My Husband Warm the Bed-955

Nathaniel Cooper sneered. “Zuriel, don’t think that I don’t know what you’re thinking. I’m warning you, if you dare to have those thoughts again next time I may not just suspend you at work.”

Nathaniel knew that Zuriel Perth would not betray him, but Nathaniel also found out that Zuriel wanted to take Karen Joy Kyle away from him in secret.

Zuriel’s thoughts were already pushing Nathaniel’s limits. That was why he could not forgive Zuriel so easily.

That reckless guy needed to suffer a little, if not, he wouldn’t learn his lessons.

“Mr. President, hey, hey, listen to me…” Zuriel still wanted to say something, but Nathaniel had already hung up the phone, which made him so anxious that he jumped. “I have been with you for decades and I am so loyal to you. Why would you bully me like this?”

Jackie Leves smiled and said happily, “That little girl is right beside him, and yet you still talk to him in a tone like that. It’s already a blessing that he didn’t go heavy with his punishment.”

“Master Leves, have I offended you?” Zuriel looked at Jackie discontentedly and whined. “How can I work with you two constantly bullying me?”

Jackie quickly waved his hand and said, “Master Perth, if you want to whine, go somewhere else. Spare me the misery.”

Before Jackie finished his words, Zuriel looked behind him and smiled very flatteringly. “Serene, it’s been a while. You

are still so beautiful. I have never known how there would be such a beautiful girl like you, in this world.”

Jackie looked back and saw Serene Silas walking toward them. She replied politely, “Master Perth, it’s been a long time since we met! You’re still so handsome.” Serene said politely with a faint smile on her face, which

made Jackie very dissatisfied. He walked forward and pulled her away. “Serene, how many times do you want me to tell you this? You can’t smile that way to other men.”

Jackie was definitely a petty man. He couldn’t bear to have Serene interact with another man besides him.

However, Zuriel was still talking behind them, “Serene, ll treat you to dinner some other day. Your man is so domineering, you don’t have to tolerate him. You’re such a perfect woman, you can easily find a man who is much better than him.”

Jackie turned back and glared at him fiercely. “Zuriel, if you say one more word, I’ll cut off your tongue.”

Jackie made up his mind to speak ill of Zuriel in front of Nathaniel one day. If he did so, Zuriel would be in a deeper mess.

“Master Leves, don’t get annoyed! I was just joking with you. I hope you can put in a good word for me with the President. Besides, we all know that Serene loves you so much. Even if she finds a man who is a hundred times better than you, she may not want him.” Zuriel absolutely did this on purpose. Of course, he did it on purpose to make Jackie angry.

“Zuriel!” Jackie turned around and wanted to beat Zuriel up. but as soon as he stepped forward, he was stopped by Serene.

She smiled at him gently and said, “Master Perth is right.

Even if there is a man who is a thousand times better than you, you are still my choice. Do you think that is wrong?”

Jackie responded coldly, “I don’t like other people talking about my woman. And you haven’t promised me not to smile so nicely at other men too.”

Men were sometimes really childish. She only greeted him

out of politeness, but he was already so jealous. How childish Serene shook her head helplessly. “Okay, okay, i’ll listen to

you. From now on, i’ll look at everyone with a straight face. I won’t make you jealous.”

Jackie was satisfied this time. He lowered his head


nibbled on Serene’s earlobe. “That’s right. Men


always like obedient women.”

Serene did not answer him.

She didn’t want to argue with him. He was so childish

because he cared about her. She had never seen him being so domineering with other women except for her.

She only sighed, and Jackie began to nag again, “You sighed? Are you unhappy with me? Serene, just spill it, don’t

keep it in your heart.”

Serene really wanted to roll her eyes. This man was going overboard. She wanted to warn him that she would grow tired of his antics one day. “You rolled your eyes? Serene, what are you unhappy with me about? I’m speaking to you nicely now. If you are not

happy, I am willing to change.” Jackie was still going on

about the same topic, but he sounded a little worried.

It was because he cared too much about her that he

became nervous.

Because he cared too much, he didn’t want her to smile so

nicely at other men.

She certainly didn’t know how beautiful she looked when she smiled. He was attracted by her smile. He was charmed

by her for so many years, and he couldn’t forget her.

He didn’t want other men to fall in love with her because of her smile. The more competitors he had, the more dangerous it would be, and the higher the chances of losing


“Jackie, what are you thinking about? In my heart, you are the best. No matter what your strengths or weaknesses are, you are still you. I am willing to accept them.” Serene snuggled into his arms and smiled at him. “Alright now, don’t worry. Give me a smile.”

“I’m so mad that I can’t smile anymore.” He lowered his head and bit her playfully, and then he smiled gently. “Serene, no matter what, you can’t escape from me anyway.”

Serene looked at him and said, “Jackie, didn’t I say it clear enough? I am your woman, and you are my man. In this life, we can’t be separated again.”

“Don’t look at me. I know. I say it every day just to remind

you. I’m just worried that you will forget.” Suddenly, Jackie

reached out and picked her up. “Let’s go, it’s our sweet time


Serene’s face turned red and she punched him. “There are people around us. Be careful when you speak. Besides, the real murderer has not been caught yet. Don’t think about these things.”

“We know who the murderers are already. We only need one more piece of evidence.” Jackie smiled and suddenly said in a colder voice, “I’m not worried about not finding the real murderer, but just haven’t thought of a way to kill them most viciously.”

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