, just as Nathaniel thought that he could no longer walk out of the world that was so cold and heartless, a warm voice called for him.

He immediately looked back and saw a slender little girl standing by the door. Her smile was as bright as the

sunshine which had warmed his cold heart at that instant.


He opened his mouth and wanted to call her name, but he held back his words. He was so afraid that the little girl who was standing in front of him was just an illusion that he had created, like how it had always happened in the past.

“Brother Lionel!” Karen Joy Kyle walked over to him and took the initiative to grab his cold and stiff hand. “Don’t be afraid, I’m here.”

She told him not to be afraid and that she was here. Karen Joy’s words were very simple, but it had really

warmed up Nathaniel’s heart. At that instant, the coldness in his body was completely eliminated.

He grinned brightly, revealing his pearly white teeth. He raised his big palm and gently stroked her face. “Yes, as long as you’re here, I will not be afraid of anything.”

He was the one who was supposed to protect her, but at this moment, he really needed her ‘protection’. He didn’t need anything else from her, he only needed her to accompany him and let him listen to her voice. “Brother Lionel, I’m already here. Don’t you want to introduce

me to your mother?” Karen Joy smiled and said.

She knew that he was missing his mother and she knew about the sorrow that was hidden in his heart, but she did not ask him about it. She was using another method to bring him out of the sorrow.

Nathaniel was stunned, but he quickly reacted. “Yes, okay… I should have introduced my Karen to my mother earlier.”

“Auntie is so beautiful. Brother Lionel, you really look like your mother, that is why you look so good too.” Karen Joy looked at the photo and praised him sincerely,

“Really? Why have I never thought that I’m as good-looking as my Mom?” Looking at his mother’s photo, Nathaniel touched his face, acting a little cute and funny.

“Brother Lionel, do you know that being too modest is

equivalent to being proud? And let me tell you, people who

are good-looking never think that they are good-looking.”

She touched her face and said, “Look, I don’t think I am good looking, but I have always received praises wherever I go. This kind of distress can only be experienced by people who Listening to Karen Joy’s pleasant voice and looking at her

are good-looking.”

proud eyes, Nathaniel couldn’t help but laugh softly. Karen Joy took a look at Nathaniel and turned to look at his mother’s grave. “Auntie, look at Brother Lionel. He always bullies me. I was only speaking the truth. Did he have to laugh at me like this?”

“I’m not laughing at you. I’m just happy.” Before this, he felt that his world was covered with mist, but it was now illuminated by this little sun.

Nathaniel was really happy from the bottom of his heart and definitely not laughing at her.

He knew that he would never be lonely again, because this

bright and warm little sun will be by his side forever.

Whenever he was sad, she would be there for him. Whenever he was going through all sorts of challenges, she

would still stay with him. “You really weren’t laughing at me?” Karen Joy obviously didn’t believe it. His laugh was so exaggerated that people would think he was laughing at her no matter how they looked at it.

“I’m really not laughing at you.” Nathaniel cleared his throat and suddenly said seriously, “Karen, are you ready? I’m going to officially introduce you to my Mom now.”

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