My Husband Warm the Bed- 952

He definitely didn’t know that.

When she learned that he might have been killed, she felt that her entire world had collapsed.

Fortunately, he was safe and he could still stand by her side, enjoying the romantic snowy night with her.

“I’m sorry!” Looking at Karen Joy, Nathaniel said in a deep voice. His tone carried a sense of remorse he was unable to express using words. “Brother Lionel, why are you apologizing to me again? You

must have forgotten what I have said. I have already told

you that I only want you to be safe.” Her request was so

simple. As long as he was fine, that would be enough for


“Yes, I remember.” He nodded and couldn’t help but to hold her even tighter into his arms. Suddenly, something came to his mind. “Karen, let me bring you somewhere else to see something.”

“Okay.” She did not question him at all, instead, she chose to trust him unconditionally. No matter where he would take her, she would follow him closely without any hesitation!

She had been so determined ever since she had confirmed that he was the one for her!

The heavy snowfall had finally stopped, and the sun was shining brightly. The day’s temperature had risen by several degrees

With the company of her favorite person, Karen Joy didn’t

feel cold at all even when she was walking on the white


On top of that, when Brother Lionel was holding her hand tightly, his warm palm was gradually transferring his heat to her hand, making her feel even warmer. With a surge of joy in her heart, Karen Joy couldn’t help but

hum to a cheerful song. The lyrics were, “My hand in yours,

let’s walk together… I’m going to marry you tomorrow…!

“Karen, you’re still young, let’s wait a little longer.” Upon hearing this, Karen Joy immediately frowned and pouted at him discontentedly, “Brother Lionel, what are you thinking about? I’m only singing.”

This man actually dared to laugh at her. Karen Joy secretly

vowed that when he would formally propose to her in the

future, she would definitely torture him severely and let him

know what a woman’s heart was like.

“I’m sorry! I thought that you were hinting me!” Nathaniel raised his eyebrows slightly and his lips were full of smiles. Obviously, he was teasing her.

Karen Joy was dumbstruck.

She would remember this firmly and get her revenge on him

in the future.

“What’s wrong? Are you angry?” Nathaniel pinched her face. “Alright, I’ll admit that I was a little too anxious. I’ve been waiting for you to grow up for so many years.” Karen Joy was very pleased by this statement. She leaned

into his arms and said, “I’m already 18 years old. I’m already

an adult.”

This time, she was really hinting at him. He should be able to grasp what she had meant, but Nathaniel didn’t answer her and continued to move up the mountain while holding

onto her hand.

Since it had been snowing heavily for the past week, the path leading to the mountain was covered with thick snow. Every step they took had left a deep footprint on the ground, After a long time, Karen Joy was already too tired to walk, and her steps gradually became heavier.

“Karen..” Nathaniel suddenly stopped in his tracks. He crouched down and patted on his back. “Come, I’ll cary you.”

Karen Joy had some vague memories. When she was four years old, Brother Lionel was already very tall. Karen Joy did not know exactly how tall he was but she could remember that she had always thought he was so tall like a giant.

At that time, she liked to pester him and made him carry her on his back. She just didn’t want to walk by herself.

Brother Lionel loved her very much. As long as she asked for it, he wouldn’t refuse her. He was either holding her, carrying her on his back, or even letting her sit on his

shoulder Now that she had already grown up, how could he still..

Karen Joy looked at his sturdy back in a daze and did not get on it for a long time. On one hand, she could vaguely remember some of the past events, and on the other hand, how could she let him tire himself out?

“Karen, get on quickly.” Nathaniel urged.

“Brother Lionel, I’ll walk by myself.” She smiled at him. “I like it when you hold my hand. Like that, I can feel more like your

girlfriend, and not like a child.”

In Karen Joy’s memory, she had seen her cold father carry her mother on his back, but it was different for her. She didn’t want the others to think that she was just a

burden to Brother Lionel

Many people perceived marriage as a matter between two people. They wouldn’t have to care about what the others had to say, but Karen Joy had never thought so.

Karen Joy felt that marriage was between two families and not just two people. Moreover, with Brother Lionel’s current status, their marriage might even affect the entire Country


Although the entire country was on Brother Lionel’s shoulders, he was not alone. Karen Joy wanted to be able to stand by his side. As he had acknowledged her as his life partner, she also wanted to get the citizen’s approval. “Girlfriend?” Nathaniel said softly. His voice was soft, with

indescribable love and tenderness. Karen Joy smiles cutely and said, “Am I not your girlfriend?”

“Of course you are.” He had already instinctively regarded her as his wife. He had neglected the fact that before becoming his wife, she was still his girlfriend. “Is there anything wrong with a boyfriend carrying his girlfriend?”

Karen Joy pretended to be very wronged and said, “Brother Lionel, we are not even married yet and you are already not listening to me. Then when we get married in the future, are you going to bully me all the time?”

“Oh, you little girl!” Nathaniel really had no way to deal with her, so he had to listen to her. He then held her hand and continued to move forward in the snow.

However, other than holding her hand, he was also holding onto her waist, so that he could help her when she had accidentally stepped too deep into the snow.

After passing through the snow covered ground, they had finally arrived at the top of the mountain. There was a

sightseeing pavilion on the top of the mountain. Standing there, they could see the entire North Palace.

“Brother Lionel, I never knew that there is such a beautiful place in the back mountain of the North Palace.” Karen Joy looked around. The view was very nice. Not only could she enjoy the beauty of the North Palace, but she could also admire the view of the man-made lake on the other side.

Nathaniel nodded and said, “Yes, this place is called Easy Hill. Just like the man-made lake that you are looking at, it’s man-made.”

Karen Joy was a little surprised. “How much manpower and material did it cost to build such a tall hill?” “It should have cost a lot of money, but I haven’t asked about the details.” Nathaniel then looked around and said, “This mountain was built by my Grandfather for my Grandmother.”

“Brother Lionel, your Grandfather must have loved your Grandmother very much.” Karen Joy remembered that her Grandfather also loved her Grandmother very much, so he bought the mountain where they first met and named it Rana Mountain after her, as proof of their love.

“No.” The look on Nathaniel’s face suddenly became a little sad. “The marriage between my Grandfather and my Grandmother was also purely political. The only thing they had in common was their focus on politics and power. There was nothing else.” He smiled helplessly and said, “The marriage between two

generations of the Cooper family I’ve come into contact with

were all political, I’ve never felt the warmth and affection

from them… Perhaps this is the price that the Cooper family

has to pay in order to be in control of this country.”

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