My Husband Warm the Bed- 959

“I have some matters to attend to, and i’ll spend time with you some other day.” Jayden stroked Levi’s little head gently He then also bid Neil and Mia goodbye, giving an excuse that he was busy with other affairs.

Neil and Mia were both smart people, so they knew the real reason why Jayden was leaving, but they didn’t want to

reveal it. It was useless to say anything about the matter between Karen Joy and Jayden. The emotional “knot” between them had to be untied only by the two of them.

Levi was a little unhappy because of Jayden’s leaving. “Are you my cousin’s boyfriend? Are you the one who will take her away in the future?” He turned around and questioned

Nathaniel. The little boy stood in front of Nathaniel. However, because Nathaniel was much taller than Levi was, even if he raised his head as high as he could, he could not see the

expression on Nathaniel’s face.

Levi was at the losing end when it came to height, but he

didn’t want to admit defeat. He inherited his parents stubbornness and refusal to admit defeat.

He wanted to seem less silly as he challenged Nathaniel, so he stood up straight and put his hands on his waist. He questioned Nathaniel arrogantly.

Nathaniel bent down slightly and said gently to Levi, “Yes, I am your cousin’s boyfriend, but I am not going to cheat her and take her away. I am going to marry her.”

Levi retorted, “Marrying her is the same as cheating her!”

Karen Joy asked, “Levi, who told you that?” “I said it myself!” Levi blinked his eyes. He would never tell

Karen Joy that it was his mother who taught him these words. “Don’t worry, Karen, Levi is doing his best to help you because he loves and cares about you.” Nathaniel bent

down further to be on the same eye level as Levi. “Levi,

thank you so much for protecting your cousin. It’s her blessing that she has such a good little cousin like you.”

Levi was shouting internally. “No, this is not the way it should be!”

His enemy was too cunning. The situation did not play out as he expected. Levi could not handle Nathaniel at all!

He looked up at his mother, who was standing behind Nathaniel. She was giving him a lot of signals. She hinted to him very carefully, but he didn’t know what she wanted him

to say

Sigh, with an enemy this strong, and a useless teammate, they had already lost before the war even started!

Levi looked away in disappointment. He noticed that Nathaniel was still looking at him. Then, he heard Nathaniel say, “Levi, you’re such a smart little boy!”

Levi had always known that he was smart, but not many people praised his smartness so directly! Instantly, his little face turned red in embarrassment. Although he was praised, Levi still kept to his principles. He

then said, “Even if you praise me, I won’t let you take my

cousin away easily. I will test you later. If you can’t pass my

test, I will not allow you to take Karen Joy away.”

“Oh, you want to test me? How?” This little guy was really so clever. Nathaniel liked smart children. He couldn’t help but

raise his hand and pat his little head. ” accept your


“Levi, let’s have dinner first. Please ask Karen Joy and Mr. Cooper to come over to the dining table!” Mia was still signalling discreetly at Levi. However, the little one ignored her and was ready to jump over to the President’s side!

Mia once again felt deeply that her son must be an angel sent by Heaven to torture her!

At the dining table.

Mia was an enthusiastic hostess, “Mr. Cooper, these dishes are specially prepared for you. You must eat more. Make yourself at home!”

Nathaniel nodded. “Thank you, Mrs. Brown!”

He thought that addressing her as Mrs. Brown that should be more appropriate than calling her Mia, hence, he decided

to do so. When he said that, he clearly felt that Mia was slightly stunned, but soon she regained her normal composure and

said with a bright smile, “To be honest, I really like to be

called Mrs. Brown.”

As he knew about Mia’s true identity, Nathaniel felt a little awkward when meeting her. Hence, he was talking in a very formal and polite manner. Neil and Nathaniel had also only contacted each other

previously because of official matters, and they did not

speak much about their personal lives. Hence, they did not

have much to chat about at the dining table.

With Nathaniel around, Karen Joy maintained her enthusiastic demeanour throughout the whole dinner, as if she were Nathaniel’s number one fan. No matter what he

said, she agreed with him. From time to time, she would look at his face and secretly observed him.

However, Mia was the only one who spoke non-stop. “Mr. Cooper, you should know, right? Everyone loves Karen so much in our family. We don’t need her to marry a man from a super-rich family, we only want a man to dote on her like how our family does.”

Nathaniel nodded again, “I know.”

Karen Joy was worried that Mia would make things difficult for Nathaniel, so she hurriedly helped him out of the predicament. “Little Aunt, Brother Lionel treats me very well. He dotes on me just like you guys do.”

“Little girl, you only know how to put in a good word for him.” Mia poked Karen Joy’s head and officially started her provocation plan. “Little girl, do you know that was fascinated by a man because I was confused at that time? At that time, I was just too blind. There were so many men in the world but I felt like he was the best. I wanted nobody

else except for him.”

Karen Joy nodded. “Of course I know.”

That man was her Great Uncle. If it weren’t for her Little Aunt’s stubbornness, they might not have such a happy life like they have today.

Mia continued to say, “However, when you really get together with that man, you will find that he is no different from other men. He might even be even worse than the men that you used to push away. If you didn’t have pushed too hard, perhaps you would have chosen a better man.”

Hearing Mia’s words, Karen Joy was shocked. Was there something wrong with Mia? How dare she speak like this in front of Neil?

Nathaniel didn’t have any reaction. He calmly ate his dinner and served Karen Joy some food too, waiting to spectate a good show.

Mia didn’t know that Neil, who was sitting next to her, was so angry that his face turned extremely red, and his sharp eyes were fixed on her.

am your elder. I am 18 years older than you. I’ve seen a lot in this life. You have to remember the lessons I taught you. I’m telling you don’t give up the whole forest for just a tree, when you still have a choice.”

Therefore, she continued, “Karen, I


Neil slammed his plate down on the table, and he suddenly

stood up

Mia was shocked, but she was still working hard to break up the couple. She didn’t know why was Neil so angry. “Neil, please be mindful. We have guests here, why are you behaving this way?”

She smiled apologetically to Nathaniel again. “He is always like that, and he throws a tantrum from time to time, just ignore him, Mr. Cooper.”

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