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“Ah.. Brother Lionel, wait a minute, I’m not.. I’m not ready yet.” Karen Joy Kyle was a little nervous, so nervous that she was already stuttering.

Karen Joy’s purpose for asking Nathaniel Cooper to introduce her to his mother was to distract him. She had never thought of meeting her future mother-in-law officially

like this. Even though Nathaniel’s mother had passed away, she was still Nathaniel’s mother, and she should respect the elders. No matter what, Karen Joy felt that she should be more


“Okay, I’ll give you some more time to prepare then.” Nathaniel rubbed her head with a smile and looked at his mother’s grave and said, “Mom, this little girl is not ready yet. Please wait for a while longer.”

Before he could finish his words, Karen Joy was already

pinching Nathaniel’s waist. He turned his head and his eyes

met with her aggrieved eyes. Her eyes looked as if she was

blaming him for saying that to his mother. “Little girl, what’s wrong?” Nathaniel said innocently. Did he say something wrong?

Karen Joy glanced at him and whispered, “This is the first time that I’m meeting my future mother-in-law. I can’t leave a bad impression on her, so you mustn’t talk any nonsense.”

Her future mother-in-law was a very important person. It was the first time for her to meet Brother Lionel’s biological mother. Of course, she had to prepare well and leave a good impression on her elders.

But Brother Lionel had been calling her little girl’. What if her future mother-in-law didn’t like the fact that she was 12 years younger than Brother Lionel?

Thinking about it, Karen Joy glared at Nathaniel again. He was already an adult, why couldn’t he think before he spoke?

That was what Karen Joy was thinking, but Nathaniel was only focusing on what she addressed his mother as – “future mother-in-law”!

Karen Joy had said so much, but he only registered those words. He looked at Karen Joy, and his eyes became even more

gentle as if he wanted to melt her into his gentleness.


“Brother Lionel, what’s wrong?” His look in his eyes was so strange. Karen Joy had never seen him looking at her like

this before.

Was he looking at her like this because he thought that she didn’t look good today?

Karen Joy hurriedly touched her own face. It was still the same, nothing happened to her face,

But maybe it was because she was so worried about him that she hadn’t slept for the whole night. And because of that, she probably had dark circles under her eyes which made her face look a little lifeless.

However, it was not her fault. She was worried about him. Speaking of this, he was the one to blame for.

“Why?” Nathaniel asked in a deep voice,

“What do you mean?” Karen Joy was confused by his question. She blinked her beautiful eyes, raised her hand and waved it in front of his eyes. “Brother Lionel, what’s

wrong? Please don’t scare me!” Nathaniel grabbed her hand and held it tightly in his hands.

He said in a low voice, “Karen, why do you think I am the one?”

Not only Karen Joy was excellent herself, but she was also the daughter of the owner of Rovio Corporation Inc.

With an appearance and background like hers, there were all kinds of men who she could choose from. Those who had power, money, and strength… But why did she think that he

was the one for her?

Karen Joy pouted and said discontentedly, “If it’s not you, then are you asking me to be with another man?”

Karen Joy didn’t know the reason either.

She didn’t know why, but when she found him again, her feelings for him were uncontrollable.

Initially, she had thought that her feelings for Nathaniel were because of her dependence on him when she was a child, and not because of love. However, she could no longer deny that she had indeed fallen for him and wanted to be with him for the rest of her life.

Perhaps, it was their fate. She had accidentally saved his

life when she was younger, and ever since, they could no longer break away from each other’s life. Nathaniel said, “Karen.”

There were a lot of things that were unexplainable, just like his feelings for her. He didn’t know when his feelings for her had changed

When she was very young, he would always hold her in his arms, played with her and watched cartoons with her. At that time, he had never thought that this little girl would be the girl he would want to marry in the future.

Thinking of the past, Nathaniel shook his head and chuckled. “Yeah, I am certain that you are the one too. There wouldn’t be anyone else in this lifetime.”

Karen Joy was satisfied and smiled at him. “Yes, since we have already decided on each other, there’s no need for any reason, right?”

He held her hand and walked closer to his mother’s grave. “Karen, this is my mother who had given birth to me and raised me.”

Nathaniel suddenly introduced his mother to Karen Joy in a serious manner. Karen Joy was stunned for a moment and immediately bowed respectfully. “Auntie, nice to meet you!” Nathaniel added, “Mom, the girl who I’m holding hands with now is called Karen Joy Kyle. She is my future wife and your future daughter-in-law.”

Nathaniel held Karen Joy’s hand tightly and introduced his beloved girl to his deceased mother.

The Collins family had an unwritten custom which was to introduce one’s partner and relationship before the elders of the family. This was taken very seriously and officially in the family, even more important than getting a legal marriage


Nathaniel’s mother was a member of the Collins family, and he was also half a member of the Collins family. At this time, for him to introduce Karen Joy to his mother would mean that he was determined for Karen Joy to be his wife.

Karen Joy was a lit nervous. She quietly took a deep breath and said, “Auntie, I will take good care of Brother Lionel in the future and love him with all my heart. When you are not here, I will never let him be lonely.”

Nathaniel lowered his head and kissed on her forehead. “I’m

sure that Mom will be satisfied with such a thoughtful daughter-in-law like you.”

When his mother was alive, she had dived into the vortex of

power for a man and never had a good life herself. He thought that if his mother would ever get another chance, she would never choose that man again. She would

definitely change her way of life.

After visiting his deceased mother, Nathaniel thought of something else. “Karen, why did you come here?”

“I came here with my two feet.” Karen Joy smiled at him. “No matter where my Brother Lionel is, as long as I think about him, I would be able to find him.” When Karen Joy was watc TV, she saw that Griffin

Cooper was helping the others and at that very moment, she really wanted to grow a pair of wings and fly to Brother Lionel immediately.

Although Brother Lionel never showed any emotions when he saw that his biological father was helping the outsiders, Karen Joy could still see the sorrow which was deep in his heart

Even if she couldn’t do anything for him, she still had to be by his side to keep him company. At least whenever he was sad and had no one to comfort him, she could still be there.

Nathaniel wanted to say something, but he didn’t. He just gently hugged her in his arms and said, “Karen, thank you!” “Brother Lionel, why are you thanking me? Does that mean

you want to marry me?” Karen Joy winked at him playfully. She smiled with her eyebrows curved, and her cheeks had already turned red. “Brother Lionel, do you know how happy I am to be able to look at you standing by my side safe and sound?”

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