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Levi stretched out his little hand, tugging at the corner of Mia’s clothes. He kindly wanted to hint at her to stop agitating Neil

Mia looked down at him and patted his hand away. “Brat, this is none of your business. Eat whatever you should eat and drink whatever you should drink. Don’t be nosy!”

Levi winked at her, trying to indicate a message. He said, “Mom, Dad is.”

“Your Dad has probably done eating, you don’t have to be concerned about him. Eat your dinner..” Mia placed some food on Levi’s plate, trying to shut him out.

She was busy with her own matter, which was to evaluate Karen Joy’s boyfriend. Everything else did not concern her right now.

“Sigh.” Levi sighed and shook his head helplessly. How

could he have such a slow and dimwitted mother?

Although Levi was still a child, he knew how much his father would accept his mother’s every whim and fancy. Neil spoiled her all the time. However, Mia was now joking about how she should not have married Neil. This was something Neil would never tolerate, not even a joke!

Somehow, Levi could already imagine how badly his mother would be tortured by his father later, as a punishment for her sharp tongue.


He shook his head helplessly again. To be honest, he was

sure that he must have been adopted by his parents! Otherwise, how could a smart and lovely child like him have such a foolish mother like Mia?

He was feeling a mild aversion towards Mia now! When they were going out together in the future, he vowed to stay away from her. He must not let others know that he was her


Look, his slow-witted mother did not even realize the seriousness of the matter! She still said without shame, “Karen, you must remember what I said to you. Otherwise, when you meet a better man in the future, you will regret it so much.”

Karen Joy took a bite of her food, blinked her eyes, and

asked, “Little Aunt, you have been married to Great Uncle for

so many years. Have you regretted it?”

Karen Joy knew exactly what Mia wanted to do. She would not just sit there and let Mia push her around. She would fight back, and she was prepared to attack Mia’s weakest spots.

Karen Joy asked Mia with a smile, and her voice was soft. In

Mia’s eyes, Karen Joy was still a cute little child, that was

why she let down her guard.

Mia patted her chest and sighed, “Karen, you asked if I have ever regretted? Let me tell you, all these years, there was not one day that I did not regret my decision.”

Hearing this, Karen Joy’s eyes widened, showing a look of sympathy for her. “Little Aunt, do you mean that you regret marrying Great Uncle all these years?”

“Little Aunt, if you dare to admit that I will definitely sympathize with you today.” Karen Joy thought to herself. She didn’t expect that Mia, who had always been so clever,

actually nodded in agreement to that question. Perhaps she was too focused on breaking Karen Joy and Nathaniel up.

“Yes, Mia nodded and admitted to it. Suddenly, tears welled up in her eyes, her acting becoming more and more genuine. “Karen, you must take me as an example. Before marrying someone, you must think it over carefully. Once a woman gets married to a man, the man will think of you as someone inferior and will no longer care about you. My husband thinks of me poorly every day, and even my son does so too. They would always gang up and bully me. I’m living in a war zone every day. Sometimes, I would even think about

getting a divorce. If I have another chance, I will definitely not marry this bastard Neil.” Mia had received all types of the best actress awards in the past few years, and her acting skills had nearly reached a level of perfection

After her emotional performance, anyone would think that she really had been living in regret all these years. It was as if marrying Neil was the biggest mistake in her life.

Karen Joy gave Mia a thumbs-up in her heart. “Little Aunt, you are a real hero! I really admire you!”


This time, it was not the sound of plates and chopsticks, but the sound of the hard slamming of the door

Neil’s face became more and more upset, and he was so angry that he slammed the door and left.

If it weren’t for the fact that Nathaniel was there, and that Neil didn’t want to do anything too embarrassing, Neil would have thrown Mia out of the window a long time ago.

“Mom, Dad is so angry, he left!” Levi tugged the corner of Mia’s clothes again, thinking that she should go out and

apologize this time. There was still room for negotiation. After all, his father wouldn’t want to see his mother being


“Your Dad’s just in a bad mood today! Don’t worry about him. Have more food.” Mia placed more food on Levi’s plate


Levi was speechless.

It seemed that he was going to stay in Karen Joy’s house for a few days until the war at home had subsided.

Mia even smiled apologetically at Nathaniel. “Mr. Cooper, my husband’s a little moody sometimes. It’s nothing against you personally. Don’t mind him.”

“I know!” Nathaniel nodded, with a bright smile in his eyes. Actually, he thought that the way their family interacted was what a real family should be like,

Getting angry when it was needed, arguing if it was

necessary, throwing some tantrums if it was required…

This was very unlike his family. Even if the Coopers had to sit at the same table for dinner, everyone had their own matters to attend to. If they wanted to say something, they

would definitely consider all consequences of saying it, always afraid that they would say something wrong.

A real family should be this gentle and sweet. They could argue and reconcile occasionally. They would also go the extra mile to protect their children and always want the best for them.

However, in his family, when it came to marriage, choosing the right partner with the most suitable or influential background was the first thing to consider.

In fact, they could only choose a partner from a few noble families, as marriage was an opportunity to synergize

power and benefits.

Mia asked again, “Mr. Cooper, what do you like about Karen?”

“Karen?” Nathaniel moved his hand and grabbed Karen Joy’s hand. He looked at her and said, “In my heart, I like

everything about her.”

“As the President of Country A, you have to be responsible for the whole country. If you want to hold on to your position, you have to work hard. Do you think you can spend time with her and love her as much as an average man could?” In the end, Mia was still worried that he would neglect Karen Joy because of his work and hectic schedule. These problems were very realistic, and also the root of the problems between couples after being together with each

other for a long time.

Marriage was not equivalent to love. In love, a couple could be impulsive and capricious. However, to make a marriage work, a couple would have to be calm, rational, and work together collectively to move forward.

“There were many good men in this world, but they might

not be necessarily compatible with you.”

“If you couldn’t meet the best man, then you should train your own man well!” This was Mia’s belief.

For example, her Neil used to be an arrogant military officer, he never understood her and would never care for her. Over the years, after being trained by her, Neil had changed a lot. He was no longer a b*stard, he was now a good husband and a good father.

Although Neils gentleness and consideration were not on the same level as her cold brother’s, he had made great progress Besides, they still had a long way to go. She still had a lot of time to teach Neil how to be a good husband.

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