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In fact, what Mia couldn’t stand most was that Neil nodded in agreement when somebody else said that she was rude! Even if she was extremely rude, she couldn’t stand it if others criticized her behind her back.

Neil said slowly, “Yes, they are saying you’re rude, but that’s a fact! It is also a fact that my son is better looking than I am. And besides myself, in this world, who else could produce a son who is better looking than me?”

Mia said, “You are so shameless!”

Neil replied, “Well, it’s all caused by you!”

Mia still had more to say. But just then, the doorbell rang. It seemed that Karen Joy Kyle had arrived with her

sweetheart. Hence, she politely rang the doorbell this time. Mia flashed a warning look at Neil. She probably meant that she would get even with Neil another day. Then, she put on

a smile and went to open the door.

The door opened. However, it was not Karen Joy and Nathaniel standing outside the door. It was Jayden instead Mia was a little surprised. “Jayden, why are you here?”

Jayden said, “Little Aunt, I heard from Grandma that you and Great Uncle have invited the future son-in-law of the Kyle family over for dinner. As the eldest son of the family, thought I should come over and have a look too.”

“Karen had gone downstairs to pick him up. She hasn’t come back up yet. Come in and have a seat,” Mia stepped

aside and beckoned for Jayden to enter the house. “Hi, Great Uncle,” when he saw Neil, Jayden greeted him politely.

“Have a seat,” Neil answered promptly. The two men sat

opposite each other, and between themselves had nothing much to say. When the situation was beginning to become a little awkward, Levi suddenly rushed over to Jayden happily. The little boy trotted over to Jayden’s side and spoke in an adorable tone of voice, “Brother Jayden, you’re here! This

was a rare occurrence, for Levi to speak in such a soft and

childish tone!

“Yes,” Jayden nodded and picked the little one up. “Levi, you seem to have grown taller again.”

“But I am still much shorter than you.” Levi was about the same age as Julien was, but Jayden was more than ten years older than these two boys. In the eyes of the two little boys, their Big Brother Jayden was their hero.

“Because you are still a little boy, my dear Levi. When you grow up in a few years, you will definitely be taller than I am now!” Jayden rubbed his head and said with a smile.

“No, I don’t want to be taller than you!” Levi pouted his lips adorably. It was so rare to see him behave in such a cute and innocent manner.

“Why?” Jayden asked.

“I want you to always be my Big Brother. I don’t want to be taller than you. I don’t want you to call me Big Brother instead!” Based on Levi’s childish beliefs, he thought that being the tallest would make him the Big Brother instead, so he didn’t want that to happen.

“No matter how tall you are, I am always your Big Brother. This will never change!” Jayden said, amused by Levi’s words.

In the Kyle family, except for Karen Joy, everyone treated Jayden as family. This was especially true for Levi and

Julien, who addressed Jayden as their Big Brother. From their gazes, he could see their admiration for him.

These two little fellows really liked him as a brother. Similarly, he also felt a sense of importance because of the

way they treated him. “Really?” Levi tilted his little head and asked Jayden.

“Of course! Have I ever lied to you?” Jayden said. Levi pondered for a while but he really couldn’t think of a time when Jayden had lied to him. He shook his head and said, “Yes, you’d never lie to me.”

“Ding dong..”

The doorbell rang again.

“This time, it should be Karen and Nathaniel.” Mia went to open the door again. Indeed, the guests whom they had been waiting for for a long time has finally arrived. However, it was not only Karen Joy and Nathaniel who appeared at the door, but also several subordinates were following behind them. The subordinates had some gifts in their arms.

“Little Aunt, this is Nathaniel Cooper, my boyfriend. Brother Lionel, this is my Little Aunt. I think you still remember her, because it’s hard to forget such a beautiful lady like her.” Karen Joy introduced her in a generous way. She had officially identified herself as Nathaniel’s girlfriend and did not forget to praise her Little Aunt. Mia could be crude and ruthless most of the time, but she

liked to listen to nice words and compliments about herself.

Hence, if she was constantly praised, she would be very

agreeable and pleasant to speak to.

Karen Joy knew this fact about Mia, so she flattered her in advance. She hoped that Mia would not deliberately make

things difficult for Brother Lionel later.

“Hello!” Nathaniel knew all about Mia’s real background. She

was actually his cousin by blood, but it didn’t look like she wanted to reconcile with the Cooper family any time soon. Hence, he wasn’t sure if he should address her as his cousin, but he was also too embarrassed to address her as “Little Aunt” the way Karen Joy did. So, he could only say a plain “Hello” awkwardly.

“I’ve only invited you over for a simple dinner, why did you bring so many gifts? You didn’t have to!” Mia made way for him and said happily. “You can move them in and put them aside. Since you guys came here with gifts, I can’t return them, can 1?”

Mia was a realist. She trusted that whatever Nathaniel had prepared must be rather good gifts. Even if she didn’t like them and decides to sell them off later, she should be able to make some money out of them anyway

Several of his subordinates put the gifts into the room in an orderly fashion. They were swift and silent and left right after.

After the subordinates left, Mia glanced at the gifts and said with a smile, “These gifts must have been expensive, aren’t they? Mr. President, if you don’t mind, please arrange for someone to send me the shopping list another day.”

“Mia,” Neil coughed lightly and interrupted Mia, the money grubber, “Karen, come in and sit down first. Why stand at the door?”

Karen Joy introduced him again, “Great Uncle, this is my boyfriend, Nathaniel. Brother Lionel, this is my Great Uncle. You have met before, haven’t you?”

“Yes,” The two men nodded at the same time. In their minds, they knew clearly that they had not only met before, but they

also had worked together previously. However, this was something Karen Joy had no knowledge of.

Karen Joy and Nathaniel entered the house together and saw that there was another person in the living room. Karen Joy instinctively became alert and asked, “Jayden, why are you here again?

Jayden looked back and glanced at Karen Joy. Then, he looked at Nathaniel and said, “Grandma told me that Little Aunt is having some guests over for dinner, so she asked me to come and have a look.”

If it weren’t for his grandmother’s phone call, where she had requested him to come and judge her boyfriend, he wouldn’t have known anything about Nathaniel coming over.

When he received the phone call from his grandmother, Jayden thought that she was deliberately making things difficult for him. However, he remembered that his grandmother was not that kind of person.

In the past few years, his grandmother treated him just like how she treated the other children of the Kyle family. His grandmother just wanted him to be responsible as a big brother and look after his sister. She did not have any other


“You’ve seen him now, so you can leave first,” Perhaps the gap between them was too distant, so Karen Joy felt uncomfortable when she saw Jayden. She was always worried that he would do something unexpected to her. “Okay,” Jayden looked away from her and then glanced at

Levi. He said, “Levi, I’m going to go first. We’ll meet again

another day.”

“Big Brother, why don’t you stay for dinner?” Levi didn’t understand. In the past, everyone was able to get together for dinner. Why should he leave early today?

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