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Seeing that Karen Joy wanted to hit him, Mia immediately stood up and pulled Levi behind her. She smiled and said, “Karen, since President Cooper is here, ask him to come up quickly.”

When she heard his name, Karen Joy had a better mood. She immediately forgotten that Levi said that she was stingy. She turned around and walked away, “I’ll ask him to come up now.”

Neil stopped her and said, “Karen, wait a minute, I have something to say to you.”

Karen Joy stopped and looked back. “Great Uncle, what do you want to say to me?”

Neil walked to her side, raised his hand, and rubbed her head. “Karen, your parents are not by your side. Mia and I are your only family here. If there’s anything happening to you, you need to tellus. Don’t keep it in your heart.”

I know that,” she replied. Karen Joy really did not treat the Brown family as outsiders. After all, the relationship between the two families was very close,

Neil patted her on the shoulder and said, “Okay, go ahead. Bring your sweetheart here and we’ll have a meal with him.”

“Thank you, Great Uncle. I’ll ask him to come up right now. Please wait for a moment!” Karen nodded, turned around, and ran downstairs to fetch Nathaniel Cooper.

She knew that it wasn’t her Great Uncle and Little Aunt’s idea to invite Brother Lionel to have dinner at home. It must be her own family who wanted him to come.

Her family always loved and supported her silently and

never gave her any pressure.

Watching Karen Joy leave, Neil turned to look at Mia, who

had a devious expression on her face, “I need to warn you, don’t do anything unexpected later!”

Mia glanced at him and snorted, “Hmm, I just want to test that guy! Do you think you can stop me?”

Neil said, “Anyway, he is related to you by blood! Shouldn’t

you help him?”

Mia rolled her eyes and said, “How is he my relative? How can the Cooper family be my relatives? I only have the Kyle family in my heart

Neil didn’t hide the reason why he came to Coast City from Mia. Mia also knew that he was here to investigate something

As for the death of her parents, it did bother Mia before, but in the end, she chose to seal up the entire incident in her heart,

It was because she knew that her parents and Neil’s father were acting on behalf of their own countries’ best interests. No matter what they did, they had valid reasons.

Now that this matter was brought up again, it graze upon the sealed-up wound in the deepest part of Mia’s heart, causing her to think of these saddening incidents from her

past. According to the information obtained by Neil, it was very likely Griffin Cooper had deliberately caused the incident to happen. He wanted to get rid of his own biological sister and brother-in-law.

As for his purpose of doing so, Mia didn’t know what it was. She was even more confused about the relationship between her parents and Griffin. She could not guess what

Griffin was planning to do, back then.

He was an uncle whom she had never met, and also a probable murderer of her parents. He was such a terrible person, so Mia did not intend to treat him as a relative for the rest of her life.

“When the incident happened that year, Griffin had not yet

married his wife from the Collins family, and Nathaniel was not yet born. It could be assumed that Nathaniel knew nothing about that matter, and it was impossible for him to be involved in it. He is innocent in this matter,” Neil repeated this again, as he was afraid that Mia would do or say something senseless when Nathaniel arrived.

Mia glared at him again and said, “Neil, what are you thinking about? Am I such an irrational person?”

Of course, she knew that matter had nothing to do with Nathaniel. She had never thought about venting her anger

on Nathaniel because of that matter. Otherwise, why would she prepare such a sumptuous dinner to welcome him? “Mom, you are irrational!” Levi suddenly said this sentence out loud, which made Mia want to throw this silly son of

hers out of the window. “Levi, are you actually my son? You

must be sent from heavens to torture me.”

The brat was irritating her! She should’ve let Neil beat him up and allowed Karen Joy to scold him. Then, would Levi know that his mother was the best person he had. “Mom, Dad said that you were sent from heaven to torture him.” After Levi said that, he managed to piss Neil off as

well! Neil frowned and picked up the little fellow. “Brat, if I

don’t teach you a lesson today, I’m not going to forgive


“Mom, help! Dad is serious this time!” Levi struggled hard. Compared to Neil, he was really small in stature. He couldn’t

fight back at all!

Mia’s heart ached for her son, but when she thought of the fact that the little one was always making things difficult for her, she decided to let him suffer so that he would not bully her in the future.

“Mom, if you don’t save me, who will help you with your plan later?” At such a crucial moment, Levi used his trump card.

Mia immediately raised her hand and surrendered. “Neil, please forgive him this time. Next timeā€¦ Next time when you’re teaching him a lesson, I won’t interrupt you.” Neil glared at her. “Mia, did you not hear what I just said to him?”

Mia smiled and said, “Oh Captain Brown, we would never dare offend you! Besides, I swear we didn’t hear what you just said anyway. Please don’t do this.”

Levi nodded vigorously. “Dad, did you say anything at all?” Well, the little one was really so witty! He knew that he needed to play along well. Mia said with a smile, “Captain Brown, I have specially

prepared a few of your favorite dishes for you today. You

are so kindhearted, just forgive our son.”

Playing along with his mother, Levi nodded his little head adorably. “Dad, I’m only an eight-year-old boy, a handsome boy”

Neil’s heart had long been moved by the mother and son His eyes were smiling, but he still said with a serious face, “Brat, where did you learn to say that?”

Levi said seriously, “When I hung out with the people from the military, they called me that. They asked me if I had a girlfriend, and said that I am much more good looking than you. They asked me not to find a girlfriend as rude as Mom

in the future.”

Mia immediately shouted, “Who said that? Tell me his name. How dare they talk behind my back like that? Neil, you have to teach your men a lesson.”

However, Neil let go of Levi’s hand and pinched his smooth little face. “Boy, you finally said something right tonight.”

Mia said angrily, “Neil, what do you mean by that? You can forgo the fact that they say that I am rude, but can you stand them saying that you are not good looking?”

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