My Husband Warm the Bed- 953

There was a sharp contrast between the Cooper family and the Kyle family. In the recent two generations, the marriages in the Cooper family were all for political benefit, but the marriages in the Kyle family were purely based on love. Nathaniel Cooper had always lived in a cold family filled

with political turmoil ever since he was a child. Karen Joy Kyle, on the other hand, grew up in a warm and loving family.

When Karen Joy was very young, her father had taught her

one thing that was how to love. To love herself, to love her

family, and to love her genuine friends.

As for Nathaniel, he had learned one thing since he was a child too, that was, political strategies. No matter how strong the opponent was, no matter who the opponent was, and no matter by what means, he must find a way to defeat them.

“Brother Lionel…” Karen Joy turned around and hugged him

tightly around his waist. “Brother Lionel, don’t be afraid, you

have me. I will try my best so that we can have a happy

family together, just like my grandparents and my parents.”

Her words were always so comforting that it had always managed to warm up his cold heart in an instant. Nathaniel smiled and said, “Karen, you know what? It was only after I had gone to the Kyle family that I have realized that there was such family life that existed in the world.”

The husband loved and doted on his wife and the wife took great care of her husband. Everyone cared about each other. They would gather every night to eat together and live a harmonious life.

In the past, Nathaniel had never experienced it before. In his

mind, every family should be the same as his family. They would sleep separately in their own rooms and eat their own meals.

The only time that the entire family would come together to have a meal was definitely during the festivals, but it was purely an act to show off to their citizens.

Karen Joy hugged him even tighter. “Brother Lionel, the past is already in the past. Let’s not dwell on it anymore. For now on, I will be by your side and we will live a good life


“Okay.” He nodded. “I brought you here today because wanted to tell you some stories about my grandparents.”

By telling the stories, he could constantly remind himself that no matter what had happened, he must not follow the footsteps of his elders.

He didn’t want to live that cold and heartless life anymore. He wanted to take Karen Joy’s hand and live a normal life with her. “Okay, tell me, I want to listen to it.” Karen Joy was still

hugging him tightly. She wanted to let him feel her with her actions that she would stay with him forever.

Nathaniel looked into the distance and said slowly, “My grandmother was born rich. Not only was she rich, but she also was a startling beauty.”

“There were so many men who wanted to marry her that

there was enough to surround the entire North Palace.

However, she had never taken a fancy on those men who

were chosen by her family. She was only fond of one man.” “That gentleman’s name was Eason Sam. He was an outstanding and knowledgeable man. But because of his

poor family background, he couldn’t display his talent at that time, so he could only be a private tutor for the wealthy.”

“When the two of them met, it was the perfect story of a young and handsome man meeting a beautiful lady. They had good impressions of each other. The seeds of love had then unknowingly sprouted in their hearts.”

“During their




ethos was relatively

conservative. Once a woman get pregnant before marriage, she would be regarded as a shameful object by society and would be severely punished. My Grandmother was ordered to be punished, but my Grandfather saved her.” “My Grandfather saved her not because of love, but because of her family background. In the early days, during the founding of Country A, the government was caught in a

financial crisis. My Grandfather needed money and the

support of a rich family, which was why he wanted to marry

my Grandmother.”

“What my Grandfather had done did save her life, but it had failed to save my grandmother’s beloved man. My grandmother didn’t even get to see the gentleman’s body for the last time. The man’s body was wrapped in a broken mat and thrown into the wilderness behind the North Palace.”

“It was only later that my grandmother had found his body, but it had already begun to rot. She cried for a long time while holding the rotten body, and even had the idea of dying with him.”

“Grandpa came to her rescue once again. He told her that

only the weak would choose death as a way of escape. She

should regain her strength so that she could find out the

person who had killed her man and to get revenge on them.”

“The hatred in Grandma’s heart was instantly ignited. She no longer tried to kill herself and agreed to marry Grandpa. But

on one condition, that was to bury her beloved man well and to build a tomb for him.”

“Therefore, in order to marry Grandma and to get the support of her family, Grandpa had built this Hill City and buried the body here, even if he was criticized for exhausting the people and the country’s funds. He then named it Easy Hill, named after the man Eason.”

As Karen Joy listened to Nathaniel who was telling the story, she stared at him with her beautiful eyes and asked, “Brother Lionel, does that mean that the man was buried under our feet? This Hill City is not a hill, but a huge tomb?”

Nathaniel didn’t know whether to laugh or cry at her

question. He had said so much, and yet she was asking

such a funny question.

He shook his head and said, “Karen, do you know why I am telling you this?”

Karen Joy who was smart really couldn’t figure it out this time. She shook her head honestly and said, “Brother Lionel, I don’t know.

Nathaniel stroked her head and said, “I wanted to say that when love comes, you must cherish it. Don’t wait until you have lost it only to regret it. I also wanted to say that people’s desire to pursue power is endless and unscrupulous. It’s terrible and it’s so terrible that it’s beyond your imagination.”

“But I believe that my Brother Lionel will never be like that.”

Karen Joy firmly believed in him. She believed in her Brother


“Karen, it’s not that I won’t, but I already did.” Nathaniel’s eyes darkened and he paused for a long time. “I like my elders, have done a lot of shady things in order to be the

President of Country A. What I have done for power was far beyond what my elders did in the past.”

After that, he lowered his head slightly. He looked at Karen Joy and carefully observed the change in her expression. He thought that as long as Karen Joy would express her disgust a little for what he had done, he would bear the pain

and let her go.

To let her return to her bright world of sunlight to live a carefree and happy life that she deserved, but only without him.

Just as he was staring at Karen Joy, she was putting her hand on his big palm and said without hesitation, “Brother Lionel, it wouldn’t matter at all! No matter what you have

become, you are still my beloved Brother Lionel!”

Even if he had done countless awful things, even if he had become a bloodthirsty demon, even if he had changed dramatically, as long as he had her in his heart, she would be with him, follow him, and she would never leave him!

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