My Husband Warm the Bed- 956



"When this matter is over, let's leave this place." Serene looked at him and said seriously, "I don't want to stay in this city anymore. I don't want to think about all this at all.

In the past two days, she had been quite jumpy. She was constantly fearful that something terrible would happen. She was worried that she might be separated from Jackie and that they would not be able to stay by each other's side till the end of time.

"Okay. I promise you, Similarly, Jackie did not want to stay

in the city too. He wanted to forget the bad memories of the past and start a new life elsewhere with Serene. Serene smiled gently and said, "Thank you!"

"You don't have to thank me with words. If you try your later, it will be the greatest form of thanks to me." Even if he


held her in his arms, Jackie could sway her effortlessly into

their room like a gust of wind.

Serene rolled her eyes again. She was dumbstruck at his words.

She said so many heartfelt words, and yet all she could do was submit to her fate? He would still be capturing her into

the room and eating her up!

This man was simply a fighter among beasts.


At Moon Bay.

Mia Kyle had specially ordered the housekeeper to prepare a lot of delicious dishes. She wanted to entertain the future son-in-law of the Kyle family lavishly.

It was all a part of Mia's plan. She knew the purpose of this grand welcome for this future son-in-law of the Kyle family. It was all because she wanted to test him!

All kinds of dishes were served on the table. Mia took off her apron, then she took Levi's little hand and asked, "Levi, do you remember what I taught you?"

Levi removed his hand away and rolled his eyes at her. "Mom, you're the one who always forgets things, not me, alright?"

Levi's words irritated Mia instantly. She grabbed Levi's ear

and said, "Brat how dare you complain about your mother?"

Levi responded loudly, I'm not complaining about you. I'm just telling the truth."

Mia warned him, "I'm telling you, watch your tone. Otherwise, I'll tell your Dad and he will spank you."

Levi pouted and said, "Mom, do you know that people who don't listen to the truth will never improve in life?"

Mia replied, "It's not up to you to tell me that. How old are you?! How dare you give me a lecture?"

"Levi, have you made your Mom angry again?" Neil was coming out of his study, He came over to Levi's side and said, "Kid, you must be longing for a spank huh."

"Dad, if you can't tell right from wrong again, you're going to

spoil your woman, and she will cause chaos!" Levi was innocent. He was the youngest member of the family, but every time they were together, they bullied him.

Most of the time, he suspected that he was not really their child. He speculated must have been a child Mia had picked

up from the rubbish dump. Hence, they bullied him so frequently

He was a smart child. He would never give up a good fight, and he knew which move would work against his mother. After considering it for a while, he pursed his lips and looked so pitiful as if he was about to cry. "Mom, am I a child you picked up from the dumpsters? You're already bullying me, but you're even influencing Dad to bully me too… I'm definitely not your child."

"Neil, I was just joking with the kid. What are you doing here?" Mia pushed all the blame to Neil. She pulled Levi into her arms in a hurry. "Levi, I was just playing with you. Your Dad and I love you so much. How could you say that I picked you up somewhere?"

"Really? Are you sure?" Levi rubbed his eyes, looking both

pitiful and adorable.

"Brat, you already know how to act at such a young age!" Neil went to him and picked him up as he said, "How do you think I should punish you?"

Levi blinked and two drops of tears rolled down from his

eyes, "Mom.." Although Mia always bullied Levi, the fact was every mother loved her son. When she saw her son's tears, her heart

ached. "Neil, let go of my son.

Neil replied indifferently, "Your son is putting up an act!" Mia said, "His mother is an actress, why can't he be acting?"

Neil was taken aback.

He had been tricked by Levi again.

Although Levi was still a child, he was more cunning than a fox, he always knew where their weaknesses were.

Levi then said, "Mom, Dad is staring at me."

Mia spoke loudly, "Neil!"

Neil was also getting agitated, "Levi, you wait and see! You're definitely going to get beaten up!"

Mia yelled even louder, "Neil!"

Neil kept his peace this time.

He didn't dare to make a sound.

After all, Mia became more and more unbridled in front of

him day by day. This was because he spoiled her so much.

Therefore, he should take full responsibility. "Little Aunt, you are bullying Great Uncle again!" Karen Joy

opened the door and came in. She sho her head. I could

even hear your loud voices from outside."

"He provoked us first." What Mia was best at in her life was to turn the truth upside down. She could even sound

reasonable even if she wasn't. Karen Joy certainly knew her Little Aunt's character. She smiled and took Levi from Mia's arms. "Levi, brought you

something nice."

"Sister, didn't you bring your husband home?" Levi looked behind Karen Joy, but he didn't see Nathaniel Cooper. Then, he looked up at his mother.

"He asked me to come upstairs first. He will come up later." When they came from Easy Hill, Karen Joy received a phone call from Mia, who requested her to bring Nathaniel back to Moon Bay for dinner. Thus, Nathaniel accepted the invitation and came with her.

On the way there, Nathaniel had asked his subordinates to prepare a big gift. Since he was going to officially meet the elders in her family, he needed to prepare a nice gift for

them. Hence, he asked Karen Joy to go upstairs first. Levi received his mother's hint and said, "Sis, can I sit with

him later?"

Karen Joy nodded, "Of course you can." Levi asked again, "Can I ask him to carry me?"

Karen Joy poked his head and said, "Levi, you are almost eight years old. You are not a baby any longer. You'd better not pester others to carry you all the time."

Levi then said, "You are so stingy."

Karen Joy refuted, "Levi, be careful what you say. Why did you say that?"

The naughty boy didn't know how to speak appropriately at all! She really wanted to give him a spanking!

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