My Husband Warm the Bed-965

After a while, Mia and Neil finally returned home. It was Levi who opened the door for the two of them. Before

the little one opened the door, the image in his mind was that his father must still be mad with his mother.

However, as soon as the door was opened, what he saw was a scene of his mother and father holding each other’s hands, looking like they were totally in love,

Seeing the two of them looking happy together, the little one was stunned!

He couldn’t believe what he saw. He raised his little hand to rub his eyes. They were still holding each other’s hands tightly when he opened his eyes.

He felt that there might be something wrong with the way he opened the door, so he repeated what he had just done. He closed his eyes and opened them again, but he still saw

the same scene.

Mia and Neil’s hands were intertwined. They looked very much in love!

The warm and loving scene was completely beyond his expectations!

His mother had said so many unpleasant words earlier. If it were him, he would have been mad at her for at least a week. However, his father was mad for less than half an


It seemed that he had to reevaluate his father’s dignity again. He was a slave to his wife! A slave!

He only hoped that he would not inherit his father’s genes.


He didn’t want to say anything more. He hid his surprise and replaced it with a bright smile that a child should have. “Mom, you’ve brought Dad back!”

“You brat, don’t you want me to get Dad back?” Mia stepped forward and hugged the little one in her arms. “Where is your sister and Mr. Cooper?”

“She brought Mr. Cooper to her bedroom!” As for what they would do in the bedroom, Levi had no idea, given his young


“Ask them to come out. Your Dad still has something to say to Mr. Cooper.” Mia pushed the little one out of her arms and forced this task upon him.

“Okay!” Levi answered readily. He turned around and ran for a few steps. Suddenly, he turned back and said, “Mom, you said you would beat Dad up, so did you?”

Mia said, “Brat, don’t talk nonsense. When have I ever said that?”

This brat deserved a spanking!

Mia swore that she would never stop Neil the next time he wanted to deal with this kid.

Look, because of this little kid’s words, Neil’s face darkened

again. She had just spent so much time and effort to persuade Neil to come back. However, because of this brat’s words, Neil didn’t want to talk to her again.

She couldn’t wait to drag the brat back and beat him up, but the little one had already run-up to the room to ask the couple to come out. She had to look at Neil shamelessly and giggled, “Captain Brown, you are a smart man. Don’t be fooled by that brat. He likes to talk nonsense, you know


“Mia, don’t think that I don’t know who you are. Let me warn you, don’t talk to me in the next twenty-four hours, or I will f*cking throw you out of the window.” After saying that, Neil walked into the study

Mia was left in the huge living room alone.

After a while, he heard her shout, “Levi, you mischievous child! What have I done wrong to deserve you and Neil treating me like this?”

Knock knock, knock…

The door of the study was knock three times rhythmically. Neil said without looking up, “Come in!”

He knew that Mia did not dare to come in. This time, the person who knocked on the door must be Nathaniel, so he got up when the door opened.

Although he was an elder in the Kyle family, Nathaniel was the President of Country A. Neil had to respect his political status.

As Nathaniel and Karen Joy’s relationship was yet to be officialized, Neil still treated Nathaniel as the President of Country A. Hence, he had to treat him courteously.

“Captain Brown!” Without the women around, Nathaniel’s attitude toward Neil was very formal, that was why he was very polite and distant when he was speaking to him.

“President Cooper, please take a seat!” Neil pointed to the single sofa beside him. After inviting Nathaniel to take a seat, he sat down on the other sofa.

“Captain Brown, you’re a smart man too, so let’s get straight to the point.” Nathaniel sat straight and said directly, “I have

some information about the things you want to investigate. You would most likely know the truth of what happened that year, but there are still some things that are missing.”

“Who was behind it?” Neil did not ask about the missing information. Instead, he immediately asked Nathaniel what he really wanted to know. Only by finding out who the mastermind behind the scenes was, could he prove the innocence of Mia’s parents. That was his main purpose.

“We didn’t guess wrong. It was him,” Nathaniel replied. The truth was something difficult to disclose, but Nathaniel had no option but to say it to Neil. When Griffin Cooper began working with others to sabotage Nathaniel, the bond between father and son had long been shattered. All the sins Griffin had committed, he had to pay for.

“It’s really him.” Although he had long expected that Griffin was the real culprit behind the spy incident, Neil was still a little startled by the truth.

Similarly, Neil did not understand Griffin’s motive for doing so. Griffin’s sister, the daughter of the Cooper family, was married and would never fight for power with Griffin. So, why would Griffin want to harm his sister and her husband? Was it possible that Griffin did this to protect the identity of

the real spy? Perhaps they were just scapegoats in this

huge conspiracy?

Nathaniel did not continue speaking. Even if Griffin never regarded Nathaniel as his son, Griffin was still Nathaniel’s father anyway. It was basic etiquette for a son not to talk bad about his father.

Neil said again, “My main purpose for coming to Country A this time is to investigate the truth of what had happened that year. Now that I have figured it out, I will prepare to return to Chatterton Town.”

“I’ll have the information sent to you shortly…” Nathaniel then suddenly stopped. “Captain Brown, I have a little favor to ask of you, would that be alright?”

Neil responded, “Mr. Cooper, please go ahead!” Nathaniel said, “It’s time to retrieve the net I cast, but it won’t be easy to do so. There will definitely be a war to be fought. During this period, the situation may not be safe here. I

would like to ask you to bring Karen back to New York.” It was not that Nathaniel didn’t want Karen Joy to be with

him, but he had to deal with this battle with all his strength. He was worried that he might not be able to take care of Karen Joy as he would be busy with other matters. He was worried that the enemies would use her as a target to attack


Nathaniel had to ensure that Karen Joy was safe at all times. He could not bear to even have her undergo a sliver of harm!

Neil answered in a concerned tone, “I would be willing to bring her home, but have you asked her if she’s willing to go? She’s very persistent about her feelings for you, and she’s quite stubborn. She probably wouldn’t listen to any

one of us.”

“I know. I will talk to her about this matter.” Nathaniel responded, but his voice sounded a little deeper.

He was thinking that there was only a month left before the New Year’s holiday. Nathaniel had planned to visit the elders of the Kyle family in New york the Hence, would be able to see his precious girl in New York again.

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