My Husband Warm the Bed-961

“Little Aunt, Great Uncle was so angry that he left. Are you really not going to check on him?” Karen Joy asked Mia. What Mia asked earlier was too difficult to answer. Hence, Karen Joy changed the topic to pull Nathaniel out of his predicament

Karen Joy was always like this. To avoid her family making things difficult for Nathaniel, she always stood up for him, to shield him from any grievances he might suffer.

Nathaniel felt touched and couldn’t help but hold her hand tighter. He smiled gently at her and said, “Karen, don’t


But yet, Karen Joy was still worried. “Brother Lionel, I.”

He reached out and pressed Karen Joy’s lips with his thumb to stop her from talking. He then looked at Mia and replied with a smile, “Being the President of Country A is important to me, but it is much less important than Karen Joy to me.”

He had gone through so much hardship and put in so much effort to rise to the position of President of Country A. It could be said that it was the proudest moment in his political career.

Many people could only dream of his position, so everyone would assume that this position was the last thing he would want to lose in his life.

But to him, this position was not worth anything when

compared to Karen Joy.

Only Nathaniel knew the strength Karen Joy gave him. This strength kept him going, and nothing could beat him down… As long as he was not beaten down, the position of

President was nothing! He could achieve anything he


Mia was very satisfied with Nathaniel’s answer, but she was not the kind of person who would surrender just after hearing a few nice words. She looked at Nathaniel for a while and said, “Anyone can

say nice words, but most of them do not practice what they

preach. So, Mr. Cooper, which one are you? Are you a man

who abides by his word, or a man that makes empty


Karen Joy became anxious again and said, “Little Aunt, don’t make things difficult for Brother Lionel. I know his character, but..”

She wanted to explain more to defend Nathaniel’s character, but Nathaniel squeezed her hand and interrupted her, “Mrs. Brown, don’t worry. I will try my best.”

Mia glanced at Karen Joy and warned her to shut up. She then said, “To be honest, Mr. Cooper, I don’t really care if you are a man of your word. I only hope you can do your best and love our Karen in the best way possible.”

Nathaniel nodded, “I will.”

Mia added, “You should also understand that today, I’m just evaluating you on behalf of my brother and sister-in-law. If you want to get the recognition of everyone in the Kyle family, you have to continue to work hard. Of course, it cannot be just for show. You have to really take care of our precious Karen sincerely.”

Nathaniel continued to nod.

Of course, he knew that Mia was the easiest person to convince. The real obstacle was still Kevin Kyle. Karen Joy would be Nathaniel’s only if he passed Kevin’s final


“Okay, please continue with your dinner. I’ll go and check on my Neil.” Mia put down her cutleries and got up to leave. After two steps, she thought of something. She looked back and said, “Brat, aren’t you coming with me to find your father?”

Levi shook his head and said, “Mom, I’m not full yet, I want to eat more. You can go and look for Dad on your own.”

He was not so silly. Why would he follow his mother when his father was still angry? Levi knew clearly that he would suffer very much if his father’s temper flared up.

As Levi insisted that he wanted to stay at the dinner table, Mia did not continue to persuade him. She turned and left to

look for Neil.

Looking at her walking away, Levi shook his head and sighed, “Oh Lord, I hope Mom can come back alive.”

“Levi, you must be very happy! You’re probably thinking of how your mother will be tormented by your father, aren’t you?” The shrewd look in Levi’s gaze did not escape Karen

Joy’s eyes.

“How would 1? I’m worried about my delicate, beautiful, and

benevolent mother!” Although there was a little bit of happiness in his heart, he must not say it out loud. If his mother ever found out about it, he would get into trouble. “There’s no one else here. What’s wrong with telling the

truth? You’ve been bullied by your mother for so long. If you

can’t take it anymore, say it out loud, maybe you’ll feel

better.” Karen Joy tried to tempt him.

“Karen Joy Kyle, you are right. I am bullied every day at home and I am also the most pitiful one in our family. But I still love my mother very much!” Even if threatened with

death, he would never admit that he really wanted his father

to teach his mother a lesson. However, this was really what he wished for, so that his mother would control herself and wouldn’t be so arrogant in future.

Karen Joy squeezed Levi’s little pink face and said, “Levi, don’t you normally address me as ‘Sister? How dare you call my name so arrogantly now! I am older than you are!”

Levi said, “I just remembered, based on my Dad’s seniority, you are technically a generation below me. You should call me Uncle!

This was the consequence of the convoluted relationships in their family. Neil was Karen Joy’s father’s uncle! Karen Joy was rendered speechless, she could not refute the little one.

“Levi, you really need to be taught a lesson!” Karen Joy smiled at him. Since she couldn’t win by arguing, she would try other ways. “You’ll wait and see. I will find a way to arrange for you and Little Precious to stay together during the New Year’s holiday. He will teach you how to love and appreciate me!”

“Never!” If Levi were forced to live with that silent Julien Glover Kyle for a month, he would go crazy

“Hmm.” Karen Joy snorted smugly.

“Sister Karen, you are the best cousin I could ever have!” As the saying goes, a great man knows when to yield and when not to. Although Levi was a child, he knew how to play by the game.

As long as he didn’t have to stay alone with Julien, he would even be willing to kneel and beg Karen Joy for forgiveness. Levi really didn’t want to hang out with Julien, that little boy who wouldn’t talk and acted so cool!

“That’s more like it.” Karen Joy patted his head but he rolled his eyes at her. After all, not everyone could pat his head so casually, especially girls.

Nathaniel finally had a proper dinner with Karen Joy’s family, and it turned out to be rather chaotic. However, he didn’t feel that he was neglected at all. Instead, he felt that all of them treated him as part of the family, and hence they could be so natural around him.

Even the little Levi had a slightly better attitude towards

him. He even squeezed to his side and opened his arms to him. “Brother Cooper, can you carry me?”

“Of course!” Nathaniel exclaimed. Levi’s adorable words were very heartwarming. Nathaniel felt very pleasant, for a child to be fond of him.

“Brother Cooper, will you really take my Sister Karen away in the future?” Levi came close to his ear and whispered, “Although she always bullies me and I sometimes don’t like her very much, I will still be very sad if I’m not able to see her in the future.”

“I won’t take her away.” Nathaniel smiled gently and said, “If

she marries me someday, it does not mean that I will take

her away. Instead, there will be one more person who will

love her as much as you all do.”

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