My Husband Warm the Bed-962

Perhaps, this was what true love should be like.

Nathaniel, Karen Joy, and a little child that belonged to them.. Perhaps they would argue occasionally, but after their argument, they would still be able to live their days happily and peacefully.

Such a beautiful family life, made Nathaniel feel very envious. He yearned for this kind of life very much. He had been secretly planning his future with Karen Joy Kyle in his heart.

Two years later, he would marry Karen Joy, so that they could live a peaceful, easygoing, and sweet life together.

In this life, he would never give up on love and give up his family, all for the sake of for power. This was something his father Griffin did. For his entire life, Griffin was deeply embroiled in the wars of politics, neglecting his family. He should have a love that belonged to him, a family that belonged to him, and a child who belonged to him and

Karen Joy. This vision of their future seemed really wonderful. He had to work harder and strive to have Karen Joy’s father, Kevin, accept him into the family as soon as possible.

“Brother Cooper, I can trust you, but my Mom is right. There are still a lot of people who love my sister in our family. You have to get all their approvals before you successfully pass the test!” Levi was a child, but he was smart. He now understood that Nathaniel didn’t plan to snatch Karen Joy away from their family. Hence, he did not want to continue making things difficult for Nathaniel.

However, if it weren’t for the fact that Nathaniel was so

handsome, it would not have been so easy for Levi to accept him. Levi was actually an aesthete! He loved things that looked nice.

“Well, that’s good. This is what a sensible child should do.” Hearing what Levi said, Karen Joy was very happy and lowered her head to kiss him.

Unexpectedly, the little one turned his head away and avoided her kiss. He looked disgusted, “Girls shouldn’t simply kiss another person. If you want to kiss someone, kiss your boyfriend.”

“Little one. I kiss you because I like you, how dare you be disgusted at me?” Karen Joy looked embarrassed. Were all children so precocious and witty nowadays?

Nathaniel looked at them from the side. Listening to them, he couldn’t resist getting closer to them. “Alright, Levi doesn’t want you, but I do. You can kiss me wherever you

want.” Karen Joy pushed him away and said angrily, “Brother Lionel, you’re ganging up with the brat to bully me before

you even joined the Kyle family. Where’s your confidence


“Alright, I just want to kiss you.” Nathaniel smiled and quickly took action. He grabbed Karen Joy’s head, pulled her closer, and quickly covered her lips with his.

Karen Joy was extremely surprised. When did Brother Lionel become so restrained?

There was an innocent child sitting next to them. Why would he make the situation so inappropriate?

Karen Joy was worried about teaching Levi the wrong things, but Levi didn’t even care about them kissing. After

all, he was used to having such things happening at home. His parents were always arguing and making fun of each other, and most of the time, Levi could consider it as not

child-friendly However, had his mother caught up with his father yet? If she did, how would his father teach his disobedient mother

a lesson?


Levi sighed again. He was their child. They were his parents. But actually Mia and Neil looked like children that Levi had to worry about instead. Levi pondered about his misfortune of being born into this

chaotic family. If he had a chance at being reborn, perhaps

he should widen his eyes and look carefully when picking

his family!

His parents were hot-tempered and unpredictable. The reason why he could live well till now was definitely because of luck.

At the same time, the situation Levi was worried about was

ongoing elsewhere.

In the underground parking lot of Moon Bay, Neil and Mia were having a showdown.

Neil sat in the car. Mia opened her arms and stood in front of the car, staring fiercely at Neil who was in the car. “Neil, do you want to get off the car?” Neil put his hands gently on the steering wheel, looking

ahead, but his eyes were not focused on her at all.

He didn’t want to talk to this woman, nor did he want to listen to her voice, so he closed the window tightly. No matter what she said, he couldn’t hear her.

“Neil, I’m talking to you. Do you hear me?” If it weren’t for the

fact that the car was really expensive and the repair fee would be very costly, Mia would have given both Neil and his car a hard kick.

Duu, duu

He didn’t respond to her and then he pressed on the honk fiercely, indicating for her to get out of the way. He didn’t

want her to block him. As a consequence, Mia was so

furious that she was about to explode.

She could no longer care about the cost of the car. She stepped forward and kicked the car hard. “Neil, where did you get your courage from?”

Not only did this man refuse her entry into the car, he made her suffer in the cold wind outside, which was freezing her to death

She didn’t argue with him, because she knew that she said something wrong earlier. She had disclosed some details about their private relationship without letting him know first.

So, she endured this torment, thinking that it would be fine if

he could just calm down. But she didn’t expect that this man

actually wanted to test her patience and even honked loudly

to chase her away!

She couldn’t stand it anymore. She became so angry and impulsive. She told herself, “If I do not murder this rascal Neil today, I will change my name permanently to Mia Brown!” Mia was very proud of her name, Mia Kyle, and never wanted to change it despite being married to Neil.

Mia Brown?

Mia repeated the name silently. As it turned out, it sounded quite pleasant. Perhaps, if she had a daughter in the future, she could give her this name.

A little girl called Mia Brown, it was absolutely perfect. Perhaps her daughter would be a miniature version of herself! Mia Junior!

Duu, duu

Mia’s daydream was interrupted by the loud honking again. When she looked at Neil, he was also staring at her, with no intention of making peace with her.

This time, Mia was so angry that she simply clambered on the bonnet of the car and sat down. She pointed at Neil, who was still in the car, and said, “Neil, if you want to leave, you’ll have to run over my body.”

Duu, duu-

He still kept honking.

“Neil, you want to fight with me, is that it?” She knew she was wrong and came to apologize to him. Why was he being that stubborn?

“Oh goodness, look at that woman on the car bonnet! She looks so unsightly.” As Mia had been making a fuss for a quite a while, many bystanders had surrounded to watch the scene. Some people were quite idle, so they stood by for quite long to enjoy the drama.

“Yeah, yeah, look at her fierce look, any man won’t be able to stand her. Such a fierce woman, it would be better to get rid of her as soon as possible!” The onlookers were very judgmental

“What are you looking at? What are you talking about? If you

continue to talk, I will cut off your tongues!” What Mia hated

most in her life was people talking nasty things about her.

Besides, she couldn’t vent her anger on Neil, thus this group

of people became her punching bags.

No matter who they were, if anyone dared criticize her, she would definitely condemn them more viciously. She would scold as much as she wished so that she could feel much better!

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